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Marketing & Digital Strategy Assignment Sample

Task 1: Marketing Plan


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 Marketing plan aims to enhance customer satisfaction by improving service based on customer demand and expectations. This report is going to develop a marketing plan by analysing the current situation and customers' demand.  This report aims to develop a marketing strategy with budgeting, a resources plan, and STP model for increasing customer preference and customer satisfaction as well as sales rate to achieve business success.  


Eisai is a Japanese company and its head office is located at "4-6-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 112-8088, Japan". Eisai Company namely "Eisai Co., Ltd" started on 6th December 1941 and CEO is Haruo Naito, as well as the name of the COO, is Yasushi Okada. This company is concerned with manufacturing and developing different pharmaceutical products including neurological and oncological as well as Dementia ecosystems. The consolidated employee number is approximately 3,034 and the consolidated employee number is approximately 11,322. The business process is associated with manufacturing, importing and exporting as well as selling pharmaceuticals products. Annual revenue of this organisation is approximately ¥ 756.2 billion (Eisai.com, 2021). The main vision of this organisation is to explore the human health care system through a meaningful contribution concerning following legal and ethical standards in the service process.  A stakeholder group of “Eisai Co., Ltd” includes the board of directors, audit committee, nomination committee, compensation committee, governance committee, and operational division (Eisai.com, 2022). The board of directors, group have 11 members, in audit committee is associated with five `members, nomination committee is associated with 3 members.

Stockholder group of Eisai

Figure 1: Stockholder group of Eisai

Furthermore, the compensation committee includes three members, and the governance committee is seven members. The operational division includes representative corporate officers, corporate officers, individual divisions, and the internal control department.  In another marketing process, they are concerned about the behavior and psychological factors of customers considering interest and involvement in different tools for shopping and purchasing products.  Statistical review has been revealing that the customer satisfaction rate has decreased since 2022 compared to previous years.  In 2014 customer satisfaction rate of Eisai was 80%, which continuously decreased, and in 2022, it became 75% (Statista.com, 2022).  Apart from that, it can be stated that Eisai has to increase customer satisfaction through improving service which is the focus of the marketing plan and development plan to overcome issues regarding the continuous decline of customer satisfaction. 

Situation analysis 

Internal analysis



  • Leading “Global Research and Development-Based Pharmaceutical Company”
  • Global presence in around 29 countries
  •  Over 80 years of history
  • Annual revenue is around ¥ 756.2 billion (Eisai.com, 2021)
  • Above 40 subsidiaries worldwide 
  • 15 Drug Discovery
  • 9 Production sites
  • Corporate4 philosophy is  improving  human health care system
  • Approximately 3,034 non-consolidated and approximately  11,322 consolidated employees
  • 100 shares in  individual trading unit
  • Declination of customer satisfaction from 80% to 75% between 2014 to 2022 (Statista.com, 2022)
  • Complex  corporate governance system 



  • Smaller growth of patient-centric treatments encourages manufacturing and supply processes for further improvements.
  • Numerous growth opportunities for  improving the treatment process and producing different curable drugs (Marketpublishers.com, 2021)
  •  Global drug sales of the pharmaceutical market are approximately 90%  that  signifies huge  pharmaceutical products demand in exiting market 
  •  Utilisation of digital tools for marketing is beneficial for exploring digitalization and advanced technology in the pharmaceutical market
  • A high rate of market compaction leads to increasing market threats to competitors
  • Drug product complexity  leads to create legal threats for businesses concerning possibility of side effects (Grandviewresearch.com, 2022)

Table 1: SWOT analysis

Throughout SWOT analysis, it can be identified that the company has to achieve a strong and leading portion in the pharmaceutical industry of the global market that is a significant achievement of this organisation. However, customer involvement for customer satisfaction rate is reduced continuously due to poor service processes as well as huge market competition. Eisai has an identical opportunity to expand business and increase customer satisfaction by reaching patient needs and implementing a healthcare system with the intervention of different curable drugs. Moreover, Eisai has to manage drug-related complexity through increasing knowledge regarding governing law and experimental factors in manufacturing and marketing new drugs in the pharmaceutical market.  

