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Introduction: Lagrange.AI: Supply Chain Analytics Platform Leveraging AI

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This paper is solely based on Lagrange.AI which is known to be a supply chain analytical platform that helps the users to leverage AI so that it can automatically source, integrate, and collect data in an effective manner making it scalable and cost-effective by nature. This facilitates the supply chain professionals so that they can gain visibility and get the AI optimized (Andreaus, Cazzani, and Barchiesi, 2019). This site is known to belong to the Software Development Industry and is privately held from its headquarters located in Southbank, Victoria. The company has been newly founded in the year 2021. The key facilities provided by the company are that it deals with data analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, supply chain visibility, and many more such characteristics.


Figure 1: Lagrange.AI Company

This report has made sure that it deals with the business environment analysis and marketing strategies applied by the company by addressing the core factors of the company. In the first portion of the paper, with the help of an effective business environmental analysis, the writer has tried to draw the attention of the readers toward the company as well as the AI-based industry. Later, the Customer Relationship Management aspects have been pointed out by focusing on the theories, evidence, and their applicability in the market (Di Cosmo and Laudato, 2019). The paper has also presented the strategies that are adopted by the company to explore the effects of the websites and the products. The ways in which the brand community practices to create value for the company have also been highlighted in the given paper. The strategic approach of the company toward Email marketing has also been put forward in this paper which helps the company to focus on brand collaboration with its competitors. The scope of social media marketing along with algorithmic biases prevailing in the industry has been evaluated along with effective suggestions that can be applied by the company for strengthening its hold in the future.

Defining Business Problem

To define business problems it is evident that the Lagrange Company being new in the market gets to face several issues related to its desired and actual outcome. As the company fails to achieve its desired outcome it finds it difficult to cope with the other aspects related to it. The changing operational response of the business in the target market also acts as a major factor that enables the company to lack in terms of capital and thus find it hard to maintain its sustainability.

Business Environment Analysis of the Company

To have a detailed business environmental analysis of the company both the internal and external factors of the company are required to be pointed out so that the key factors can be addressed effectively. Having gone through this analysis the company will be able to easily find out the potential influence that the company is likely to have on its business (Schoeman and Seymour, 2022). As the company is known for its supply chain analytical service the internal and external factors of the company are required to be analyzed in detail so that the probable strengths and weaknesses of the company based on the target market can be found.

SWOT Analysis

With the help of SWOT analysis, the company can easily identify the areas in which it needs to work. It will also enable the company to determine its critical success factors which can further ensure that the company can have a greater competitive advantage in the target market. Having identified the key strengths the company will be able to use them further to explore opportunities that can greater the rate of profit from the business. The weaknesses that lie within the company will also be evaluated with the use of the SWOT analysis thus the company will have enough time to point out the weaknesses and work on them so that it can do away with the potential threats that are likely to occur in its way.



· The major internal strengths of the company are the skilled employees that have been hired by the company to ensure that it can effectively execute the tasks.

· The technical team of the company ensures that it can have accurate and prompt diagnostics which helps the company to ensure its performance when being assigned tasks (Stancheva-Todorova and Bogdanova, 2021).

· As the company deals in B2B business it tries to showcase the results to the clients in a simplified manner that can be easily understood by the clients.

· The Company has the necessary skills to deal with money, personnel savings, and time. The use of advanced technologies for monitoring facilitates the company to have a greater advantage over its key competitors.

· One of the first weaknesses the company needs to address is its inability to have access to the input of the data.

· As the service that will be provided by the company to its clients will act as a major factor in drawing the attention of potential customers the company needs to work on its limitations in terms of having available tools, personal contacts, availability, men power, and many such factors

· The company has also had issues in dealing with its main programming when handling the problems faced by the clients in the recent past thus it ended up impacting its image in the market.

· The company also lacks in having access to extensive technology development contacts which affects its overall performance to a great extent.



· The primary strengths of the company have the possibility of bringing in developmental opportunities for the company.

· The ability of the company to make prompt diagnostics will enable it to easily deal with the challenges that it might have to face in mitigating the AI programming issues.

· The company tries to simplify the results before having demonstrated them to the clients thus providing an area for the clients to understand the flaws and the factors in which it needs to work

· Thus this will ensure that the company gets to have more clients in the near future.

