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Reflection on Learning And Development

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Introduction: Reflection On Learning And Development

Reflection on learning and development is like seeing into the mirror and evaluating someone's self. The assessment helps to gather knowledge about technological innovations in construction. The research helps to understand the significance of innovation in keeping a healthy environment. It is a process of assessing someone's own effectiveness and it also helps in developing and improving the skills.This report aims to reflect on the learning and development process is to add perspective about why learning and development is important. In this report, the reflection on learning and development is discussed by using the Gibb's model. Reflecting always helps in analyzing the process of doing something rather than just doing the things. The aim is to question own self and answer at the same time. Questioning own self about the job. It makes a student more aware of their doings. It entitles assessment of the 'why' and 'how' of the learning procedure. Reflective questions must include about own strengths, weaknesses, and what kind of other skills can be acquired. Through this what would be the ultimate achievements. If there is any problem what is the solution. Reflective writing is a critically essential element to any kind of study of learning. In the beginning it would not seem very easy because assessing someone's own job is not easy. It doesn't matter the problem is at home, in study or at work. It would become easier with daily practice and ultimate result could be a more cheerful and more methodical. It would help in improving those areas which are less effective.

Reflection on learning and development

Description - Reflection on learning and development makes a student more efficient about the job that is done by him or her. It also improves the student's self-awareness about the job and also about the habits that have formed. Being aware about someone's own habit always helps someone to improve their present condition. That present condition can be at work or in study. Just like many perspectives, reflecting on learning is completely individual task to perform. Reflection improves the thinking process and also analyses how it would affect the study (Adeani et al. 2020). It also gives judgments and making a conclusion about the present condition as well as the upcoming condition.

Feeling - During the reflection the mental condition would become a little tough. It is not a very easy task to perform. In the initial days it feels little embarrassing and unnecessary. The process is all about questioning own self. Questions like "Am I doing right or wrong?", "How can I improve", “Why It’s not happening?" etc. When someone starts in the beginning it is frustrating. It is not easy to point out on own self. It is just like standing in front of the mirror and enquiring owns self which can demoralize in the beginning. But reflection is a thing which needs to perform.

Evaluation - Evaluation shows the judgment about the work that is done by the student. Before reflecting very often the students seem to be unconfident about their job role or about their study but after assessing their own job they generally become more confidence. That confidence can be seen through their work as well as their communication ways. They feel more apprehensive simultaneously nervous during or in the beginning of reflecting (Markkanen et al. 2020). But after the burning in reflection they become stronger such as iron. Pure iron is soft in the beginning but it become stronger when the other elements are mixed with it, especially carbon.

Analysis - Reflective means what is the thought of a learning matter and what is the thought process of that matter. Analysis is all about the experience that any student or anyone has gone through. And what are the good things that has happened during reflecting (Alam, 2022). It also includes what are the ultimate learning outcomes.

Conclusion - According to my perspective conclusion on reflecting on learning is all about the content and the procedure. It includes both recognizing the importance of the ideas and investigating all the strategies that are taken by for a successful analyzation.

Action planIf any person is perplexed in a situation and finding a solution for that purpose it is necessary to reflect on the learning process especially for a student it is critically important (Logan et al. 2021). This problem solution thought process would definitely help in building career and also helps in having a clear goal in life.

Continuous Improvement

Reflection is not a thing that can be fixed in just one or two days. But it is an exercise that should perform on a daily basis. The reflective study helps to understand the significance of future implications of constructional tools. The learning materials help to provide knowledge about the key benefits of 3DCP and improved suitability, automation speed as well as added design freedom are a few examples of benefits. The phrase is absolutely true in this case that practice makes a man perfect. In the beginning it might seem little difficult, or boring or may be little embarrassing in assessing someone's own work. This practice would help in continuous improvement. Reflection delegates the deep thinking process that can lead the continuous improvement. Continuous improvement does not have any pre-decided ending point. It's a never ending process. Continuous improvement is meant to be focused on the short-term goals and responsible discussions about own strengths, weaknesses or progress.

There are some principles in continuous improvement. Firstly if there is any problem student has to stop in fixing the problem and need to be more focused in improving through daily practice. In that case the best exercise is the one that is already done (Shakman et al. 2020). It is critically important in order to grow. The change in behavior towards the work and also about other aspects is needed to be done. And last but not the least failure is the ultimate pillar for growth and success.

Continuous improvement is able to help a person to create a particular routine that leads to the progress. The routine is about the timings of everything and it can save more time in a day. That extra time can be used in other creative works. Creativeness always improves a person from distinct aspects of life. Continuous improvement can happen through continuous or daily mistakes. The mistakes need to be identified and be compelled to perform accordingly. In overall it helps in modifying a system in learning as well as in life that brings ease in everything.

