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Development of learning a case study 

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In This case study information about the situation and the educational support process In the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology will be examined. These schools must equip students with good skills and Knowledge. Intervention might be implemented in a school. After all, the schools need to concentrate on the various interventions because it gives a chance to the schools to find a way to serve their students who need help.

Every Child Matters (ECM) or HCAM) is an initiative of the government launched in 2003, Every Child Matters includes the children youngsters of the age 19 or 24 with physical issues. According to ECM, every child should be provided all the facilities they need irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Learning issues or needs have a very great impact on learning. For example chronic absence is a big problem so there should be developing conditions for learning that help in improving the results of the students. This can be improved by reforming the policies and leadership. Student attendance and conditions for learning can be improved by the Schools and educators. Learning issues impact learning. The learning process involves Problems and difficulties. Challenges in the learning process are hardly detected. increased use of digital technologies and improving the Infrastructure Students are provided with these facilities. But due to this Teachers are unable to provide personal guidelines, support and feedback to the students. Thus they are not able to solve the problems of their students. Intervention Involve the pupils who select some learning ways which is suitable for Increasing the reading levels.

 This Reader intervention Involves pupils gaining knowledge by reading a book. After this, students are advised to do Quiz online related to their syllabus and personality development. These tests help to improve and progress. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the major Interventions. Due to the low achievement levels of the schools quality education is important in the Thomas Jefferson High School. According to a survey It is found that the literacy rate for 9 to 11 years of age is less than 18% in the Northeast population. various steps are taken to boost the literacy rate.

Provide information on the context, including support staff

Those schools that are Intervening in learning are more updated and advanced in providing the facilities of learning to the pupils. In these schools, pupils take admission from all over the world with a variety of economic backgrounds. And has about 2000 pupils. These schools provide

Well-Maintained Toilets, good Ventilation and Air Quality, large Space and Size of Classrooms, large Playgrounds and Sports Facilities, Open Air Theatre, Acoustics and Noise, Lighting, and Temperature Control.

Provide information on the learning issue or need itself

As emphasised by the EEF Shoaib (2021), some of the learning issues are not well educated and experienced Teachers. Most of the teachers are great at what they do, but mixed up with all the characters of the good are bad. Here is always a Discipline Issues, Lack of Funding is also a great problem. Inadequate Student Motivation, Over Mandating, Poor Attendance, Poor Parental Assistance, and Poverty are some of the noted issues. The problem of regular absence from the school, weak finances, unrecognized visual and hearing issues are also some of the problems faced. According to "The National Literacy" literacy is 'the ability to read and write, to increase networks and communication skills.

Provide information on your indicated literature 

 The literature below will provide government legislation and policy in consideration of the intervention.

National curriculum: study programmes in English GOV. The UK.

Available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum England-English-programmes-of-study (Accessed: 5 November 2020).

 National Literacy Forum published Policy papers

Available at: https://minedu.fi/en/-/lukuliike-innostaa-lukemiseen-ja-vastaa-taitojen-heikentymiseen

The school's education Policies

 The literature below will support and initiate the need for learning and the importance of academic development.

    • Hamroyev, Hasanova, A.M., 2021. Methods of teaching 1st-grade students to use writing tools effectively. Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR), 10(1), pp.168-174. Available at: https://elearningindustry.com/training-needs-of-employees-identify-ways-start

Provide Information on your methodology

The methodology is a system of great practices and complicated or sometimes simple procedures that a teacher uses to teach. Some of the methodologies must be Restate the thesis or research problem. Explaining the approach chosen, Explaining the uncommon methodology used, Describing how the collected data be used, Explaining the methods to be used to analyze the data that I collected and Evaluating and justifying the methodological choices made.

researchers mainly methodology like quality, quantity and mixed methods. These vast categories include a variety of options and more specific methods, such as case studies, and reporting by yourself.

Ethical considerations

For this study Ethical the University of Sunderland has provided the approval. The teaching mainly consists of four basic values like dignity in personality, truthfulness in talking, highly responsible and free. Whereas Professional ethics is an informative box, which provides facilities to the teachers to provide quality and genuine education with good learning skills and values to the learners. Ethics keeps on reminding the teachers to understand their profession as a teacher and work accordingly (Rynes & Bartunek, 2017).



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Silalahi, J., 2021. The Effectiveness of the Cooperative Problem-Based Learning Model in Learning Statics in Vocational Education. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURNCOAT), 12(3), pp.3020-3027.

Zhu, A.Y.F., Yu, C.W.M. and Chou, K.L., 2021. Improving financial literacy in secondary school students: An randomized experiment. Youth & Society, 53(4), pp.539-562.

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