External analysis 





  • Drug-related laws make the path very harsh concerning the development of the pharma business
  • The regulatory framework make difficulties for  new pharma businesses (Marketingtutor.net, 2021)
  • Strict price control low for drugs and medicines



  • GDP fell approximately o.6% (Ons.gov.uk, 2022)
  • Inflation rate around 9.12% in 2022(Statista.com, 2022)
  • A corporate increase from 19 to 25%
  • Expenditure is £3,840doller per person in UK (Ons.gov.uk, 2022)



  • Preventable cases of cancer in 38% of UK in 2015
  • Survival number is 50% from 2010 to 2011(Cancerresearchuk. org, 2021)
  • Death rate due to cancer between 2017 to 20189 is 167,142
  • Cancer cases from 2016 to 2018 is 375,400
  •   An increasing rate of Health Consciousness 



  • Governments have invested £29.4 billion in technology advancements in 2021 (Great.gov.uk, 2022) 
  • Government plan to increase investments by nearly £6.4 billion by 2035 
  • Internet users are 62.86 million in 2021 (Statista.com, 2022)



  • Strict laws for auditing the growth of pharma industry
  • Concerned about licensing (Marketingtutor.net, 2021)
  • Cyber security is  required to minimise legal threats



  • Reduction of carbon footprint concerning  governmental restriction
  • Companies have to donate for environmental sustainability (Marketingtutor.net, 2021)


Table 2: PESTLE analysis

Analysing external factors of UK countries helps to identify that social and technological factors are supporting business expansion process positively because social factors signified a huge rate of increasing cancer cases in UK that can be controlled through anti-cancer treatments of Eisai. On the other hand, the political, legal, economical and environmental factor is responsible for exploring huge threats for Eisai concerning drag-related lows, increasing inflation, and environmental concerns for government with the reduction of footprints and encouraging cyber security in data management process. 

Marketing objectives of an organisation 

Marketing objective of Eisai is based on "hhc" corporate philosophy that focuses on identifying and reaching the true needs of patients through medication and completing healthcare system effectively. Commitment to Oncology is associated with the utilisation of "hhc" philosophy to encourage continuous intervention considering mission and involvement on behalf of patients. Lenvima pushed Marketing and revenue growth by delivering exponential treatments for 20,000 patients in U.S.  Lenvima and KEYTRUDA are recognised as a combination therapy for cancer patients that have to export among people and rescue cancer patients significantly (Eisai.com, 2021).  Continued implementation of the marketing process with utilisation of digital tools aims to increase the treatment process and business expansion process of Eisai significantly. For that, they have improved the administration process with over 7,000 new patients that include different patients of different types of "advanced endometrial cancer". Before marketing, they are concerned about a positive trial system due to reducing drug complexity that is resulting in significant medical congresses support of "Society of Gynecologic Oncology", and "Genitourinary Cancers Symposium".

UK pharmaceutical manufacturing market

Figure 2: UK pharmaceutical manufacturing market

 Throughout the study regarding UK current market concerning manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and their demand, it can be identified that the pharmaceutical industry of UK is concerned with increasing their manufacturing and sales rate by approximately $12.8% within 2028 through improving the administration process effectively (Grandviewresearch.com, 2022). Moreover, they are concerned with developing different curable pharmaceutical products for encouraging the growth and development of this industry. In this aspect, Eisai focuses on being a part of this leading market strategy by contributing anti-cancer treatments concerning effective service and treatment of Lenvima. Marketing plan of Eisai emphasises increasing customer satisfaction through increasing service quality during cancer treatment through Lenvima. Apart from that, it can be stated that the marketing and product launching process of Eisai is concerned with following proper guidelines and encouraging innovation for the betterment of healthcare system and producing many curable drugs.

 The main marketing objective of "Eisai Oncology Business Group" is to introduce recently launched products in UK market to minimise cancer cases through driving awareness of the disease and providing support for education concerning "hepatocellular carcinoma". "Culture of Care" is a notable campaign in marketing process that helps to address disparities in healthcare system and its priorities among the community's people that help to achieve marketing injective through a strategic promotional campaign (Eisai.com, 2021). This campaign is concerned with achieving input from patient advocates from different communities that involve reaching unbranded education that helps to increase awareness about cancer treatments and minimising cancer risk with effective implementation of the health care system. This campaign and marketing plan focuses on minimising cancer risk through utilisation of verbal and non-verbal resources and creating different educational and cultural events. 

