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Effective Marketing Communication Plan For Apple's iPhone 15 Launch 

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Attracting the customers is a challenging task for the businesses in today's business world. The businesses need to focus on communicating effectively with the customers related to their product and services. This can help them in having effective marketing and can help the business in leading the firm towards success. The businesses need to connect well with the target customers with effective marketing communication which can help them in attracting the customers in an appropriate manner. In this report an effective marketing communication plan will be conducted for a company. For this the chosen company is Apple, Inc. Apple is one of the leading technology companies which are offering wide range of electronic products to their customers across the globe. The major purpose of this marketing communication plan is to explore that how effectively the company can use different strategies to deliver the brand message to the customers. This marketing communication plan will include the target public, proposed strategy, operation plan, execution, costing and evaluation of effectiveness of the new proposed plan.

Appreciation of the situation

Apple is one of the leading firms of the world with higher sales and better customer base. The company is generating better sales in the global market. The different government authorities at both the national and global level are supporting the company. The customer base of the company is increasing gradually and even now the customers’ wants to buy the apple products only. The effective branding and marketing strategy of Apple is helping them a lot in attracting all the potential customers and motivating them to buy apple products only. Apple is making use of multiple strategies and technologies for targeting their customers in the best possible way (Hiremath and Gupta, 2022). They are making use of different practices related to the marketing communication mix such as print media, advertising, social media, public relations, personal selling and many more.

Currently the company is looking forward towards its new Apple iPhone for which they focus on targeting the customers. Apple is having a simple strategy to create a hype for the new product especially new iPhone and then deliver the message to the customers that how this products will meet the needs of the customer and will be bringing changes in their life. Apple has faced the issues and controversy related to the type C charger which has affected the company adversely. For this there is a need for the company to make appropriate changes related to the marketing for addressing this issue (Patterson et. al. 2021). The new iPhone 15 is going to have USB type C port and some additional features as well. So there is a need for Apple Inc to communicate regarding this as much as possible for attracting the customers in an appropriate manner.

Defining the goals and objectives

Having clear goals related to the marketing communication is important for making appropriate decisions. When the company will be having clear goals and objectives then it will help the company in targeting the customers in an effective way. The different goals and objectives related to the communication plan are stated below such as:


The main aim of the marketing communication plan is to communication and attracts the customers towards the new products of the company.


  • To create the awareness related to the new product
  • To let the customers know about the new features of iPhone 15
  • To communicate about the new USB- C type cable with the customers
  • To attract the customers and increasing the sales of the company.

Through this communication plan the company wants to convey the message related to the charging cable. Along with this the idea of the new feature and all the other additional features in the iPhone needs to be well understood by the customers. The key message the company wants to convey is that they have worked over the issue of charger for meeting the customer demands. Also the company wants to convey that they are manufacturing the best quality and the unique smartphone for the customer. By communicating all this company wants to ensure that they achieve better sales of their new product in an effective manner.

Defining the target publics

While communicating the message to the customers it is necessary to pay attention towards having better targeting. Selecting the best target audience can help a lot in attracting the t as her population in an effective manner. Apple is offering its premium products to the elite customers only. The target group of Apple Inc are the customer belonging to the middle class and the upper class users of the smartphone. The company focuses on targeting the customers who are willing to pay higher price for the high quality products of Apple Inc. For targeting these customers the company is making use of multiple marketing and communications strategies.

In the current situation the company is facing new issues related to the Charging cable. Along with this the new opportunities related to iPhone 15 are also needs to be used by the company. For this the company needs to target their premium customers who are willing to pay for the new iPhone (Tian et. al. 2022). The target customers of Apple related to the new communication plan will be the customers belonging to the middle class and upper middle class. Particularly this section is being selected as the target population as they are the only one who are willing to buy the Apple products. Along with this the company will be focusing over targeting the millennial and the Gen Z people. The major purpose of focusing over this age group is that the youngsters are the one among whom the Apple phone are more popular.

