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Business Practice for Complementary Therapies – iUCT34

Mission Statement

Write your mission statement (this should be a short statement – 10-20+ Words)

The mission statement provides to “remove pressure in individuals’ lives and build a praising change”.

Describe how you came to this and what it means (90 words min)

It provides relaxation to people suffering from pain and stress. Moreover, it provides a relaxed environment. The therapy improves the range of motion and circulation and offers a preventive lifestyle with the help of services provided by the spa in a professional manner. Getting valuable feedback from the customer's side I came to this and after getting the hospitality from their side I was fully satisfied as they healed the body. 

Market Research

What are the aims of the research? (90 words min)

The aim of the research is to enhance understanding and encourage an all-around sense of well-being and leisure. Message is a treatment which soft tissues and muscles in the body and that enables that relaxing, reciving and healing the body of customer considered as the main aim for conducting this marketing research.

Using manual hands on the manipulation and movements of the tissues which are soft healing and enhances the overall well-being of a person. 

How are you going to achieve this? (90 words min)

Rolle therapy always provides customised therapy to remove headaches, muscle tensions, and knots, and enhance range and flexibility. Complementary therapies have a significant role in the well-being of all individuals and it is one of the useful tools in this field which can deliver the goal of marketing research (Londonschoolofmassage.co.uk, 2022). 

What are your results? (90 words min)

All the patients will witness progress in their muscle cramps after the treatment and they will feel relaxed (Sedigh et al. 2022). Therapy provided relaxation against all the issues like stress, depression, headache and muscles related issues. All the customers developed holistic perspective which not only benefits the treatment but also relaxed both spirit and mind.

Conclusion (90 words min)

It is concluded that body massage is very effective as it always helps to become relaxed when people are dealing with any type of stress. Rolle therapy is very effective as it offers a customised remedy to decrease muscle stress. Apart from that, there are different types of massage. Fixed and variable costs are really expenses and using the VTCT complementary and sports and fitness applied in the form of beauty therapy as well.

Competitor Analysis

It is important to appreciate your Competitors, as you will both have a common interest and fighting for the same business.

What type of businesses are you competing with? (90 words min)

One body massage, deep recovery, wellington Deep LLC and Allen massage therapy. Apart from that message like advanced message, sports message, reflexology, Thai message in which patient are treated by some specialist. Patient education and bodywork also delivered by this business in which appointments are easily conducted.

List of Competitors


Their Services

Operating Hours


Are they busy?

One body massage

Provides an unusual combination of therapeutic massage, patient education and bodywork (Massagetherapyinlondon.co.uk, 2022).

9 am – 6 pm Monday – Fri

Body massage approx $50 for 60 mins

Appointments are available easily

Deep recovery

Provide neck and body massage and also provide hair cuts

 9 am – 6:30 pm Mon & Wed 9 am – 12 pm Fri

Relaxing massage: $45 20mins $55 45 mins Back, shoulder & neck $100

They had daily basis customers

Allen massage therapy

Head massage, full body massage, meditation and crystal massage

9 am – 6 pm Mon – Wed, Fri Thurs 9 am – 8 pm Sat 9:30 – 12 pm

Preg body $120 90 mins, Full body massage $130 80 mins neck, Back & shoulder massage $60 40 mins

Few appointments are open on weekly basis

Wellington Deep LLC

Trigger point, Sports, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue (Massagetherapyinlondon.co.uk, 2022)

By appointment, 9:30 am to 6 pm Mon – Fri.

$80 60 mins, $150 120 mins Concession price available

The online booking method outlay the successive two weeks were mostly full

Table 1: List of competitors

Premises or Work Place

Once you qualify, you will need to consider where you are going to operate you business. There are several options such as:

  • Home
  • Rented Rooms – Sports club, Spa, Health Centre etc.
  • Own business premises
  • Home or Office Visits


  • How convenient is it?
  • Will it give a professional feel?
  • Can you expand in the future with more rooms etc.?
  • Will you own or rent the premises?
  • How much control will you have in the operation of the place?
  • What legal or permit requirements are there?