· As the company has the ability to perform adherence monitoring it will be able to handle development and emerge in the market as an expert on personnel mistakes in the near future. 


· The major threat to the company is its lack of resources.

· In order to emerge in the market as a sustainable business holder, the company needs to eliminate its weaknesses in terms of its inability to provide necessary input to the clients to make them understand the cause of the result that has been showcased to them (Kauffman and Soares, 2020).

· The company has also had to ensure that it takes care of its ethical negligence that might end up in data theft and further result in hampering the image of the company in the target market.

PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL analysis is mostly held to determine the external factors of the industry in which the company belongs so that the company can prepare its strategic plan in an effective manner. Conducting an external environmental analysis is a difficult task for the company as it has to take into consideration all the key factors on which the business environment of the company relies (Vinogradova et al., 2019). Having used this analysis technique the company will be able to stay ahead of its competitors and come up with innovative ideas to handle the challenges that it might have to face in the industry.

Political factors:

  • The political factor of the company includes the factors based on which the services and infrastructure of the company rely
  • The industry to which the company belongs being a part of the democratic state has to face several issues as their tax policies that are related to the country make the industry pay a heavy amount when dealing with international clients
  • Since the company aims to expand the business on the international platform it will have to face issues in gaining a greater amount of profit due to the restricting policies imposed by the regulatory body

Economic Factors:

  • The headquarters of the Lagrange.AI company is based in Singapore thus it ensures that the country being highly developed will ensure that the industry provides a greater growth opportunity for the companies
  • The growth rate of the industries has been high in the country which will facilitate the AI-based industry to facilitate the companies to have greater opportunity to reach out to budding companies or entrepreneurs to avail of the services provided by them (Wamba-Taguimdje et al., 2020)
  • The rate of inflation being in check will enable the company to have a higher possibility of gaining profit. The ability of the AI-based industry to carry out the business cycle will give the company a greater scope in the target market
  • The high labor costs being high act as an expensive process for the industry.

Social Factors:

  • The AI-based industry is a growing industry that has emerged in the market respect by having facilitated a wide range of job opportunities for people belonging to technical skills
  • As Singapore is a part of a developed city it can be asserted that the company will have a great impact on society as it gets to expand its business in the international market
  • This industry has a huge contribution to the country as it provides a good amount of revenue generation
  • The industry has followed all the cultural norms to ensure that the income of the companies can be equally distributed amongst the society in the form of taxes

Technological Factors:

  • Various companies have recently worked on creating new models for the technologies that can enable the industry to follow up with the services in a swift manner (Belly et al., 2021)
  • The industry makes use of technologically advanced tools and equipment to ensure that the analysis made by them by accurate
  • The R&D efforts made by the company give it have greater scope in the market
  • The AI-based industry is totally tech-based as it functions effectively having used teach transfer technology so that the flow of communication can be continued without having faced any issues
  • The introduction of reactive machines will also enable the AI-based technology to be self-aware
  • The fact that AI-based technologies have limited memory is another factor that needs to be taken care of
  • Advancement in terms of deep learning has also been possible due to technological advancement in the AI-based industry
  • Technological advancement also helps to foster domain-specific aptitude to the companies

Environmental Factors:

  • In industry works in an environmentally friendly manner. As the companies are service-based the possibility of creating any damage to the environment happens to be low
  • The climatic change may cause an issue for the company since it will enable the industry to work in an effective manner
  • The companies being restricted by the climatic changes showcase their weakness of being dependent on the climate for carrying forward their business process
  • Another major factor that the industry needs to keep in mind is that it needs to keep its data centers cool by maintaining an artificial temperature at the workplace

Legal Factors:

  • The regional laws implemented by the countries make the industry have variations in enjoying the accessibility of the technologies and other related resources
  • As the companies are technology-based they can easily have access to other countries and the companies placed there which facilitates them to provide services to clients who have faced any major legal barriers (Xu et al., 2019)
  • The industry hires corporate lawyers to carry forward tasks that are data-driven to offer greater efficiency to the clients
  • Having used legal chatbots the companies make use of automated lawyers so that the clients can rely on the authenticity of the companies

TOWS Matrix


Internal Factors



External Factors


· Skilled Employees Help the company to deliver quality projects to the client. Which effectively increases the opportunity to get more orders from them.

· The B2B strategy helps the company to get in touch with the clients in a significant way.


