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Compare Arguments for and Against the Use of Child Labour in Supply Chains


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In the recent decades due to the economic gap several social issues had increased to a greater extent and child labour is also a significant issue that is faced by all the different nations. Child labour is defined as a complex issue that violates the fundamental rights of children and also affects their psychophysical development(Sil, 2017). In this report, the researcher would focus on explaining the use of child labour in the supply chain. This report will critically evaluate this research topic by presenting different arguments for and against the use of child labour in supply chains.


Arguments for the use of child labour

Due to increasing poverty and increasing inflation, the lower section of the society is facing several issues. As a result of a lack of financial resources, it had become difficult for them to fulfil their basic needs(Haq, et. al. 2020). Such a situation had led to a major increase in child labour as all the members of the family work for earning a better amount that can help them in satisfying their basic needs. In such conditions, child labour had become important as it helps the lower section of the society in fulfilling their basic needs and raising the standard of their life.

The government bodies are looking forward to banning child labour and in some of the nations it is already banned but this would have a major negative impact on the income of families facing the issues of poverty and low income. If the government would ban child labour in the supply chain and in other sectors then it would take them in even worst conditions(Ibrahim,et. al.2019). It is important for the government to focus on developing an alternative source of income for such families who are working as child labourers so that they cannot face many issues.

Child labour had become essential for the lower section of society as it is helping them in fulfilling their needs. Instead of banning child labour, the government can develop effective strategies for improving the socio-economic conditions of the children doing child labour and living in poverty(Pinilla-Roncancio and Silva, 2018).

If the employers want to employ the children as child labourers then they should focus on offering them better pay and a safe and healthy workplace so that it would not affect their development. Along with this, the businesses can also offer them better opportunities for getting an education and becoming successful individual in their life(Posso, 2017).

Putting a ban on child labour in the supply chain can also give rise to several other issues. If the employers would not allow the children to work in their firms then there are chances that the children might start getting involved in illegal activities. As a solution to this, it can be said that it is important to take better actions for improving the physical well being of the child labourers so that they can help their families without affecting their own health. Thus, it can be said that different alternatives can be used for managing the complexities of the different issues related to child labour.

Arguments Against the Use of Child Labour

In the present global world, businesses are operating at the international level and the recent report mentioned that in the recent decades the global supply chains are the major users of child labour. The report highlighted that in recent years child labour had increased at all the different stages of the global supply chain and this is affecting the entire society to a greater extent. Among the total child labourers across the world, 26% of them are working the global supply chain. The level of child labour varies from region to region but it is violating the rights of the children. The report mentioned that there is an immediate need to take effective actions for reducing child labour in the supply chains(Boersma, 2017).

Child labour is having a major impact negative impact on the mental health of children. When the employees are working in the supply chain they need to work in different workplace conditions that affect both the physical and psychological health of the children and also have a negative influence on their development as well. At the workplace, the children often work in stressful conditions and this increases stress on them. Due to stressful work condition in the supply chain children sometimes also face abuse by their leaders, manager or supervisors. This also affects their mental health that might lead to bad experiences and depression as well(Trinh, 2020).

Children usually work for helping their families so that they can live a better life but the companies provide them work at low wages and poor working conditions. The low pay does not satisfy their basic needs and this affects them negatively because they are working for long hours and not getting better pay as well(ROSANA, et. al.2019). In support to this when the children work at low wages then it affects their future opportunities also and this is having a negative influence on their bright future. It can be said that while working as child labourer the children undergo economic exploitation also.

Due to child labour, the major factor that affects the individuals is the loss of their childhood and their rights to education and having a better future.It can be said that child labour exploits the human rights of the children and have a significant impact on their present and future life. It can be said that child labour exploits the rights of education and healthcare from the children. Moreover, it can be said thatchild labour restricts the children from their fundamental rights and threatens their entire future as well. 


In the above-mentioned report, the researcher had presented different arguments for and against child labour. On the basis of those arguments, it can be said that child labour is affecting the fundamental rights of children and affecting their life to a greater extent. But the government needs to work on solving these issues in an effective manner. Before addressing the issue of child labour and banning it the government needs to focus on developing effective programs for solving the issue of poverty.Then only the issue related to child labour could be solved and child labour can be reduced at the global level.


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