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Preparing For Success At University Knowledge And Creativity Portfolio

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ARTEFACT 1: New Features of MS WORD (RM Unify version)

Dictate Function

This new dictation toolbar feature in MS-word exposes settings like auto-punctuation and features like draggable enabling an individual to move it around. Bulk changes can be made via CSV file and co-authoring is another important feature, using it colleagues can work on the same document and can change matters quickly in seconds in the RM-unified web page. This feature also supports iPhone, Android devices and other text-based programs (Pcmag.com, 2022). 

Immersive Reader

It is an important feature of MS Word for delivering options for a comfortable and process experience by allowing an individual to listen to the text and adjusting text appearance by modifying colour, spacing and more (Support.microsoft.com, 2022). This feature consists of OneNote Learning Tools for increasing the reliability of the content in OneNote documents with proper text options, font size, crowding between letters and background colour-changing options. 

50-words reflection

This feature developed my employability as there are many features available that help me to make PowerPoint presentations, letters and Excel. I have used the Immersive reader feature to make activities by adding colour and clip art and writing in various fonts, which make life easier. As RM unify is the landing page for all students and opening an internet browser MS word feature is designed to help students in improving their reading. 

ARTEFACT 2: My Personal SWOT Analysis(as a student of BNU)



  • I have strong communication skills and efficiency with technology.
  • I positively knew when I return and deliver something back
  • Able to forge deeper relationships with priority organisations
  • Easily distracted and get nervous while understanding digital learning technologies
  • Procrastination and impatience
  • Not able to increase the volume of education while maximising research potential



  • Clarity on key corporate messages which helps in maintaining positive stakeholder relationships. 
  • Transformative leadership knowledge helps in maintaining culture, creativity and an exciting future. 
  • Having knowledge of coding which helps in constructing software development. 
  • I have to appear for an entrance exam, which I am sacred of to get admission to the college that I want. 
  • In order to invest in our success needs to become more commercial as this field is highly competitive. 
  • Having a lack of skills in operating wider community groups

50-words reflection

The University is known as the School of Science and Art which required a good knowledge of technology in completing courses in Commercial Pilot Training. The course that I am doing at this university is "Policing and Award-winning Air Transport" with Commercial Pilot Training that requires digital learning technology and a patience level which personally I do not have. In order to do so, the above table shows all my strengths and opportunities of mine for developing my future career. However, weaknesses and threats show specific areas on which I still need to work. 

ARTEFACT 3: My Personal Development Plan (to become an employable graduate after 2024)






Easily diverted and get nervous while comprehending digital learning technologies

Internship and working on a demo project

Companies' online learning platform

6 months

July 2023

Procrastination and impatience

Meditation and following a good motivational leader

Social media platforms such as YouTube or any social media app

1 Year

December 2023

Maximising research potential is also necessary for increasing the volume of education I am also unable of. 

Try to focus more on self-study by taking help of note-taking activity

Books, social media app

6 months

August 2023

50-words reflection

It is important for me to work on my personal development plan as a weakness can create a negative impact on my future employable career. An effective resource is required to work on weaknesses within a proper timeframe. 

ARTEFACT 4: Paraphrasing Log 1


The Value of Formative Feedback



Formative feedback in sharing draft work for lecturers, significant advantages for the progression of an individual at the London School of Science and Technology (LSST) is needed. The blog consists of many advantages for obtaining formative feedback. In developing knowledge, monitoring performances, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and building confidence lecturers consider formative feedback and recommend some improvements before submission (lsst.ac, 2022). The study-summarised ways with the lecturer for providing formative feedback and these were verbal, email, video and audio. 



lsst.ac, 2022



lsst.ac, 2022. The Value of Formative Feedback Available at: https://www.lsst.ac/blogs/the-value-of-formative-feedback/ [Accessed on: 20/12/2022]


50-words reflection

After going through the entire blog, In my opinion, I can say that regardless of what method an individual chooses, records of those are required to be available at any time. In the form of formative feedback, improving academic performance for an individual is better as it is considered a valuable resource. 

ARTEFACT 5: Paraphrasing Log 2


When the LSST student becomes the lecturer



Overlooking the stunning shared, lecturers have significant volume in observing how much their students achieve as graduates. It is important for an LSST student who became a lecturer to celebrate student development committed, and value learning by collaborating with all staff and students in an equal manner. The blog examines the newly appointed LSST lecturer and can trace his passion for lecturing, as he just loves people who listen to him and are in the spotlight all the time. 


lsst.ac, 2022


lsst.ac, 2022. When the LSST student becomes the lecturer Available at: https://www.lsst.ac/news/when-the-lsst-student-becomes-the-lecturer/ [Accessed on: 20/12/2022]

50-words reflection

In my opinion, I can say sound-lecturing practice is important for a lecturer as it upgrades all students' attention where they actually require and deliver teaching styles as well. Believing in oneself is also important to become a good lecturer and deliver learning continuously. 

ARTEFACT 6: Resources for Job Hunting(Linkedin.com)



LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the World that works on the internet, helps to find suitable internships and jobs, easily build and boost professional relationships, and helps to learn different skills that will prove to be important for achieving career success in future. 



Help to build and boost professional relationships.

There is a risk of theft of identity.

Help in skill set promotion to larger audiences. 

It is time consuming network.

Help the employers and employees to get exposure and getting employment. 

There are huge amount of spam messages.


LinkedIn is a professional network that helps to connect people, promote skill set to broader audiences, and provide exposure to the employers and employees. However, using this platform raises the risk of identity theft and receiving spam messages in large amount.


