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Reflective Practice: Communication in Healthcare Professions

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Introduction - Mastering Communication Challenges in Health Care Through Reflective Learning

]Reflection is very important for the healthcare professionals, and there are different situation at which we need to reflect on the situation. Gibbs reflective cycle is the effective model for reflecting on any of the incidents in a detailed and systematic manner, and I will be using this model in detail for reflecting on an incidence.


When I was working a doctor approached me and took me with him, and I was not having any idea regarding what is going on. The doctor had taken me with himself for discussing something with one of his patients, but I myself was not having any idea that what the doctor is going to discuss with the patient.The doctor was felling quite hesitated while discussing with this patient and then he suddenly disclosed that the patient is not having much time and is at the last stage of the disease and only having last three month which was completely shocking for the patient and also for me as well. The doctor had disclosed this information in front of all the other patients and everybody and heard this. The major issue is that the patient had not given any information regarding the seriousness of the disease. The patient was in complete shock, and then the doctor left me to comfort the patient.


I was not at all happy with how the doctor had explained all the situation tothe patient it was not an all acceptable and me myself as a doctor does not felt good at that time.When the doctor was delivering the information to the patient, I did not know anything, so I was very calm, but when he explained all this to the patient, I feel really very bad for the patient. I think that the patient was feeling much depressed and was completely broken as the patient was not at all expecting anything like this.The other patients had also heard this, which made them also sad, which is not at all good, and I wouldn't say I liked this behaviour of the doctor. I feel that why would not have stopped the doctor in between while giving all the details to the patients.


The information which is being given to the patient was very important for him, and as a doctor, I think it is very important for us to deliver the information in an effective manner. The way the doctor had explained all the situation related to the last stage of the disease and the medical condition of the patients was completely wrong according to me. The doctor had might be done in a different manner so that the patient can understand the circumstances and had managed the situation in another manner. Also, the way the doctor had disclosed the information in front of other patients was also wrong as it is having a negative impact on other patients as well. The doctor has taken me with him was a good thing as two doctors can assist and can deliver this information to the patient effectively, but the way in which the doctor had taken me without informing anything had a negative impact on the situation as I was not able to manage the situation effectively. When the doctor was explaining all this to the patient, he had felt heartbroken and had cried loudly and even in this situation also the doctor had continued his explanation related to the seriousness of the disease and the different treatment options which was a negative act of the doctor which had to worsen the situation. It was good that I was present there to comfort the patient so that I can handle him nicely, and this is something positive in the situation.


On reflecting on this experience, the most important thing which had gone wrong was the way in which the doctor had approached to disclose the information to the patient. As a doctor, it was a negative experience for me to be in such a situation which is not all expected. Lack of proper planning is a major issue in this situation due to which the patient had heard such heartbreaking news in such a manner. The situation became more complex because the patient was not having any of the information regarding the seriousness of the disease due to which he was calm enough and was not at all the situation of hearing such information. The way in which the doctor had proceeded to the patient and had given the bad news to the patient had taken him in complete shock. I think the doctor should have made better use of his experience and learning as it is being taught to the doctors how to deliver such news to the patients even this thing needs to be first informed to the attendants of the patients. I think it was good that I was present during all this so that after all this I have handled the patient. On the basis of the evaluation of the situation and reflection, I think that the doctor must have used a proper plan for telling all this to the patient as he was not having any prior information regarding all this.

The doctor should not have informed all this to the patient in public as all the other patients were also listening to all the things which had is not good for their health as well. As I was not involved in all this and I was having the information that there is something which is being informed to the patient but was not knowing the exact thing. If I was being informed that the doctor is delivering such a new to the patient that I would have suggested him not to tell all this directly to the patient in such away. Along with me, all the other patients who were listening to all these things had also felt very shocking and sad for the patient. The reaction of the other patients was similar to mine reaction, and this made the situation more worst as the environment of the hospital was already stressful, and then such situations create a worst effect on all the peoples present there.

Also, the doctor was going with the flow due to which the situation went out of control, and I was not able to say anything to the doctor. Due to lack of information, the things went out of my control, and I had faced issue in dealing with the situation. When the doctor had provided all the information, then I was left with the patient to comfort him, and this was the time when I was much confident that I will be managing the situation effectively. Although I was not at all happy with the way, the doctor had created the situation I did not know this I have to manage all this as the things were not in my control earlier, but now I can handle the patient effectively. I have faced such situations earlier also, so I was having a better knowledge of how to manage the patients and make them feel positive and motivated in such a serious situation also. I have used my skills and knowledge in an effective manner and had tried to explain all the possible treatment to the disease which had created a positive hope in the patients and then it helped me a lot in comforting him and managing the situation in an effective manner.


Through this situation or the experience, I have learned a lot, and I think that as a healthcare professional it is important for me to consider and focus on all these experiences in an effective manner so that I can manage all such situations nicely in future. I have learned that I need to focus more on my interpersonal skills and should develop better empathy and positive attitude, which are essential for dealing with such a situation effectively. Along with this, I also think that the patient was having a lack of stress management which is important for the so as a practitioner, I need to manage them nicely and with more care. I can say that after this experience, I will be working on some of the skills and will make sure that I should not make such mistakes ever in my professional career. While delivering such information to my patient with more concern and will make sure that the patient should now regarding the severity of the disease so that they can make themselves that what are the different possible worst situation which can take place. Along with this, I will manage such situations positively in future.

Action Plan

As a healthcare professional, I have better interpersonal skills which are required for me as a practitioner, but there are some of the skills which need to be developed so that I can help me in being effective inthe different situation also as the medical field is unpredictable. I will be focusing on attending the online seminars and webinars for stress management and development of a positive attitude. Along with this, I will also read the different case studies related to such situations which can help them in dealing with such situations effectively in future.

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