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Managing People and Systems Assessment Task Individual Essay


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In the present business, world employees are considered as one of the important resources for the firms. Organisations focus on developing better strategies and policies that can help them in managing their human resource in an effective manner. In the recent decade’s employee induction had become an important topic for the human resource management department(Ogalo, 2018). In this essay, the researcher would focus on explaining the significance of employee induction in the modern business environment and how it affects the performance of the employees in the modern workplace.

Defining Employee Induction

Employee induction is being referred as the process through which newly hired employees are welcomed in the firm and through this process, they are being introduced to the organisational culture. With the help of this process, all the information is provided to them which can help them in adjusting properly in the workplace environment. This would help them in performing their roles and responsibilities in an appropriate manner(Viljanen, 2018). In other words, it can be said that employee induction is the process of introducing the workers to their roles and responsibilities. This helps them in getting a better start their job and this would also help them in becoming a valuable employee for the company.

Importance of Employee Induction

In the modern corporate world, organisations focus on having an effective induction process that can help them in bringing the new team members up to speed so that the company can get benefitted from it. This process is essential for both the workers and firm. The induction process helps the new members in understanding thatwhat are the values, norms, ethics which are required to be followed by them within the workplace(Jakobsson, 2018). Along with this they also learn from their leaders that how the organisation offers the products and services to their customers and how they are working towards their vision. On the other hand, the induction process helps the employers in developing an effective team but adjusting the new employees in the workplace environment.

Employee induction is playing a major role in maintaining positive organisational behaviour and aligning the new workers with the workplace place. Also, this helps the employers in educating the them regarding the different policies of the firm related to safety, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other critical policies. Induction is also having a positive impact on productivity and affects the way in which they deliver customer service.

Steps of Induction Process

Businesses need to have a systematic process for employee induction so that it can help them in explaining the roles and responsibilities to their new members in an efficient manner. There are different stages that are required to be followed by the employers for their employee induction. The induction process starts with the first step of introduction in which the employee is being introduced to their colleagues, leaders, and other stakeholders of the company. After this the company needs to provide all the information related to the structure, culture, vision, and values of the firm(Maruhi, 2018).Along with this they are also provided with the employee handbook and the details related to the code of conduct.

In the next step the employer needs to provide the details related to the roles and responsibilities that are required to be done by the new employee as per their job description. Along with this the employees are being taken for the visit to the work location. At last, the company needs to provide the computer logins to the new team members and the links to the team profiles. All the different stages of the induction process are important for adjusting the employees in the new workplace.

In the present business world employee satisfaction had become way more important and because of this, employers are focusing on developing the modern workplace. In general terms modern workplace is referred as an operational setup that had being designed professionally for meeting the technological and physical needs of employees and the organisation as well. Or in other words it can be said that the modern workplace is defined as the setoff all the technological, physiological, and physical conditions that are being set up at the workplace for enhancing employee satisfaction(Einstein, 2020). In the highly competitive business world organisations are looking forward to developing modern workplace as it helps them in retaining the workforce and increasing business productivity and efficiency.

Figure 1: Steps of Induction process

(Source: Cognology, 2019)

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace focuses on offering the freedom to the employees to work form anywhere and on any of the device(Ruhleet. al.2018). While developing the modern workplace it is important or ensure that it would not affect the productivity, capabilities, and security in a negative manner. Technologically advanced companies are focusing on having a modern workplace for their employees. For example, Microsoft is having amodern workplace and they are focusing on using their latest Microsoft technology for transformation of their business. Microsoft is focusing on satisfying all the needs of their employees that had been mentioned in the motivational theory of Maslow’s(Hopper, 2020). For satisfying all the different needs they are working on making their workplace modern. The company is using Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security and different tools for supporting the modern ways of working tha can also help the businesses in bringing digital transformation in the firm(AGRO and ARNONE, 2017).

Value and importance of employee induction in the modern workplace

In this changing world digital and technological transformation had increased to a greater extent and due to this businesses are focusing on developing the modern workplace for their employees(Hooker, 2018). Employee induction is also important in the modern workplace because they are completely different from traditional workplaces. If the firms are having a modern workplace than they need to design an effective employee induction plan so that the new employee can understand the modern workplace in an appropriate manner. Cooperating, collaborating, and communicating in the modern workplace is different and for this employee, induction is important so that the workers can adjust in such workplace environment.


Based on the above discussion, it can be said that in the changing business environment employee induction is very important for the businesses having modern workplace. Employers need to develop an effective and efficient induction process for their new team members.


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