Segmentation, targeting and positioning 




Analysing patient's tolerability is  important that is associated with psychological and behavioural aspects of customer segmentation


Targeting cancer patients without concerning  demographic, or geographic factors in UK 


Developing a tagline namely "Cancer is a journey and  Eisai with them"  and advertising on the website, social media platforms, and email as well as using the information of  different hospitals to reach cancer patients contribute to the positioning of  lenvima  in UK

Table 3: STP model


Segmentation defines as the dividing of customers during the marketing process that is associated with characterised customers into homogenous groups based on psychological, behavioural, geographical and demographical aspects. This customer grouping procedure is based on demographic factors involved with identifying customers concerning age, sex, race, income, marital status, household size, education, and profession. In this aspect, an anti-cancer product namely lenvima has a premium price that can be purchased by high-income people. Psychographic customers can be classified based on analysis of 'personality and emotions' as well as behaviour because customers' behaviour and interest in acquiring proper treatments to be cured are linked with customers' preferences. Psychological factors including lifestyle, attitudes, hobbies and risk aversion lead to an increasing rate of health issues and customers' health consciousness (Doublebondeg.com, 2019).  On the other hand, behavioural factors are associated with brand loyalty, the nature of the purchase, usage level, distribution channels used, benefits sought, and reaction to the marketing process. 

In this aspect, sales of lenvima depend on lifestyle and health consciousness to cure. Geographic focus to dividing potential customers based on country, area, region, metropolitan band rural location that contribute to decision marketing plan and targeting audiences. In this aspect, Eisai is targeting cancer patients in UK without concerning rural and urban.Analysing patient tolerability is important because radiographic treatment leads to the death of patients due to over toss and lack of potentiality to tolerate doss of lenvima. Apart from that, it can be stated that analysing customers' tolerability concerning psychological and behavioural aspects is a significant aspect of customer segmentation process concerning the marketing plan of Eisai. 


 This marketing plan aims to target Oncology pharmaceutical branches concerning sales of leaving that leads to minimising cancer cases in UK. Concerning marketing objectives to increasing customer satisfaction through reaching customers' needs is associated with impelling anti-cancer treatments through introducing lenvima for both cancer patients and "advanced endometrial cancer". Targeting every level of people without considering social status, and income level help to reach parents' need and increase customer satisfaction effectively by Eisai that can be specified as a higher profitability-marketing plan. 

However, due to the premium pricing of lenvima, it is not enough accessible for every level of patient that is the main reason for affecting customer satisfaction and sales rate. In this marketing process, Eisai focuses on cancer patients of UK through this marketing plan and they try to improve service to increase customer satisfaction rate effectively. Targeting cancer patients without concerning demographic or geographic factors in the UK is associated with avoiding income level and locality namely rural and urban area threats meant to have to explore every corner. Concerning these aspects, it can be stated that targeting every level of cancer patients helps to minimise cancer cases and establish health and well-being in society in UK. This marketing plan will improve the healthcare system with a strategic implementation process that is associated with providing proper anti-cancer treatment for cancer treatments through improving the treatment process, which will contribute to developing a brand reputation as well as customer satisfaction. 


Positioning is a crucial part of marketing a product to reach the target audience by influencing customers purchasing interest. In this aspect, the positioning of Eisai emphasises introducing lenvima to implement anti-cancer service to achieve customer s satisfaction and increase sales rate. In the marketing process, describing product characteristics on social media platforms and digital tools such as websites helps to influence patient knowledge about products and their benefits are important in marketing and increasing sale state. Lenvima is an anti-cancer medication that will be accessible at a reasonable price for providing proper treatment to cancer patients. In this aspect, using a tagline namely, "Cancer is a journey and Eisai with them" would help to a market position in the UK concerning the marketing of lenvima. 

Developing a tagline namely, "Cancer is a journey and Eisai with them" and advertising on the website, social media platforms, and email as well as using the information of different hospitals that helps to reach cancer patients, which contribute to the positioning of lenvima in UK. Developing and reputation through innovation of cancer treatments and increasing their availability with price reduction leads to encouraging market positioning process with a strategic implementation process. This positioning strategy with promotional activity digital; the platform can be recognised as an effective and well-developed marketing process concerning effective customer satisfaction that contributes to achieving a  leading market position by Eisai in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. 

