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EV640: Event Safety Assignment


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This report aims to cover a discussion about the holding of an event, its details such as location, theme, attendance and its general backdrop. The report particularly aims in covering the safety issues at the event and the required improvements or arrangements that shall be arranged in order to rid those safety issues at the event. The range of legislation that needs to be followed in order to ensure the safety and success of the event shall also be considered for the discussion. The whole line of discussion shall be concentrated on the holding of a Rock Music Event at a venue in London, UK. Specifically, the crowd management techniques that shall be applied at the event and the success factor of the event shall be elaborated upon critically in this report.

Event location, theme, attendance numbers and background

The Music event is a 'Rock Music' event, an exclusive performance of legendary guitarist Joe Satrianiwho is mainly an instrumental rock guitarist, a teacher, as well as a recognized virtuoso of the rock guitar. World-famous Guitarists such as Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett were two among his students. The theme of the event is to let the fans of rock music come together during these difficult times of pandemic and get a break from their daily humdrum in life. It is mainly arranged for them to safely sit maintaining distance and give a treat to their ears with the soulful tunes played by the Great Guitarist. The event shall be hosted on the 4th of May, 2021 at 'The London Palladium' (which is situated at 8 Argyll St, London, United Kingdom) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. It is expected that around 1000 to 1500 people shall join in as the audience through the hall has a total seating capacity of 2286 (Stereoboard.com, 2021). The full capacity is not being reached due to the pandemic situations around the globe and especially to properly maintain social distancing regulations. London Palladium is a place with musical theatre prestige and has a perfect stage for holding all grand functions and this is the reason why it has been selected as the venue for holding the event. 

Safety improvements that have/could have been implemented at the event

The event though being much planned from the first and is hoped to go well, it has to be kept in mind that different kinds of issues may creep up while the event is being hosted. The primary problem that may arise is not limited to someone falling ill, accidents, ruckus, fire, technical faults, crowd mismanagement, understaffing, overspending, budget changes, bad weather, legal issues, sponsorships etc. (Waida, 2021). Among these, all issues that can be faced, the most affecting and essential to be considered are the safety issues. In this special situation of Covid 19, the maintenance of Social distancing needs to be adhered to in respect of the Covid guidelines. In order to avoid any form of overcrowding in the hall, strict control has been kept on the number of tickets that shall be issued. In order to maintain gaps between each seat for the maintenance of social distance in the event, a special task force team has been set up who shall monitor, guide and ensure that people properly follow social distancing. A dedicated team of experts shall also need to be hired and a medical/temperature check system needs to be adequately present. Availability of thermal scanners have to be present and the dedicated training programme has to be arranged for them to make them more equipped with better ensuring of safety. A stall needs to be set up which would sell hand sanitisers and Masks to the audience, especially for people who may lose their masks or need hand sanitisers. The Ticketing department needs to stay updated and coordinate with the higher management for providing proper updates on how many tickets have been sold. Not more than 1500 tickets can be sold in order to avoid any kind of health risks at the seventy. The event management also needs to arrange for two ambulances, especially keeping in mind situations where anyone among the audience may fall ill and require immediate care. All medical requirements apart from Ambulance, such as medicines and first aid also need to be kept in order to handle any emergency medical situations and be able to tend proper care to the victim. The lines and wirings have to be properly checked before the event is commenced. Fire extinguishing mechanisms such as sprinklers and alarms have to be checked 2 days before the event and any faults in electricity or alarms need to be fixed. The management should also keep fire extinguishers in hand in order to ensure proper safety to 1000-15000 people at the venue. In addition, the sound needs to be checked previously and the best in the class sound system needs to be fetched in order to avoid any form of technical faults during the show. A skilled technician and sound management team need to be kept in hand in order to manage faults and issues. In order to avoid understaffing at the concert, proper hiring of skilled 'crowd management personnel' for the event needs to be undertaken so that the crowd management can be done properly (Duroe, 2021). Each expense has to be clearly written and recorded and tallied with the funds in order to avoid overspending or sudden changes in the budget.

Crowd management link with theory

The overall crowd management that needs to be undertaken at the event can be better undertaken by focussing on some crowd management theory. The intent nature of humans, crowd behaviour and other faculties shall help in understanding the shortcomings and would pave a way towards effective application of safety mechanisms.

