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Case Study Analysis and Management Framework Application Assignment Sample


Effective management practices are implemented for managing and improving employees and the entire organisation. Strategic management practices and leadership structures are the major aspects that help hospitality organisations in maintaining the competitive advantage in operating markets. Integrated services are the key to success for a hospitality organisation, which need continuous development for increasing organisational efficiency in line with the current market trends. This research study is going to focus on the effectiveness of implementing 3-H Management Framework on leadership and management practices of Hilton Hotels.

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Company Background

Hilton Worldwide is one of the largest hospitality brands across the world, which is operating with around 85 resorts and 572 hotels in 6 countries. The brand was founded in 1919 in America and currently has a base of 173000 employees (Hilton, 2020). Being one of the leading hospitality organisations, integrated services are the signature of the company. The organisation manages as well as franchises a wider range of portfolio of resorts and hotels. The average annual revenue of Hilton Hotels is approximately 8.90 billion USD (Hilton, 2019).

Case Study and Analysis

Hilton hotels is an American brand of the hospitality chain, which is highly committed to treat team members, guests, and other stakeholders ethically according to its mission. For being the largest hospitable organisation across the world, it is aimed at creating and maintaining heartfelt experiences for its Guests. Along with that, it provides meaningful opportunities to its team members, a higher degree of value propositions for the responsible Owners, and an integrated impact in its Communities (Hilton, 2019). The respective purposes of the organisation has enabled it to provide the best services across the world for maintaining its commitments to its guests, people, and many more stakeholders (Osman et al., 2019). In this case, leaders of Hilton Hotels are driving its employee base by driving them up so that they can perform up to the standard mark of the entire hospitality chain.

Global success of the company is the most significant factor to be achieved by the organisation. In order to bring in a higher degree of global success in the organisation, the management department is directing its leaders to implement the 3-H Management Framework. With the help of this, managers have implemented three different dimensions to management practices that are known as Heart, Head, and Hand. According to Afsar et al. (2019), Heart-related dimension is highly specific to effective leadership, emotional appeals, employee engagement, and motivation. Managers of Hilton Hotels are highly responsive to its employees for making sure that the employees are able to provide equivalent values to the organisation. Because of this, leaders are effectively creating equal value propositions for its employees so that they can access growth opportunities. Factually, the organisation is aimed at providing a higher degree of motivation through flexible working practices and shifting duties (Tajeddini et al., 2019). This is helpful for providing employees with the opportunity to maintain work-life balance, which is effective for driving employees through emotional aspects. Based on this, they may be intending to stay engaged in the organisation for providing better results. An adequate level of motivation has been helping managers to retain employees and provide them with the opportunity to grow internally.

In accordance with the Head-related dimension, it is known that strategic appeals, logical conditioning, organisational purposes, significant planning, and cognitive development are the major aspects for driving employees (Alam and Islam, 2017). Based on these, employees are provided with effective guidance in order to make sure that employees can make better decisions for performing by inputting their best efforts. With help of this, employees may be able to work independently without any supervision, which helps them to be highly decisive. This may have helped employees to play studies agali in order to improve their performances and on skill sets for enhancing their performances and the rate of productivity. In addition to this, Ren et al. (2020) stated that leaders are responsible in the respective dimension for creating a team working culture within the organisation for maintaining coordination and collaboration among employees. This is also effective for maintaining the alignment between individual purposes and organisational purposes in a significant manner. With this assistance, the management department of Hilton Hotels has become able to improve services for its guests. Collaborative working practices at all levels in the organisation are helpful for Hilton Hotels to create cognitive development among employees. Based on which, employees are able to create a pool of decisions at the time of resolving issues; which is significant for enhancing organisational attitude towards its guests.

In the case of Hand-related dimension, major included aspects are competence appeals and operational or functional capabilities of employees and the entire organisation as a whole (Lam and Law, 2019). In this context, employees are provided with effective training and development programmes so that they can achieve competitive skills and knowledge bases. With the assistance of these, service development practices can be brought to a greater extent. Managers of Hilton Hotels have brought in this dimension in order to ensure that employees are able to provide their highest input in accordance with standard and committed services. The related training and development programmes are proved helpful for maintaining the scale of competency regarding organisational functionalities and employee performances. With this assistance, employees are made accountable for deriving the best quality services for retaining guests. These aspects have been helping the organisation to be the leading hospital organisation in America and across the world.


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