Marketing mix

Marketing mix



Lenvima is an anti-cancer product that is associated with a radioactive treatment process that is severe to tolerable for patients 


Reasonable price strategy concerning every level of cancer patients 

Promotional strategy

Campaign and advertising on different digital platforms namely websites, and social media as well as emails to cancer patients through collecting information from different hospitals moreover, promotional process with culture and care events have to be utilised for  increasing awareness about cancer risk and its treatment process  that will help to minimised cancer cases in UK

Distribution channel

Available at  government clinics and hospitals as well as  pharmacy chains, FDA,  retailers


Table 4: Marketing mix

Budget plan and analysis of resources

Marketing process



Overview of company 

  • Information on the organisation such as previous history, revenue, customer-based, current performance
  • Management  team


Situation analysis

  • Internal analysis  through collecting organisation information from existing market
  • The different information about UK  through different websites, books and articles
  • Marketing team and  finance department


Deciding marketing objectives based on requirements and capability

  • The management team collected documents


Customers segmentation and targeting  potential audiences

  • Information on customer based
  • Reading customer reviews on website
  • Statistical analysis
  • Marketing and customer relationship team


developing the marketing mix for  positioning

  • Marketing team
  • Marketing expert and designer


 Developing budget plan 

  • Finance team, 
  • Marketing team 
  • Human resources


Developing a performance matrix based on a progress report

  • Auditing committee and marketing team
  • Information on customer demand and expected sales rate
  • Decreasing rate of cancer cases 


Further implementation 

Marketing and customer relationship management team 

Reading customer's perspectives and feedback


Table 5: Budget plan and resource analysis

Performance matrix and its success

Non-cost (External)


  • Market share
  • Number of consumers complaints
  • Competitive costing position
  • Improvements of "Research and Developments (R &D)"

Non-cost (Internal)


  • "Per cent on-time delivery"
  • "Design cycle time"
  • Product design costs
  • Manufacturing cost

Table 6: Performance Matrix


The above-depicted table has created a precise concept regarding the developments of pharmaceutical industrial sectors, making wider rates of changes in the improvements of environmental infrastructures, and creating a specific range of developments of the continuous growths of future perspectives. In this context, the ultimate rates of performance have also been easily measured by the continuous development rates of technological advancements rates. Thus, the respective organisations can also be getting successful in making a wider range of developments by diminishing the ultimate range of costing infrastructures and the issues can also be easily addressed (Colling et al. 2019). Therefore, the adaptations of effective marketing strategies related to the "Market Penetration Strategy" can also develop the cultures of market infrastructure rates and make a wider range of development activities at the timing of improvements of market efficiency rates (Eisai.com. 2022). Thus, Eisai can also be improving the culture of competitive advantages by expanding the market structures around the world in a sustainable manner. 

Analysis of the performance matrix in this marketing plan is concerned with the identified cost and non-cost factors in the marketing process. Cost factors are associated with competitive cost, pricing, and relative expenditure of R&D that is associated with external components of this organisation. On the other hand, costs factors of internal factors are included with design costs, manufacturing costs and material costs in organisational factors.  In external factors, non-cost components are associated with market share, market size, market competition and customer review. On the other hand, non-cost materials in internal factors include cycle time.  Moreover, a marketing plan is concerned with identifying and analysing the budget and resources and each factor that will contribute to developing identical financial statements concerning profitability.  This marketing process can be improved by developing progress reports based on customers' reviews and customers' complaints as well as revenue returns. Return of revenue greater than investments will signify the success of this marketing plan and product launching process as well as the business expansion tactic developed by Eisai concerning the marketing of Lenvima.


 A preview of this marketing plan helps to conclude that Eisai has developed Lenvima for reducing cancer rate in UK and increase customer satisfaction through improving service concerning customers' expectations and complaints. In this aspect, using digital tools such as email, social media, and websites as well as online sources namely hospital data for exploring cancer treatments and increasing the curing rate based on current situation. 

