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Professional Identity And Employability

Introduction - Professional Identity And Employability

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Medical is a professional field, I have joined currently, as I have too much passion for education. Whilst studying in the makeup and hairstyle field, I was fortunate to gain my career in the makeup and hairstyle field, I want to gain employment in the field, and then I will be able to gain employment in the makeup and hairstyling industry. With this experience in make-up and hairstyle, I can easily achieve a job in this field and can be self-employed; it is very difficult to stay with the industry along with maintaining the regular flow of work. This study carried out by the department for makeup and hair industry, skills and new innovation in this field shows that 28 % growth is the main reason for self-employed in this field and people are wanting to become employees due to being financially better off, whether the 19 % people want more security in this field. Although it is the main factor to change in my career field, I feel that I can easily contribute in the field through my passion and my experiences and my knowledge, passion, and experience for the makeup and hairstyle industry to grow, all seen as important qualities to enhance the quality of teaching and effectiveness practices. I am very passionate about the effects therefore I can complete this knowledge alone with my experience to further students. This report is about exploring the field of makeup and hairstyle and I need to grab a medical role, whilst giving justification of my own choice of marketing that increases my employment opportunities.

A. Identification and justification of the sector

Which I will apply in the future is related to the specialist Hair and Media Make up sector. The sector is related to the editorial makeup and use of tools for a hair stylist and it is highly competitive in nature. Therefore, by applying in this industry I would readily like to gain success by offering quality of services to the customers and becoming a professional to promote future growth in a large manner. Hence, the industry is impressive in nature and I want to transfer my profession from my medical professionalism to the designing field with promoting effective satisfaction to the customer in a huge manner. Beside this the industry is readily dealing with the publication of designs and galleries consisting of creativity and practical experience which will help to grow my career for the future by integrating hair care and personal care in a large manner. As per some reports, there are huge opportunities in the makeup and hairstyle field as compared to other fields. That is why I have a huge preference for this field. With the good knowledge and experience in this field, I can become a self-employed person. Whilst I have experience and academic qualifications in the makeup and hairstyle field, thet is why I can also become a makeup trainer and can easily join an institute of artists. In this industry, it has a unique experience and opportunity that creates more employment in this sector (Sharma & Singh 2021, p (2))

Viable entry route for employment and progression 

It can be evaluated that being a hair and beauty professional can help me in reinventing the image of an individual while promoting effective satisfaction to the customer. Hence, I want to promote myself from the medical field to the makeup and hairstyling sector by boosting the confidence of an individual by integrating personal development in a large manner. Hence, I am proceeding with extreme hard work and compassion by changing myself with going ahead in my career by making an ever-changing hair and beauty industry on a huge basis. Greater viability has been noticed which has been accessible from the growth of this sector and it can lead to professionalism linking with hair and beauty for building a career outside salons (Walters 2021, p-2).

Searching for a job opportunity can give a strong experience and knowledge within the industry along with the medical. That can reflect my CV, I meet all criteria of good and experienced makeup and hairstyle artist of three years and I hold a degree in make-up and hairstyle. Medicine is a place that it needs to develop to increase my opportunity. In this, current era make-up and hairstyle become an essential part of humans and in the present time, there is a huge opportunity in this field. As per some reports, it has been projected that the makeup and hairstyle fields will grow hugely in the future. It has been projected that between 2018 to 2028 the makeup and hairstyle field will grow by 6 % as compared to other occupations. Whilst I have an experience of five years in this field and I have completed my study in this field that is why I can gain, better opportunities and can make a career easily in this field as compared to other fields. In the currency war there are huge options in the hairstyle and make-up field such as Bridal Makeup artist, Beauty bloggers, Freelance makeup artists, beauty influencers and make up trainers (de (Camargo et al. 2019, P105).  There are some courses that can increase my experience and my value for makeup and hairstyle courses like BTEC, VTCT and some others (Powell 2018, p-13).

Enhancing of employment opportunities

Employment opportunities are required to enhance in order to gain better prospects and future growth to promote job satisfaction and high income. Studying in a medical field to promote employment in the medical sector was a rather good experience for me. Hence, I want to shift my professional criteria from medical to hair and media make up sector to promote my dream satisfaction with meeting the demands of the customers regarding hair styling and new design elements. Therefore, in order to enhance my opportunities in the hair and media make-up sector, I am hereby taking experience courses with training of five years to gain accomplishment in a large manner. My current CV will be my first impression as a prospective employer, which will help me to get better opportunities in this field in a large manner. I am also increasing my screen skills through displaying as a photographic portfolio with enhancing me as a visual employer in a huge manner. I am also taking a course in online photography to enhance my future career growth by offering a unique opportunity by taking creative skills to the next level (Screen Skills, 2022, p (2)).

B. SWOT analysis as per my skills, Development, and opportunity

S- Strength

W- weakness

? I have five years' experience in the Hairstyle and makeup artist field

? I have a higher academic qualification in the designing and medical field

? I have a welcoming personality and better listening skills

? Lack of proper communication with clients is my major weakness

? Lack of getting proper health insurance can be a major weakness

? Lack of proper time management with managing random visiting clients

O- Opportunity


? I this field there are lots of opportunities

? I have a opportunity to become a makeup trainer

? Opportunity to be a beauty blogger and influencer with the help of my study

? As per reports in makeup industry hugger job opportunity as compared to other field (Goel, 2019, p-3)

? lack of regulation in this industry can also create a threat in my future prospects (Mohammed et al. 2018, P-50)

? Irregular marketing myths can also lead to create a threat in my progressive career de Camargo et al, 2019, pp.(104))

Table 1: SWOT analysis

(Source: Self-Developed)


In order to analyze the makeup industry by the SWOT analysis, I have concluded that the makeup industry has a big opportunity for beauty influencers and makeup artists. On the other side it have some threats and also some weakness, in order to weakness I have lack of proper communication skills and health insurance related issue and also lack of proper time management for visiting random clients. In the industry, it has some threats like lack of regulation in this market and huge usages of chemicals in the making process of makeup kits and some marketing myths. In order to my strength, I have experience of five years in this field and have academic qualification of makeup and hair artist field. I have good listening skills and a welcoming personality.


It has been concluded from the above analysis that I need to focus on certain goals and objectives to enhance my career opportunities in a large manner. Beside this, I need to improve my communication and time management skills to become a professional hairstylist and makeup editor in future. Hence, I readily need to display my technical skills to get better employment and progression in a large manner. Hence, professional business cards have been integrated into this study and as a prospective employer, I have left an impression by adding my CV and photography pages through my Integral links so that customers and employers can visit my professional online website. Beside this, I am also committed to network in the professional platform within my sector of education to being in touch with the other community of this media and make up industry in a large manner.


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