I think LinkedIn is a very useful networking platform for the job seekers as this platform provides opportunity to promote the skill sets. I will certainly prefer this platform as it helps to build and boost professional relationships that is an important factor for career development.

ARTEFACT 7: My Favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes

Bucks Graduate Attribute

Importance of the attribute

Investment in sustainable growth

It is important for a student to ensure sustainable growth and University contributes to it by enabling continuous investment. 

Collaborative and Entrepreneurial partners

In getting benefits regarding financial activity, Bucks Graduate attributes to contribute continuously. This is my other favourite graduate attribute as maintaining a relationship with collaborative partners is needed. 

50-words reflection

In order to contribute to my employability, having proper knowledge of attributes is important as it develops active learning skill and contributes effectively to leadership skill, and management skill. 


Academic Resources

Name of the Academic resource

A short description of the resource



1. Module Handbook

It is course syllabi that are generally issued by educational institutions or universities to the students or the learners.

Provide an overview of the learning objectives and content of the particular course or all courses.

Incorrect assemblage of components of learning module can lead to misconception about the course.

2. Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes

PowerPoint presentation is the compilation of the topics of learning that are deliverable in a short period of time. Speakers notes attached with PowerPoint slides help the presenter to recall crucial points and messages during the presentation delivery.

Provide graphical and visual representation of learning module with important point to remember during presentation.

 Provide easy accessible compilation of learning module can make the students lazy and less motivated.

3. University E-Library

E-library is a resource of text data, sound, motion video, graphics stored in the form of digital knowledge.

Easily accessible at any place in any situation

Some digital text or elements have subscription fees for access that could be expensive for students.

4. Coursework

Course work is the evaluation work other than final exam that is assigned and performed as a part of any particular course study

Helps student top prepare of the final exam evaluation during the course study itself in an efficient manner.

Students tend to give minor attention to course works because it has no weightage to the final evaluation.

5. Coursework Guide and video guides

 Course work guides and video guides provide additional material to study for understanding the coursework pattern and the steps to adopt in order to complete the course work.

Provides an overall view of the course work and help to gain the idea about the course work and steps to complete the coursework successfully

Makes students lazy and students tend to copy each other work

6. Coursework Template

It is a way of creating interaction in e-learning process.

It is very time-saving and easy to use.

It has limited selection of tools and limited flexibility about containing various elements.

7. Samples of previous submissions

It is a representation used as an example to help the students to gain idea about course work that are done previously

It is helpful to provide idea about the structure of coursework and assignments

Let the students to easily access the previous works makes them to copy paste the work and there is no gain of reflection and self-knowledge about the course and course work.

8. Formative feedback

Formative feedback is provided during the assessment course to evaluate the gain and gap knowledge that is assessed in the course.

Students gain opportunity for improvement before the final evaluation.

Do not provide the actual level of learning or knowledge gain.

9. Summative feedback

Summative feedbacks are provided after the completion of entire course about the knowledge and skills measures that any student gain during the whole course.

It provides the actual level of learning or knowledge gain.

It can demote any student or break confidence of any individual.

10. Turnitin

It is an online detector of plagiarism that is the similarity between the work and assignments of the students with any published writings or each others’ works.

Made plagiarism easily detectable.

Sometimes students can be accused wrongly.

11. Lectures

It is the presentation of huge amount of information regarding the topic of the courses.

It allows communicating the interest that is intrinsic about a subject.

Students are tend to be passive during lectures as it has no mechanism to make sure if the students are engaged intellectually or not.

12. Tutorials

It is the session of teaching of course.

Enables the learning in a time independent manner.

There must be high density of tutorial presentation because the content is self contained.

13. Group work

Work, done in group as a part of assignment learning.

Allows sharing views of each other.

Chance of distraction.

14. Academic Support Team

An instructional method helps to accelerate the learning progress.

Allows additional help in learning process.

Can make students lazy and de motivated.


Module Handbook, University E-Library, Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes, Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes, Tutorials, Group work can be useful for the process of learning.


According to me, lectures, tutorials, group work and university e library are the most effective method of learning and can be helpful inorfer to gain knowledge during the course learning.


Examples of Job Description and Personal Specification (screenshots)

Caption: Template of job-description

Caption: Template of personal specification

IN-TEXT CITATION: Standout-cv.com,2022

IN-TEXT CITATION: Template.net,2022

FULL References: Standout-cv.com,2022 Job description templates Available at: https://standout-cv.com/job-descriptions/job-description-templates [accessed on: 20/12/2022]

FULL REFERENCES: Template.net,2022 Personnel Specification Templates Available at: https://www.template.net/business/personnel-specification/ [accessed on: 20/12/2022]

This is the visual representation of job description and personal specification.


: Blog – How to Prepare for The Future Job Market?

Artificial intelligence and technologies of automation will disrupt the market of labour significantly in future because of the growing inequality in the economy and mass unemployment for the technology implementation as automation and AI will definitely rise questions about the capability of the production of workers (Frank et al. 2019, Acemoglu and Restrepo,2019).

New opportunities can be made available by strategic partnerships and entrepreneurship with the help of investment and government incentives.

A circular economy and the creation of green jobs are also potential areas of job opportunity (Sulich and So?oducho-Pelc, 2022).

The preparation includes proper training and innovation of increasing productivity at work (Siswati et al. 2022).

Artificial intelligence and technologies of automation will disrupt the market of labour significantly and Circular economy and creation of green jobs are also potential areas of job opportunity. For that proper training is important to increase the work productivity of individual.

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