Task 2: Justification of Report 


This report has going to explain this topic regarding Digital and Marketing Strategy in Eisai that has situated in Japan and tried to expand this marketing structure around the UK by improving this culture of Anti Cancer Meditation regarding Lenvima. It has been considered as a clarification of chemotherapy that has treated individuals with certain kinds of cancer and treated with "Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (DTC)" by improving this culture of progression. 

a.) Identification of key issues that have shaped the content of this marketing plan 

Net income statement ratio's of Pharmaceutical industries on a global base

Figure 3: Net income statement ratio's of Pharmaceutical industries on a global base

Analysing this graph it can be easily interpreted that the constant development rates of pharmaceutical markets these chances in development activities as well as these rates of customer satisfaction have also been easily addressed based on global. In the year 2001, the rates of selling structures have been transformed by nearly 39.02 in billion U.S. dollars and that has been sustainably increased by around 1,423.5 in billion U.S. dollars [Refer to figure 1]. However, in this year 2022, the rates of net income statements have sustainably decreased rather to this previous year are 265.2 in million U.S. dollars that can be created a negative side to the development of this company's welfare in Eisai (Eisai.com. 2022). At this timing of expansions of marketing structures from Japan to the UK this, wider ranges of problems have been enhanced that have not been considered as a beneficial side for this development of countries' growths. In this regard, with this constantly improving culture of excessive ranges of cost structures, these common people have not been easily affording these medicines thus these chances of satisfaction can also not be sustainably developed. In this regard, the adaptations of "Market/product development strategy" the chances of developing innovative products offering these current markets and tried to specialised these customised cultures by this creating an effective range of market ideas. 

As stated by Izzo et al. (2020), the absence of staff recognition plans and lack of knowledge of infrastructures have also increased this ultimate range of disruptions in an ineffective manner that can be helped to generate ideas in an effective manner. The absenteeism’s of a technological gap in medicines has also not been increasing this ultimate range of continuous disruptions and that has not been considered as an effective side for attracting the potential customers of these respective business environments. For instance, this adaptation of "Customer Management Strategy" this chances in development activities and created plans by growing this net income statement rates by combining a process, techniques and action plans. Therefore, these chances of boosting knowledge and accomplishments of relationship modules have been effectively developed by this adaptation of this sustainable campaign management techniques related to Customer Relationship Models and other activities. In this regard, "Social Media marketing" related to Advertisements and Promotional Mix these chances of developments activities rates have also been sustainably improved.  "Reputational Risks" have also created a negative effect of increased rates of risk factors and made negative effects on this adaptation of effective marketing entry strategy and not to getting successful creation of effective results. As stated by Colling et al. (2019), these reputational risks have been addressed this potential risks to an executive's welfare online and evaluated search results on social media by exposing this worker. Therefore, these chnaces of constant development activities of marketing campaigns and improvements of communications infrastructures can also be sustainably developed. 

b.) Justification of selected objectives of Eisai 


This respective pharmaceutical industry has tried to strive for the benefits that have provided an effective range of programmers by conducting business as well as meeting this ultimate range of needs based on worldwide segmentations. This Eisai Company has created a wider range of improvements in the multiple ranges of attributes related to the "Manufacturing, Marketing, R&D, and Distribution" sectors by creating a strong range of focus and prescribed medicines (Eisai.com. 2022). 

Vision and Objectives:

This pharmaceutical industry related to Eisai has promoted initiatives for the development of access medicines and contributions of individuals and improvements of emerging countries in a sustainable manner (Eisai.com. 2022). Thus, the objectives of this respective industry can be to promote a higher range of pharmaceutical production of products and assurances this quality and prepared compound medicinal perspectives and usages of accurate products can also be concerned with objectives and synthesized this biologically active modelling process. This responsibility of this production of new drugs and enhancements of safety and validity can also be evaluated this drugs by generating a quick recovery process. In this regard, this development of leadership ability and improvements in profit margin infrastructure rates have also been effectively considered by this constant development rates of net income activities by improving these cultures of marketing and innovations modules.  