· The company has also issued in dealing with its main programming when handling the problems faced by the clients. However, the problems can be mitigated.


· Through the B2B system clients can easily find out the lagging and faults easily.

· Technical error can be a cause of huge losses.

· The company lacks in having access to extensive technology development, which may dissatisfy the clients.

· The company also has some ethical negligence that might end up in data theft and further result in hampering the image of the company.

Porter's Five Forces on the Company

With the help of Porter’s five forces analysis, the company will be able to determine its competitive advantage in the market.



Competitive Advantages (High/Low)

Supplier Power

· Company deals in the emerging market

· lower supplier power

· less recognition


Buyer Power

· Low buyer power

· Less number of customers


Competitive Rivalry

· High Competitive rivalry

· Many companies exist in the market

· In-demand service


Threat of Substitution

· Low threat of substitute

· New in the market

· Cloud-based service


Threat of New Entry

· Higher threat of new entrants

· Higher number of entrepreneurs


Marketing Strategies of the Company

Lagrange.AI as a Supply Chain Partner

Figure 2: Lagrange.AI as a Supply Chain Partner

To realize the giant potential of AI the company must focus on having a good grasp of the variety of applications that have been introduced in the market. Based on the company's business environment as has been pointed out in the above explanation the marketing strategy of the company depends. The company makes use of various marketing strategies so that it can understand its core activities adequately by having an understanding of the needs and requirements of the customers (Saura, Palos-Sanchez, and Correia, 2019). The use of AI has been greatly popular in the international market as companies use this mode to handle both narrow and broad tasks by enhancing the effectiveness of the predictions so that they can provide better service to the customers. In order to understand the customer journey with accuracy, the companies use AI in every stage of the task which helps the company provide detailed research about the product.


Lagrange.AI being an analytical platform ensures that it gets to use CRM software that facilitates AI capabilities. CRM software is considered to be one of the most sought-after software in the world (Bombini et al., 2022). The reports state that the applicability of CRM software claims to boost the reach of more than $80 million in revenue by 2025. It is best known to be a fully functional and feature-rich tool. Due to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the software is made to grow through a major transformation so that it can be well suited to be used by AI-based companies.

CRM Powered by AI

Figure 3: CRM Powered by AI

Lagrange.AI is a small-scale company that has been recently formed to facilitate users to analyze its business for the fulfillment of a greater purpose. The company makes use of CRM strategies for leveraging its performance and grabbing the attention of the users and for many other purposes which have been stated in the points below.

  • Holistic outlook of the users: In order to get the users engaged with the company it tries to adopt a holistic view of the targeted users by having made the existing audiences connected with the tools of their choice. As the company gets to stay organized it enables the users to get detailed information about the company and its features from the company dashboard (Bawa, 2022). This will also facilitate the company to know about its audiences by having visited the site at a glance. The company is also able to get relevant information about the users by having them participate in the campaigns.
  • Organizing the contacts as per need: Based on the needs of the users the company gets to arrange the contact data so that the users get to contact the company at once when in need without having to face much hustle during an emergency (Singh and Santos, 2022). Lagtange.AI's segmentation tools are thus arranged in accordance with the customer's needs. It also helps the company to keep track of the user data that it has learned from past analyses. Thus having user CRM the company ensures that it gets to maintain its unique features by taking care of the customer interest.
  • Insights to get connected with the audiences: Lagrange.AI uses CRM efficiently so that it can easily gain insights regarding the users. It considers having a strategic outlook and viewing the insights from an individual level so that it can understand and discover the behavioral patterns of the users so that they can examine the situation and see what happens to be most suitable for the organization (Khan and Iqbal, 2020). It tries to take into consideration the preference of each individual user so that it can easily dive into the user detail and analyze the reason that led to the decision of the user on a particular subject matter.
  • Build personalized experience: Lagrange.AI aims to ensure that it provides a personalized experience to each user. The company tries to manage the marketing procedure in a manner so that it can speak up for the customers on its own (Dixit, 2022). It aims to target the behavioral approach of the users so that they can further manage the messages of the users by having addressed them at the right point in time. Based on the insights gathered from the users the customers ensure that it gets to adopt the changes and strategically come out with a solution that can address every single issue registered by the users.

Thus, CRM has been considered one of the most important market strategies for the growth and development of the company.