Reflection of Presentation

I continuously learn about technological innovation in the construction industry and it helps me to improve my inner skills. It sets goals and helps to achieve knowledge in a continuous process. I have worked on it last week and I have analyzed it thoroughly. It is a futuristic model, from which every single student would be benefited.

I felt this process of learning can be a self-assessment tool, it can enhance the ability of learning and also develop an altogether personality with the help of learning.

The study and the research on this topic went well. I learn about the importance of construction for the country’s economy. Extension, reconstruction, rebuilding, modernization and maintenance are important parts of my study. The experience of research and analysis is up to the mark. The process of this study magnifies only the good side of learning and thinking better. I would try to work on limited information and would try to choose a limited topic at a time to work on.

The research went well as I took my school and teachers as my informants; also I researched information technologies, design programs, communication as well as wireless technologies. The most important area of my research is to gather knowledge about BIM or mod information modeling. I gathered information and studied it thoroughly to understand the techniques. It could have been done well if I started my proposed research regarding this topic earlier.

I can develop my public speaking skills by starting to practice at the home by myself only. Several books can also help to take basic information. If it still becomes difficult I would create a note on a selected topic and would memorize it, when memorization would give me the confidence I would be able to deliver it successfully.

Personal Development Plan

Academic Skills to Develop: Plan to Develop Skills Future Implementation
Time Management A specific time can be allocated for a project, and by briefing the work and fixing time for every activity in a whole day, time management can be achieved It would help a student to analyze professional decisions based on ethical values along with relevant time. It also creates appropriate construction discipline in student communication, and it helps a student to learn management skills in a multidisciplinary project within a brief time (Hilliger et al. 2020). Time management helps a student to learn life skills as well.
Problem-Solving Have to think critically and question every probability related to research or learning. The student has to go to the root of the problem and then apply simple logic or formulas, and then it should go further along with the problem. The innovative and interdisciplinary attitude of problem-solving ignites a student to have an original perspective of knowledge. The problem-solving technique can engage with industries and other powerful communities to directly explore world-class construction education (Namoun et al.2019).
Communicating Result Has to keep an attitude to learn everything that comes along the way. An interdisciplinary view can help it further; also learning different disciplines can make a student potent in communication. It would help to grow a democratic perspective in future learning as the student and the teacher are equally involved in a process and both are trying to extract the best output from a study model. Undoubtedly it builds confidence for a student as the teacher is willing to participate in his/her original thoughts and contribute some element to it or reshape it with some additional references (Myung and Kimner2020). It would help a student to grow and believe in himself.
Technical knowledge of construction Technical knowledge helps a person to make his job successful and decision-making can be easier with the help of this skill. The knowledge about building model technology and usage of 3DCP help to improve the quality of work. Technical knowledge improves problem-solving skills on construction sites. The other workers get influenced by this type of skill. It would help to increase the confidence level and complicated work can be easily solved with the help of this skill. The significance of 3D printing and its usage in future can be fixed by a good technical knowledge base person (Lameijer et al. 2021). The importance of sustainability in designs and its importance for the future can be properly understood with the help of this skill.

Table 1: PDP plan


The purpose of the report is to gather knowledge about innovative technologies for construction. It helps to make an overview of prospects in future studies as the continuous improvement process brings clarity to a student's understanding. It also fulfills a student's expectation regarding learning, brings accountability, enhances the ability of self-directed learning, keeps on helping to grow further, and improves the learning process among other people. It helps in developing skills, knowledge, and attitude that can help a student to carry on further, also the self-assessment tool which is an integral part of the learning helps a student to assess oneself in a particular curriculum throughout the year.

Reflection is important as it brings out one individual's research method, analysis, and learning. It develops skills and makes an effective change in the learning procedure. It is also about questioning existing propositions and breaking dogmas. It creates a positive impact on learning. It's also about questioning the present method and suggesting other methods for the future.

The project is about understanding the learning procedure related to various techniques. In this report, various tools of learning are discussed. Gibbs's model of learning is analyzed and discussed in this report. How the learning procedure can be enhanced, self-improvement along with lesson planning and the teacher-student equation can be put in a better place by a model of learning, is discussed in this report. Tools like student relationship engagement systems or risk management models can be used in an educational institute as these tools bring the best out of a student.

It can be said that the result is definitely promising and can be used in various educational institutions. Understanding the process and implying it in a practical field can also bring different reports. This research focuses on all the required fields related to learning and educational institutions. There would be also other plans in the future but enabling education through continuous improvement would keep on helping schools, institutes, and individual students to learn better.



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