The above-depicted figures have been considered for the creation of effective ranges of planning structures and for removing this technological gap among these workers by making n staff development plans. It has also been providing this training facility among these workers so these chances of engagement activities can be effectively developed. In this context, the Eisai company have also been adopting this culture of e-learning platforms for providing educational facility among these workers these chances of career-designed modules have also been effectively developed [Refer to figure 2]. However, these challenges have also been sustainably reduced related to supported with self developments have been treated one of them and new ranges of values can also be easily generated by the constant developments rates of networking modules and improvements in "Human Resources Management (HRM)" sectors. 

This adaptation of effective ranges "Customer Engagement Strategy" has been also implemented in this branding module and making a stronger range of interactions based on this customer's journey mapping. Thus, the chances of development activities can be decreased by this rate of challenges that can be also focused on this customer's needs and meet this ultimate range of determinations in a sustainable manner. As opined by Crick and Crick (2020), these adaptations of this "Market/product development strategy" have been changing this idea and modifying this existing product by developing the cultures of existing products. These chances of specialised market values as well as the creation of new product developments have also been sustainably developed by generating market infrastructures based on market rates. These changes in development activities in various kinds of attributes related to "Ideation and Brainstorming", "Idea screening and Research", and "Concept Developments" have been improving these cultural attributes regarding market development rates. The chances of product quality rate improvements have been finding the actual rates of markets and finding this customer by delivering this effective range of market strategies and data-driven this production process. 

c.) Justifications of choice in strategy and theoretical perspectives of Eisai 


  • Demographic segmentation: Not to create discrimination of gender and provided medicines from all over this common people
  • Geographical segmentation: Central location around this UK and various kinds of cities related to "London, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge and Canterbury" respectively.
  • Income Ratios: This respective product item can be provided among these common affordable ranges of pricing structures (Eisai.com. 2022).  


  • Size: Individuals of all age’s adults to this young generation who have suffered from these dangerous diseases
  • Reach ability: This various range of places related to Bath, Canterbury, Bristol, Cambridge, and London peoples in the UK (Eisai.com, 2022)


  • Functional and Product Positioning 

Table 1: STP Analysis


This above-depicted table has considered that market segmentations have been briefly considered into three kinds of attributes related to "Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning" that have created a precise concept regarding this development of product ideas modules (Eisai.com, 2022). These medicines related to lenvima can also be made n wider ranges of developments by improving this culture of multiple ranges of attributes related to "Costing, Ideation, Planning, Sourcing, Prototyping and commercialisation". Thus, analysing this market segment the chances of relevancy and rates of development activities of personalised consumers needs these chances of relevancy can also be sustainably developed. 

As per this view of Alkaraan et al. (2022), "Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory" has been focusing on the different kinds of attributes related to "Psychological Needs, Basic Needs, Self-Actulaisation Needs, Belonging Needs and Safety Needs". Therefore, these changes in this marketing mix have also shared these visions and made a wider range of improvements by specifying these interest rates and attracting this wider range of customers' needs in a sustainable manner. However, Peek et al. (2020) have argued that this adaptation of "Kotler's Marketing Theory" is these chances of enhancements of society's well-being and development of preserving these chances of society's well-being have also been eventually developed by this creation of effective ranges of results and attraction of appropriate ranges of targeted consumers. 

d.) Content of tactical marketing mix 

According to Moyle et al. (2019), the effective ranges usages of "Marketing Mix (Online and Offline)" have enhanced this ultimate range of flexibilities and created a positive growing infrastructures module by generating this ultimate range of values infrastructures. Therefore, these constant development rates have created a beneficial aspect by improving these cultural attributes regarding society's well-being as well as making enhancement activities based on consumers' needs. Therefore, this creation of effective ranges of segmentations based on this company's perspectives this analysis has also been critically evaluated which has also been developing this culture of flexibility and environmental infrastructures. 

Marketing Mix



This respective pharmaceutical industry related to Eisai has attracted a wider range of targeted consumers around these wider ranges of targeted customers by based on environmental analysis and the creation of effective ranges of products (Eisai.com. 2022). In this regard, this above-depicted industry has tried to expand its marketing structures around the world by developing cultures of ultimate ranges of determinations and increasing these ultimate ranges of competitive advantages in a sustainable manner. This adaptation of effective ranges of strategies "Market Penetration Strategy" has also increased the rates of existing products rates by providing the best services among these customers. In this context, this creation of effective marketing plans has been also directed at these selling rates and making a wider range of developments by this adaptation of technological implementations related to "Research & Developments (R&D)" activities. 