Scheduling Content on Social Media

Social Media scheduling tools are the software that helps an organization schedule its posts regarding any given subject matter throughout multiple social media accounts. Being a new company on social media, Lagrange.AI tries to stay updated with its posts on every social media platform it uses (Kanuri, Chen, and Sridhar, 2018). Thus to stay contently connected with the users the company makes sure that it gets to schedule the content on social media and has used the tool that has been specially formed for getting the content scheduled as per the required time period. Thus, this has enabled the company to reach out to its target audience on time.

Having scheduled the content the company is able to reach out to the target audiences even at odd times as per the convenience of the users. It ensures that the company has an active social media account that can generate content updates even in the absence of a controller. As there is a large number of customers which has been increasing with each passing day it makes it impossible for a person to keep a check on the updates constantly, thus with the use of this tool the company is able to handle and schedule the contents with accuracy (Kanuri, Chen and Sridhar, 2018). With the fact that this particular company is new in the market with a minimal number of employees, in such case, the use of this software works in favor of the company and helps it stay updated and tuned with the pace of social media.

Website Design

Lagrange.AI designed its website to make sure that it gets to create a positive image amongst the customers. The company understands the choices of the audiences and the fact that the design of the website helps in setting the first impression in the minds of the customers (Akram et al., 2018). Having used an effective website design this particular company has been able to aid the search engine optimization strategy with greater purpose. Having used this process the company has also been able to have an effective impression with respect to the service it provides to the customers. This design of the website has thus been considered to be an integral part of the Customer Relation Management process that enables the company to create consistency.

In order to make the design of the website effective, the company has made sure that it creates a consistent brand identity as it is considered to be a significant part that helps in building business credibility. As the website has a professional outlook it has helped the company grab the attention of the customers a build a sense of reliability so that they can believe in the brand story and make it more effective (Athapaththu and Kulathunga, 2018). The company has also tried to keep the website as simple as possible so that it can be understandable and used by non-users without having faced any major technical challenges. The professional approach of the website helps attract visitors and makes them explore the site so that they can explore the site and gather relevant information of their choice.

Effects of Designing a Website

Having designed a website in accordance with the customer choices helped the company have a positive effect on the company's revenue. It has enabled the users to boost their authority and build a sense of trust in the company website. As the site asks for some basic details before providing the visitor information about the company it needs to have a simple yet decent approach so that the users can be willing to provide the required information. It also helps in adding motion to the website thus ends up elevating the aesthetic of the site. As the company website has a user-friendly approach it can be well accessible to every type of user.

One of the most effective and notice-worthy effects of the website is that it helps reflect the image of the company and its outlook toward the customers. The use-to-use feature of the site shows that the company tries to take care of the convenience of the customers and make sure that the customers can get their problems by having gathered insightful data from their site. The company too gets to have online visibility and hike brand recognition amongst the target customers. As the company adopts the changes as suggested by the customers in the comments section it can be detected that the company having focused on the customer choices takes care of its CRM process so that it can reduce the cost of customer support since the customers automatically get to be loyal with the company and build in greater customer retention.

Characteristics of Online Shopping Behaviour of the Customers

In order to provide services to the other companies, Lagrange.AI makes sure that it gets to determine the online shopping behavior of the customers effectively; it takes care of the customer attitude and behavior towards the companies' best on which it plans to strategize for each of the company (Wong and Wei, 2018). It looks after the customer communication channels through which the companies are connected with their target customers so that these channels can be further used to communicate with them. To save the transaction cost this company provides adequate facilities to the companies it gets to work with so that it can have easy access to the online modes to make the transactions. Having observed the online shopping behavior of the customers of the associated companies Lagrange.AI tries to use AI solutions to have a measurable reduction in the company's Peripheral costs. The customers thus tend to be inclined towards the companies that provide them with greater facilities.

To determine the characteristics of the online shopping behavior of the customers Lagrange.AI does an in-depth analysis of the target customers so that their choices and preferences can be understood. The customers are found to be fond of the ease that they get from the companies which further helps in saving an adequate amount of time and money for their purchase (Wu, Ke and Nguyen, 2018). Lagrange.AI tries to provide the best facilities to the companies by making their customer sustainable having used the best form of AI for the growth of the business through effective customer segmentation. The ease of return and refund helps the customers grow a sense of trust within the companies and as the companies are able to satisfy the needs of the customers they prefer being assisted by AI-based companies like Lagrange. AI.