Proposed strategy

Having an effective marketing strategy related to the communication plan is very important. Apple being an global retailer need to focus on ensuring that they are having effective plan which is helping them in targeting the customers in an appropriate manner. For reaching the wider customer base the company is making use of digital marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing and multiple platforms as well (Blakeman, 2018). All this is helping the company in improving their brand image in the global market and reaching out to the customers belonging to different nations.

For this communication plan the integrated marketing communication strategy is being recommended. This strategy will help the company in conveying the same message to all the customers across the different nations. Although the type of channel used for communicating would vary as per the local preferences and trends of the individual markets (Muhammedrisaevna et. al. 2020). This plan will help the company in attracting the customers towards their new phone series of iPhone. Also this will help a lot in communicating regarding the changes made in the product related to the charging cable for which the company was facing the issue.

Integrated marketing communication

Figure 1: Integrated marketing communication

Using the integrated strategy will allow the company to ensure that the correct and exact information should be conveyed. This will help Apple in being effective in communicating to the customers and achieving the goals related to this plan in an appropriate manner.

Email marketing would be used an one of the important strategy while targeting the customers. As Apple is already making use of this strategy it will help the company in being more effective. In support to this the company should also break the news by using the mass media related to the C type charging cable. This will also help the company in addressing the issues related to the controversy of charger (Nikolinakou and King, 2018). Later on the company will also emphasize on the social media marketing which will help them in creating a buzz for the new phone in an effective manner. Now the digital marketing tactics are more effective in attracting the customers due to which the company has used these strategies. Also for sharing the message globally to the customers making use of digital marketing practices is one of the cost effective strategy.

Operational plan

Detailed outline of strategy and approach

As Apple is making use of multiple channels to represent itself in front of the customer so integrated marketing communication strategy would be effective. With the help of the strategy the company will be delivering same message to the customers related to the products through different channels from digital to Social media to direct mail. All this will help the company in sending an unified or the same message to the customers across the globe (Das, 2021). Along with this the influencer marketing is also an effective approach which would be used by Apple for seeking the attention of the customers. All these approaches are quite popular to attract the customers. Especially with the integrated marketing the case company will be able to offering the seamless experience to the customers across all the different channels and the aspects of the marketing mix which are being used by the company.


The below mentioned Gantt chart will be helping the company in completing all the different tasks related to the development and execution of an effective marketing communication plan:



Organising meeting for new communication plan

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Deciding the key strategies to be used in marketing communication

Deciding the different channels and marketing approaches to be used

Deciding the target audience

Fixing the cost and budget planning

Executing the plan

Evaluating the effectiveness of the plan

Communications techniques implemented

The company needs to make use the best platforms to communicate with the customer. For this Apple will be making use of different methods such as email, website and social media. All the three communication methods will be used by the company for communicating directly with the customer related to their new product. E-mail is used by Apple and it is part of its core marketing strategy (Michael and Abbas, 2020). Due to this reason it is necessary to make sure that the message related to the new product should be delivered through it. Apart from this the target customers are the millennial due to which it is important to communicate by making use of social media platforms.

This will help the company in connecting well with the customers and attracting them in an effective manner. Also this communication channel will allow delivering the message to the customers across the world that are making use of the social media platforms. The same message will be delivered which will help in seeking the attention of the customers and will affect their buying decision related to the new product in an effective manner.


Techniques to be used for communication

Making use of best technique to deliver the message to the target audience is very important. There are different types of techniques which can be used by the businesses. For Apple press release and the advertising are the best technique which suits well to their present situation. For the advertising different types of marketing approaches such as email marketing, digital marketing, social media and direct marketing methods would be used (Juska, 2021). With the help of advertising the company will focus on reflecting about the key features of the new product iPhone 15.