These respective organisations have also tried to attract this customer of oncologists around the cities of the UK by these effective ranges usages of this "Market Penetration Strategy" and increased the rates of requirements by improving the cultures of market environments. As stated by Yang and Gu (2021), the chances of B2B relations with these health functions and these chances of market implementations have also been effectively developed by meeting these essential requirements and standardisation of this culture of marketing plans. Thus, the different kinds of cities in this UK related to "London, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge and Canterbury" this market structures can be effectively expanded. 


Eisai has improved its marketing plans for provided the best services among consumers and tried to provide these services among customers in an affordable range of pricing from £40 to £120. These chances of ultimate ranges in development activities have been also implemented in this planning by setting this improvement in these pharmaceutical drugs in affordable pricing for attracting these oncologists and departments in an effective manner of the UK. 


Eisai has been using this culture of ”Social Media Marketing" and increased the use rates of Advertisements and Promotional Mix for improved this culture of selling infrastructures (Eisai.com. 2022). As stated by Cha et al. (2018), these chances of ultimate range development activities have been effectively developed by increased rates of selling infrastructures by continuous development rates of economic stability based on the company's perspectives. 

Table 2: Marketing Mix

e.) Critical success factors that have implemented strategy 

As stated by Agrawal and Prabakaran (2020), this usage of "Social Media's Marketing mix" the chances of development activities rates of infrastructures rate and these rates of engagement facilities have also been effectively developed. This proportion of social media engagements on Facebook and Instagram this targeted customers have also been getting attracted to this respective kind of marketing sectors and these chances in development activity rates have also been effectively developed. Thus, these rates of adapting techniques have also been creating an implementation of these marketing networks by improving these cultures of effective ranges of strategies networks. 

However, McCausland et al. (2019) have argued that the ultimate ranges of net income statements and constant developments rates of longer ranges of determinations have also been developed by this creation of effective ranges of branding awareness. Thus, this pharmaceutical industry can also be improving this culture of market skills and generated this ultimate range of profit margin rates leading to this improvement of possibilities these chances of workers' satisfaction rates have also been sustainably developed. Thus, the rates of this skills development process have also been effectively developed and these chances of improvement rates can also be getting easily accessed these rates of market share modules have also been sustainably developed. In this context, these chances in inventory management and ultimate ranges of production abilities infrastructures have also been sustainably developed by improving these cultures of future perspectives. 

f.) Justification of measurements tools for determination of success 



Design (Plan)

This attraction of targeted customers has been effectively considered by using this culture of promotional mix related to "Advertisements" and "Promotion Mix". This usage of effective ranges of "Social Media Marketing" the chances of development activities can be increased (Crick and Crick, 2020). 

Execution (Do)

Eisai has created a check with this operational progress and identified these "Key Performances Indicators (KPI)". These rates of development and constantly increased rates of maintenance of health professionals have been improving this culture of marketing plans (Keesara et al. 2020). 

Analysis (Check)

This company can be holding these marketing rates by gathering the ultimate range of performance rates (Izzo et al. 2020). This KPI can also be effectively monitored by identifying the accurate ranges of needs and formulations of monitored needs.  Performances can also be effectively measured by formulations of Excel sheets and deriving these changes. 

Evaluations (Act)

Eisai can be improved this culture of marketing plans and this "Board of Directors (BOD)" can also be developing this culture of marketing infrastructures ratios. These changes in skill improvement and rates of longer ranges of determinations can also be effectively developed by improving the cultures of competitive advantages. 

Table 3: PDCA Cycle


The above-depicted analysis has created a precise concept regarding the developments of marketing and digital strategies that have been based on the pharmaceutical industry related to Eisai. In this regard, the effective ranges of market progress can also be briefly interpreted by analysing the marketing mix and PCDA Cycles (Alkaraan et al. 2022). Therefore, the creation of STP analysis has also attracted the market infrastructures ratios by critically evaluating the multiple kinds of strategies related to "Market/product development strategy", "Kotler Marketing Theory", "Customer Engagement Strategy" and others. It has also helped the market sectors to increase the ultimate ranges of production abilities and net income statement ratios.



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