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Organisational Culture Of Haier And Its Relationship With Chinese Culture

Introduction - Organisational Culture Of Haier And Its Relationship With Chinese Culture

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Chinese culture

  • Chinese culture of Haier follows Confucianism and the concept implies that a network of relationships is vital in Chinese business culture
  • Chinese culture is based on values areas of loyalty, courtesy, modesty, and solidarity (Yu, 2022)
  • Typical Chinese culture maintains a goal to save their face for protecting influence, dignity, and reputation

This behavior is followed in the concerned company named Haier and it is needed to emphasise the values. The company maintains typical Chinese culture as well as decision-making procedures as Haier follows strict rules in this process.

Organisational culture of Haier

  • The organisational culture of the concerned company can be characterised by two different aspects such as specific embodiment and corporate philosophy
  • Corporate philosophy refers to comparative guidelines that are nonfigurative entirely and it based on a commitment of employees to organisations (Chao et al. 2019)
  • An untypical organisational culture of the company includes responding rapidly according to working performance

An organisational culture of the company includes certain Chinese culture as the company is a Chinese company.

Inclusion of Herzberg model in orgnisational culture of Haier

  • Untypical behavior in organisational culture can be seen as the company using Chinese culture related to long-term relationships with clients, customers, and employees
  • Herzberg's model is used in the concerned company that provides motivation to employees (Lee and Lee, 2022)
  • Hofstede's model can be used to determine different social actions and thinking of employees in the company (Researchpapr, 2018)

Organisational culture depicts certain Chinese cultures in different business performances such as innovation, implemntation of strategies, and negotiation with clients, making decisions, and others.


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