What are Micro-sites?

The term Microsite differs from the meaning of the term website. The microsite provides a wide range of website applications. It is known to be an auxiliary website that is designed by companies so that it can function and be used as a supplement for the primary website. It is used by companies for the promotion of events, products, campaigns, and services. Besides the use of the company's own website, the microsites make use of typically different domains or sub-domains by having linked them with the main website (Hartl et al., 2021). The microsite acts as a separate entity for the company and helps it gain separate recognition in the market. The Microsites are considered to be an incredible tool that helps in generating engagement with the brands further helping in growing awareness amongst the users and ensuring to boost the reach of the brands. However, there are some features that are required to be fulfilled so that the companies can improve their conversion rate by avoiding being cumbersome.

The Microsite adds standardization to the company site that further enables the users to have a greater experience. The users who have used the sites for the first time will have the feeling of familiarity associated with the navigation of the site. However, the use of a microsite by Langrange.AI enabled it to have a limited area to explore which acts as a drawback for the company (Bensusan et al., 2021). Yet there are some benefits that have made the use of microsites much more popular in the contemporary world. It helps in reaching out to the new target audience based on demographic factors. It enables the company to perform definite and valuable actions that are associated with the accessibility of emails. It further helps in boosting brand awareness at the time of the launch of the new product, service, campaign, or any other such events.

Buyer Personas

Buyer persona is considered an integral part of Customer Relationship Management as it helps in providing a detailed description of the one who gets to represent the entire target audience of the company. Lagrange.AI ensures that it takes into account the buyer persona by having done detailed research on the targeted audiences that exist in the market (Klepek, 2019). The term buyer persona can also be denoted as the customer persona in which the companies try to gather relevant data about the existing customers so that they can understand the requirements of the customers based on the products and services they get to offer to the customers.

In relation to the given company, it can be stated that this company aims to grab the attention of the customers based on the buyer persona strategy adopted by them. The company considers it to be a research-based profile that helps it reach out to the target customers and identify the ideal customers within the given timeframe. As the company takes care of the customer persona they are able to have a positive effect on the decision-making aspects of the company (Bauernfeind, 2018). Thus the factors that are considered for understanding the buyer persona have been known to be the gold standard for marketers so that they can widely recognize the approach through which the buyer persona can be easily obtained. Lagrange.AI has been able to measurably improve its marketing outcome having adopted effective means and strategies and further applying those strategies for boosting relationships with the target audiences.

Email Marketing

Lagtange.AI, being a new company looks for a cost-effective mode for marketing the business. In this context, email marketing has been one of the most popular and effective modes that are adopted by most small-scale companies. It helps in generating a lot of returns from the target market for a minimal investment. It makes the company reach out to a large number of audiences in a fixed time period. It further helps in making the business grow having saved both the extra expenses and time (Goic, Rojas, and Saavedra, 2021). Lagrange.AI uses email marketing to create and share personalized content with the target market by building credibility in the market. Thus, this has enabled the company to gradually grow its brand recognition and get the brand accepted amongst the target audiences. Email marketing has also ensured that having used this company gets to build a strong relationship with the customers to further leverage the customer base.

Lagrange.AI constantly tries to optimize its time and budget so that it can maintain its sustainability in the market. As the company has built a strong website that helps in attracting the target audiences it gets to visitors add their email id so that it can be further used to boost the traffic of the website. The company also works on creating content that can be found to be relatable to the target audiences. Having collected the feedback that it gets generated from the surveys and online campaigns it has been able to improve its business. Through email marketing, the company has also been able to communicate with the audiences so that they can step ahead to help the company generate leads (Sahni, Wheeler, and Chintagunta, 2018). Lagrange.AI tries to reach out to the people at the right time by analyzing their needs, they make use of emails to get connected with the audiences and advertise the business.

Effects of Design Elements of Email

One of the most important aspects of email design is the color and logo that has been used as it enables the users to understand the nature of the email holder (Zamani, 2019). Lagrange.AI has an attractive logo that denotes the purpose of the business, i.e. provides a platform that is integrated with nature so that the data can be supplied by having supported the companies so that they can navigate the data to insight in a speedy manner.