Premises or Work Place (90 words min)

Rolle Therapy is a laid-out kneads treatment that mainly focuses that offering a scope of cautionary and remedial back rubs. The middle has also materialised a great standing throughout contemporary years, with the group that mostly cherishes their affirmation to proficient and standard administrations consistently.

Corporate Image, Brand and Logo Design

Having the right look is important if your potential Client’s are going to be attracted to your business. Your business must look respectable, professional and reflect your intention.

Think about how you want people to view your business, consider:

  • Business Name, what will your call your business?
  • Logo or Image, will you have a logo, or just a name? 
  • Colours, what colours will your business be?
  • Business Stationary, what will your business cards look like?
  • Working professional uniform, will you wear a branded uniform? What will it look like?

The following Logo or Photo or Graphic represents my business brand or image…

Rolle therapy logo

Figure: Rolle therapy logo

Additional Services, Products & Prices

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You may decide to offer more than one service, to increase the appeal to you Client’s.
List your additional services and additional products here, and add the prices too.

Additional Services


 Full body massage 60 min


 Back and neck massage - 45 mins


 Shoulder massage 20 mins


 Hot stone massage 60 min


Table: additional service

Just offering services may not generate enough revenue, or you may want to sell additional products, such as skin care, essential oils, and books. List any additional products and their prices here.

Additional Products


Additional Products


 Solid massage bars


 Towel set


 Massage oil

 $50 for 75ml

 Gift vouchers


Massage books


Table: products table

Finance – Start-up, Fixed & Variable Costs

What costs are going to be involved in setting up the business?

Fixed Monthly Costs / Expenses

Variable Monthly Costs / Expenses





Water rates – the percentage of the flat




Postage of products 




Mortgage ratio on insurance and flat


Natural materials such as towels, oil, candles and disposable covers.


Table: Start-up Costs
Fixed and variable costs are really expenses. Examples of Fixed costs are: Your salary/wages, rent, rates, business council tax, staff wages etc. Examples of variable costs are: Electricity, postage, laundry for towels/bedding/uniforms, occasional staff, massage oil etc.

Start-up Costs





Business street sign and permit


Advertising and promotions like flyer format and structure and print drives


Reception desk




Register my business


 Massage supplies like headrest, candles, table, music system, oils and disposable covers 


When you’ve added up your fixed monthly costs and your variable monthly costs, how many treatments do you have to sell to cover your costs and make a profit?

Treatments per Month

No of Treatments

Treatment Cost

Monthly Income

Monthly Expense


30 per week


110 per month



$2528.00 approx 

$1883.00 approx

Staffing Requirements & Employment Opportunities

Consider if you will require additional staff for the business you have in mind.

What about using occasional staff or part time staff?
Will you require a receptionist?
How will you manage your bookings?
What about an Accountant?

Staff Requirements(90 words min)

Occasional staff always helps in lower associated prices with more significant flexibility. They provide help to the organisation by doing useful work and with loyalty.

Will you require a receptionist?

Receptionists always provide assistance to personal clients and they are a crucial part of the firm. The receptionist manages all the bookings and issues that are happens in the organisation.

How will you manage your bookings?

Provide them with a proper slot by online booking facilities and pre-booking facilities. Different types of offers will be provided to attract customers. Well-established neck and back massages will be provided for pre-booking customers.

What about an Accountant?

An accountant assists the organisation by managing all the financial records and they are also responsible for the tax-related issues to easily resolve. Accountants must be needed in the firm with having some experience in the financial sector.

S.W.O.T Analysis



? High-quality therapy

? Reduce stress (Levada et al. 2019)

? Same-day cure

? Trade experience and skills

? Huge initial price 

? Badly organised SEO tags

? Lack of an established

? Location issues that are usually faced by individuals



? Lack of online interaction

? Few costs (Massagetherapyinlondon.co.uk, 2022)

? Growth of substitute offerings like osteopaths and physiotherapists

? Emerging technology

? No borders to conducting trade from home

? Multiple ways to promote and advertisements 

Table: SWOT analysis

In this swot analysis, Rolle therapy companies strength, opportunity, threats and weaknesses are mentioned. An analysis is very effective for understanding the threats and opportunities and working on them. Strength might be it can help to reduce the stress level easily with the help of a huge standard of therapy. Apart from that, the threat is also mentioned and the company might resolve the issues that came across the threat section to perform better in the trade market. Rolle therapy must work on their weaker section to make them effective for the growth of the organisation. Lack of online sourcing is the main threat they are facing and few costs are also the major reason that might affect them in a bad way against their trade. Additionally, Emerging technology is the main opportunity section and there must be various ways to upgrade and advertisements their services in the entire UK.