Le Bon's Theory: Gustave Le Bon suggested that crowds exist in three stages: submergence, contagion, and suggestion. During submergence, with the high anonymity of the crowd, people in the crowd lose their individual sense and responsibility. In contagion, ideas move rapidly through the group and the crowd, this unquestionably follows the dominant emotion and ideas of the whole crowd (Vilanova et al., 2017). In Suggestibility, it is said that the individual beliefs, thinking and psychology gets influenced by the collective mentality and this radically transforms the crowd behaviour. The sense of anonymity that individuals get in a crowd makes them unsuspectedly destructive and uncivilised (Laws, 2015). Therefore, as per this theory, the crowd at the event can be feared to create any ruckus or problem. So, efficient crowd management personnel need to be hired in order to solve any problems arising out of quarrels, rage, violence, ideological clashes etc. This needs to be done in order to avoid the situation getting out of hand and also to avoid destruction of the event house from any ruckus.

Mc Dougal's Theory: McDougall's theory of crowd management is somewhat similar to Led Bon's theory. As per the theory, there are two main factors of crowd behaviour, that is, the intensification of emotion in a crowd and the lowering of intellectual level. The primitive sympathetic response is expected to create direct induction of emotion and so, better and effective management of the crowd is necessary as per this theory (Rahimi and Adam, 2016). Due to a collective emotion, an individual does not consider or is not ready for any criticism of the beliefs and so, they show signs of lowered intellectual levels. 

Turner's Theory: Ralf Turner, a famous sociologist had developed a new perspective that went beyond the insufficient explanation of crowd behaviour. This theory suggests that even in the most violent crowds, social interactions occur and norms and actions remain justified. The theory also suggests the fact that anonymity, stimulation, emotionality, suggestibility, initiation, contagion, lack of volition, unconscious impulses, etc., mainly cause different kinds of typical and non-perceptible behaviour among the crowd (Tarmizi et al., 2017).

Relevant legislation that should be adhered to whilst delivering the event

There are various rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to ensure a successful rollout of the whole music event. All these guidelines and acts have predominantly existed and these are needed to be followed by every event house or organization while arranging an event in the UK, with added regulations that also need to be followed during this current time of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 is none of the sentinel legislation in the UK safeguarding occupational health and safety. It lays down the obligations of some duties that employers have to perform towards their employees and employees towards themselves and others (Hse.gov.uk, 2021). The intent threat from Covid related infections, fire and electric related accidents and healthiness of the workplace shall fall under its realms and so, the event needs to be hosted by aligning with its guidelines. Further, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the team members, they need to be provided with proper masks, PPE kits and sanitisers in order to permit them a safe work environment. They also need to have Covid Test before and after the event in order to ensure that they are healthy, fit and fine. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Race Relations, Amendment, Act 2000 offers protection of individuals from getting discriminated against based on grounds of disability, race, sex, ethnicity, religion, caste, creed etc. Any form of discrimination among the management team personals at the event needs to be avoided in order to properly comply with these two acts (Equalrightstrust.org, 2021). Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (England) Regulations 2003 suggest that the activities of the event house/organization should comply with the environmental rules, should not generate huge wastes and carbon footprints and should find different alternative means with which the event can be planned and executed with sustainable materials with proper reusing and recycling of wastes (EAUC, 2021). In an event, the required safety signs such as Signs for emergency exit, danger sign for electric shocks, sign for broken lift, sign for maintenance or cleaning of floors etc. have to be provided in order to avoid any kind of accidents. All these phenomena are guided by the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996. Along with this, the event house needs to have all required safety measures such as Fire sprinklers, Fire alarms, Fire extinguishers and Fire exists in order to protect people from the breakout of a fire, as laid down by the Fire Safety Act 2002 (Firesafe.org.uk, 2021). In addition, any form of diseases such as chances of Covid infections, injuries and accidents at the vent need to be reported and quick actions on behalf of them need to be taken, as laid down by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1999 (OSHCR, 2021).

Critically evaluate the success of the event

With the proper follow up of the rules and regulations and with a better knowledge of the Crowd management theories and techniques, as well as the safety rules and regulations. This knowledge shall help the vent to comply with rules and avoid facing any legal challenges or backlashes from the media houses and the government. Crowds need to be properly managed and a considerable number of task forces, teams have to be posted at different places in order to manage the crowd properly and rid of any chances of quarrels or ruckus among them. With ensuring all these safety and precautionary means, the event can be hosted successfully. The budget also needs to be prepared in order to conduct the expenditure specifically according to the plans. Since, this event is also a big event, one among very few which are getting organized after the lockdowns, it is expected that there shall be a huge excitement among the music enthusiasts and so it can be said that, different people shall flock this event from distant parts of UK as well as other neighbouring countries. Thus the success factor for this event can be pointed to be lying at a much higher mark.


The report has duly covered the discussion related to the holding of the music in the coming month. The safety requirements and improvements that have to be taken, crowd management techniques, theories and principles as well as legislations that need to be followed in order to deliver the event properly have been pointed out thoroughly. It has been found by conducting the study that it shall be successful since it shall be held by adhering to and being aware of all regulations and guidelines especially functional during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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