Every business entity spends a huge amount in getting its email designed so that it can create a better user experience. However, Lagrange.AI being aware of the effects of the elements associated with the email designs tries to make effective use of it. The positive effect that good email designs have on the company is that it allows it to track metrics that can further be used for the development of the business. It also helps in optimizing the rate of information that the company gets from the target audiences. It also helps the company to keep a record of the information that they have received which can be easily got with some clicks (Xin et al., 2022). This company makes use of responsive email design is considered to be the best way in which the content of the company can be displayed on the devices of the customers. Thus this has made the company have a huge impact on the minds of the audiences that they are seeking to have attention.

Brand Collaboration in Digital Marketing

Brand Collaboration in marketing takes place when one brand steps ahead to collaborate with other brands that are in one way or another connected with the particular company in relation to the audiences. Lagrenge.AI works as a service provider for companies that seek to leverage the AI of the company. However, Lagrange.AI ensures being a newly formed company is still working on getting connected with well-known companies in the market. Being a part of a B2B business the company ensures that it gets to provide the best facilities to the companies it gets to associate with having used the digital market platform to interact with the customers of the companies (Kumar and Singh, 2020). The digital marketing medium seeks to create constant customer engagement so that the customers can get greater facilities from the end of the company. Being an integral part of the marketing strategy digital media acts as a catalyst for AI-based companies like Lagrange.AI to interact with the customers and gain fruitful insights from them.

Lagrange.AI must initiate to create a close relationship with companies like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, etc. So that it can gain recognition in the B2B business platform (Ferina, Sri, and Putu, 2021). Having collaborated with the big companies this company will be able to attract publicity as well as create a buzz in the market in terms of being an efficient AI-based service provider company. This will also enable the company to raise potential customers that will be created through cross-promotions. The company must therefore try to make new content for the brand and get it promoted on the digital platform so that the companies get to be aware of the facilities provided by the company to the brands it gets to collaborate with making it boost its business having built greater social media engagements. The company must also try to grow its social media community and hike the number of followers so that the companies get to rely on its capabilities.

Collaborate with the Competitors

As Lagrange.AI is an Australia-based company that deals with supply chain analytic platforms it gets to face huge competition in the target market. There are several companies in the Australian market that deal with the same content as Lagrange. AI. WorkingMouse, UPCORE, Five2One, etc are the names of some companies that are known to be the toughest competitors of this particular company. However, being a company that was launched in the year 2021 this company has been able to gain quite good recognition when compared to the other companies launched at the same point in time. Thus, it can be estimated that as the company gets to grow greater recognition in the market with the passing time it can stand next to its targeted competitors and collaborate when they reach out to the big companies for providing service facilities.

With the collaboration made in the future, the company will easily be able to improve its ability to deal with the problems that it faces in the target market (Mingione and Leoni, 2020). The collaboration will also help the company to encourage social interactions by promoting diversity as the companies will have a difference in opinion that will enable the companies to come to a conglomerated decision based on customer preferences. To boost customer engagement the collaboration of the company will play a huge role as the greater the size of the company the wider the network they are likely to create.

Market awareness is also likely to be created as the company gets to collaborate with well-known companies thus making market penetration easier for the company (Wei et al., 2022). The company will also be able to provide greater quality services to the customers at a reasonable rate thus creating differentiation from its competitors. Thus by collaborating with its competitors, the company will be able to create self-awareness and boost its growth and development opportunities of the company.

Win Bias in Algorithm

Biases in AI algorithms can be witnessed in the results of the phenomenon that are said to be prejudiced in a systematic order in order to gain erroneous assumptions taking place in the process of machine learning. Biasness in artificial intelligence takes place in many forms that as gender prejudice and racial bias in which inequality is practiced by having discriminated in the recruitment process based on race, gender, and age (Cao and Lin, 2019). Lagrange.AI must ensure that it does away with any such form of biases that are likely to give rise to repeatable and systematic errors in the system.