But apart from this the company will also make use of press release as a core techniques for communicating with the target customers. The press release will be used for spreading the news related to the changes made by the company in their product design after the controversy of C type charging cable. This will help them in reflecting that the company is making changes as per the market demand and the customer choice (Quesenberry, 2020). All this will help the company in telling about the changes which are being made by the company. Both the selected techniques will help the company in communicating effectively with their target audience with the new changes made in the company. This will help the company in increasing their brand image in the market and will create better opportunity for their new product to generate great sales for the company.

Content, Style and delivery of message to the campaign

The content and style which is used for delivering the message also matters a lot. For this the company will be investing good capital for giving an attractive bulletin to the media related to the changes made in the company related to charging cable and the new product launch as well. Along with this the message which would be delivered to the customers will be kept to be clear and concise. This will help the company in ensuring that the customers should understand their message and can understand what the company wants to communicate.


Cost is one of the most important factors on which the company needs to pay attention. In today’s world using the different platforms for the marketing purpose costs a lot to the companies. Due to this reason it is necessary for the company to set the communication cost in advance while planning the marketing strategies. The overall cost of marketing should be well distributed and planned in advance so that the company can convey the message to the wider population in the least possible cost (Bala and Verma, 2018). Also the company needs to estimate that how they will be focusing on investing over the different channels such as digital marketing and social media platforms, print media, mass media, direct media channels and direct marketing for communicating about the changes made in their products.

As Apple is operating at the global level and they want to target the global customers the cost of communication plan will be higher. For communicating the same message through all the multiple channels used by the company the cost will be higher. The overall estimated budget for this communication plan will be around 5 million $. The company will be wisely using this model in ensuring that through all the multiple channels the same message needs to be communicated to the target customers. For this the cost will be well invested over the instagram, facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Also better capital will be invested for influencer marketing in whom the celebrities will be hired for communicating the message to the wider customer base. This strategy will cost a lot to the company as compared to the direct marketing. As the company is using integrated strategy all the platforms should convey the same message by using the cost in the optimised manner.

Evaluation/ Assessment

Measuring the results or the outcomes of the new plan is very important. As the company is investing huge capital and resources it is important to make sure that the play helps the company in achieving their objectives. The company needs to make use of different strategies for evaluation of the marketing communication plan. For the case company it can be suggested that the KPIs is the best way to measure the success of the communication plan. For this the company can set the sales of the new product and the profit as the important key performance indicators related to the new marketing communication plan (Silva et. al. 2020). Along with this the market share and the customer base can also be used as the key performance indicators.

Measuring ROI is also an effective strategy which can be used by the company for measuring the success of the marketing campaign. Whenever the company is investing them calculating the return of investment (ROI) is most important thing. As the company is investing a lot of capital so it is important to measure that how such sales it is bringing to the company. This will help them in calculating the ROI. If the ROI is higher than the plan is effective and the investment made on the marketing communication plan is successful for the company (Ismagilova et. al. 2021). Apple should measure the sales of iPhone 15 and then should compare it with the amount of capital it is investing in the promotion and the marketing communication plan for the new product.

Conversion rate will also be used by the company for measuring that how effectively the potential customers are being converted to the buyers. This will help in evaluating that how the company is able to attract and convert the customers into the buyers. All these KPIs will help a lot in measuring the success of the communication plan. Also this will help in measuring the results that how the company is able to meet the goals and objectives of the communication plan (Oliveira et. al. 2019). This will help them in measuring that how effective the plan is for the company. Moreover this also helps the company in making further changes in their marketing communications plan.


The above mentioned report is an effective marketing communication plan for Apple Inc. This plan is based on the new opportunity for Apple to launch and promote their new iPhone 15 and to address the on-going issues related to the C type charging cable. For this an integrated marketing communication strategy is being proposed for ensuring that the message related to the new design, technologies and the charging cable used in iPhone 15 should be well communicated to the target group of customer. This report has well elaborated all the different important sections related to the communication plan which focuses on selecting the target group, better execution, better strategies, cost planning and attractive strategies to measure the success of the marketing communication plan. From this report it can be suggested that Apple should try to use this plan by paying attention over all the different factors. All this will help them in dealing with the existing situation and getting the best results.


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