Lagrange is required to take effective measures to deal with the bias that is likely to take place at the time of providing service to the companies as it might result in hampering the image of the company before its competitors (Mei et al., 2020). To avoid getting the result of the AI tampered the company must make use of the debugging process to get its algorithms to work so that it can retain the biased algorithms and prevent them from getting systematically prejudiced. However, the bias usually occurs within the AI due to pre-existing institutional, cultural, and social expectations which because of technical limitations get tampered to unanticipated contexts thus making the designs biased in nature.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways that can be adopted by a newly formed company such as Lagrange.AI to boost brand awareness amongst the public. To ascertain the social media marketing strategy the external business environment of the respective industry to which the company belongs needs to be taken into consideration. The company was formed during the post-pandemic phase of Australia thus the most effective mode that was adopted by the company to reach out to the target customers was social media marketing (Carlson et al., 2019). Having used this mode the company has been able to generate conversation with the other brands and make them familiar with the content of the company and the services it claims to provide to the companies so that they can leverage the AI used by the companies and help them have greater scope in the market.

Social media marketing has also made the company understand the interests of the target customers and make necessary changes accordingly. It has also been able to make use of this platform to tell the customers the story that is associated with this brand so that the customers can gain reliability on the brand and be inclined to avail of the service. This platform has also been used by the company so that they can gather required data about the audiences and gain responsive customer service this can help them gather positive feedback from the target customers.

Brand Attendance and Brand Royalty

The company ensures that it gets to use the social media platform to boost the grand attendance so that it can support the companies so that they can navigate adequately having used the data from the required insights based on the target market. The company also tries to hike the brand royalty by getting the customers engaged with the brand. It also makes use of hashtags so that they can draw the attention of the customers as this enables the brand to be consistent. The company also uses automated content to post a variety of messages for every single Newsfeed. Thus this makes the customers using social media to be aware of the creativity and efficiency of the Langrange.AI Company.

Although the company takes care of customer loyalty by providing them extra benefits the fact that there have been such companies in the market that provides the same range of services to the customers has been a major threat for the company. The Company tries to personalize the customer experience the customers are often resistant having considered being new in the market. However, these challenges can be mitigated as the company gets to promote having adopted the OpenAI system since that would facilitate the company to be highly autonomous thus enabling the companies to outperform humans in a cost-effective manner. The challenges can also be eliminated by the company as it gets to promote having used an advanced form of API to manage the integration and regression testing process of the companies.

Brand Community Practices to Create Value

The term brand community denotes the factor that enables a brand to consider its loyal customers as a part of the community. Lagrange.AI must try to retain its loyal customers be it a small-scale company or large by having held loyalty programs to encourage the community to stay connected with the brand (Lima, Irigaray, and Lourenco, 2019). This way the company will be able to maintain both the success of the brand and the customers by having taken care of each other. This will enable the customers to get back to the company to obtain the same amount of quality in terms of service.

Brand community practices will help the company to add value to its brand. The company must also ensure that it takes into consideration consumer feedback by encouraging new ideas. The company must also try to grow brand awareness by reaching out to each of the customers who have used various modes of social media networking. Being a new brand this company must try to sell its service with the help of word of mouth so that the customers can be willing to try the services (Coelho, Rita and Santos, 2018). Lagrange.AI must also try to rally the audience by having put forward a definite mission or purpose to have come with the business plan as that will enable the customers to think about the need for the service and the facilities that are likely to come with it. The variety in the range of services must also be portrayed by the company on various platforms making the customers attracted to the service quality.

Social Media Strategy for Brand Awareness

Social media have been a leading component in helping companies grow their brand awareness. As it has been portrayed in the figure above about 85% of companies make use of social media to boost brand awareness. Lagrange.AI uses social media to boost its recognition and gain popularity amongst the target audiences (Al-Zyoud, 2018). This model has been the most cost-effective strategy that has been used by the company to reach out to audiences. The flexible approach to social media has also helped the company to get ideas for the content strategy.

Social media has also helped the company generate leads and win a greater number of customers as they use the platform to gain valuable insights and understand the needs of the customers (Li, Larimo, and Leonidou, 2021). The customers are also provided the facility to add valuable feedback for the company so that it can take that feedback into consideration and make necessary changes accordingly. It also helps the company to improve the effectiveness of the marketing efforts initiated by the company to grab the attention of the customers. Thus it can be evaluated that social media marketing gets to boost brand awareness to a great extent.

Stages of the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is used by the companies to understand the journey of the customer with the particular company. This is known to be an effective marketing strategy that helps the company gain loyalty from the customers by making them feel important to the company (Meyer, 2019). Funnel Marketing works on four key factors that state the four stages that the company needs to take into consideration at the time of determining the customer journey.

  • Awareness: this is the first stage of the funnel strategy. In this stage, the companies try to be aware of the problems of the customers and try to come up with possible solutions to them.
  • Interest: This prospect enables the company to grow interested in the quality of service that is being provided by them to the customers.
  • Desire: This prospect helps the company to begin with the evaluation of the services provided by its competitive brands that make them better than the company.
  • Action: This is placed at the bottom of the funnel as it makes the company take the final decision regarding the conversion.

Weapons of Math Destruction

Weapon of math destruction is better understood with the help of models that are used by AI-based companies so that they can predict recidivism that is prevailing in individuals (Verma, 2019). This concept is based on three distinctive features. The first feature states about the data that has been already taken; the second feature denotes the decision that is taken without having gone through the process of consent and the third feature states about the prisoners who have knowledge about the way in which the information can be gathered and be utilized ahead. The weapon of math destruction can also be called mathematical algorithms that are used by the companies that deal with AI to quantify key traits like creditworthiness which further provide harmful outcomes (Woodson, 2018). These traits are also used for the reinforcement of unfair means such as practicing inequality in society.

Reducing Bias in Algorithms to Improve Demand for the Services

As has been stated above there are various forms of bias at are automated in artificial intelligence while others have a long-lasting impact on the outcome of the tools that are used to deter the algorithms of the business (Lee et al., 2019). However, there are various ways in which the bias in algorithms can be easily eliminated which must be adopted by the Lagrange.AI Company in the near future. The company must make sure that the employees of the company understand the stereotyping and identify the foundation that led to the biased approach.

The company must try to set expectations after having applied the algorithms so that they can understand the difference in the outcome. The company must try to maintain transparency in the process of hiring and promotion so that it can get the procedure done in an unbiased manner (Abrardi, Cambini, and Rondi, 2021). The leaders of the company must be held to be responsible for the biased approach as imposing the responsibility on the leaders will prevent them from practicing the same. The company must also try to set strict guidelines and rules so that it can help in the elimination of procedures that are biased in nature.

Meta-analysis of the Role of Environment-based Voluntariness in Information Technology Acceptance

Figure 8: Information-based Environmental Regulation Classification

There have been various studies that have helped in promoting the concept of information-based environmental regulation. With the help of a meta-analysis of 71 empirical studies, strong support has been provided to the hypotheses that help in understanding the concept of environmental-based voluntariness moderates and its effects (Zhang, Ai, and Hu, 2019). According to a parallel research stream, special emphasis has been put on voluntariness as it has been stated to have a long-lasting impact on social influence and contextual variables. These variables have been further found to be a critical factor in the field of information technology.

As the figure above states, this model also known to be the Technology Acceptance Model is used by companies to assert the usefulness of the key determinants of customer behaviour which are based on the environmental-based hypothesis (Liao, 2018). This model helps the companies to address the unresolved issues of the customers that are related to transparency and legitimacy. Having understood the behavioral intention and usage of the investigation the companies get to pay attention to the primary factors which often stay unresolved amongst all the other issues faced by the companies in relation to the target audiences.


The company Lagrange.AI has been newly founded in the year 2021. This report has made sure that it deals with the marketing strategies applied by the company by addressing the core factors of the company. This paper has also highlighted the business environmental analysis of the company with a proper explanation of the internal and external environment so that the strategies on which the marketing prospects of the company can be decided are made on point. The company makes use of various marketing strategies so that it can understand its core activities adequately by having an understanding of the needs and requirements of the customers. It is best known to be a fully functional and feature-rich tool. As the company gets to stay organized it enables the users to get detailed information about the company and its features from the company dashboard. Lagrange.AI tries to stay updated with its posts on every social media platform it uses.

Having used an effective website design this particular company has been able to aid the search engine optimization strategy with greater purpose. As the website has a professional outlook it has helped the company grab the attention of the customers a build a sense of reliability so that they can believe in the brand story and make it more effective. The microsite acts as a separate entity for the company and helps it gain separate recognition in the market. Lagrange.AI ensures that it takes into account the buyer persona by having done detailed research on the targeted audiences that exist in the market. Lagrange.AI uses email marketing to create and share personalized content with the target market by building credibility in the market. It also helps in optimizing the rate of information that the company gets from the target audiences.


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