Risk Analysis

Threats & Weakness

(refer to S.W.O.T)

Estimate Risk

High, Med, Low

Manage Risk

How will you manage the risk?


How often?

 Financial issue


The utilisation of record keeping, economic administration brief understanding and accounting in a proper way help to handle the risk 

Annually inspect the trade

 Service offering


Useful offerings will be driven as exact as potential on all collateral as sufficiently as informally so consumers understand what to desire (Koff et al. 2021).

Customer satisfaction and full refund prefer

 Lack of resources


 Firm must use different types of products like towels, candles, experienced therapists(oil massage workers).

Daily stock sharded will take establishment


In this risk analysis, different types of risk that might face by the Rolle therapy are mentioned along with the mitigating strategies and their estimated risk. Moreover, a risk matrix is also utilised during different types of risk assessment to explain the various level of risk that might come in front of the organisation by evaluating the type of likelihood and probability against the rigour of the consequences. The financial issue has a high impact and service offering is having a low impact. Additionally, the financial issues must be inspected on yearly basis.

Marketing & Publicity

How are you going to promote your business? Consider the following:

  • Flyers
  • Talks
  • Website
  • Buy 5 get 6th free
  • Vouchers

The following Photo, Graphic or Chart demonstrates my ideas for marketing…

    • Flyers


    • Talks


Official website of Rolle therapy organisation: https://massagetherapyinlondon.co.uk/

  • Buy 5 get 6th free

Providing an offer like buy 5 and get the 6th one for free is an effective step that has been taken by the organisation. 

    • Vouchers


Additional Professional Services

Consider selling or providing other services to enhance your business and increase your revenue.

Additional Services


Cost of Training / Production

Cost to Clients

 Solid massage bars



Massage oil


$30 for 50 ml 

Towel set



Gift vouchers 



Legal Requirements

Outline the legal requirements for setting-up or running your own complementary therapy business. Include links to websites that demonstrate your research into the legal requirements

Legal Requirements (90 words min)

To mainly operate the trade legally in the UK,organisations must have to contact the council of the UK government for a premises licence (Gov.uk, 2022). Additionally, if the company is executing an installation for massage or some different therapy, then it might involve: “chiropody, massage, light treatments, heat and vapour treatments and manicures”. In most of the part of British nations, companies require a separate license.

Security and Data Protection

Consider your response and planning to comply with the legal requirements of data protection and security. Include links to websites that demonstrate your research into the legal requirements

Security and Data Protection (90 words min)

Companies at the starting stages of making strategy and planning journey help to identify the different key members and also recognise the threats that might be resolved within time. Data protection and security in health care services is a required quality that can provide loyalty value to the health organisation. Rolle’s Therapy is a UK-based health provider organisation that includes support in reducing stress and pain in people. The product and services provide a higher value in the popularity factor of this organisation. In addition, along with quality products and services, this organisation considers a high range of security and data protection service in it to maintain quality in the business process. The UK government's rules of data security and privacy include authenticity in the data security part of this organisation. Data security rules consider changes in the security toolkit from April 2018 as the country considers DSP Toolkit as a new data security tool (Assets.publishing.service.gov.uk, 2022). In addition, the government also includes 10 data privacy standards to reduce data breaching issues in the country. Therefore, the health sector needs to perform authentic service by maintaining data privacy standards of the country to maintain data security and privacy protection of the organisation.

The NHS contract also provides effective guidelines to maintain the data security process in the health organisation. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) consider IT services to maintain data security processes and consider GP IT services to benefit more in the data protection processin the health organisation (Assets.publishing.service.gov.uk, 2022). The government of the UK considers an upgraded version of the data security process as the government includes a beta version of the data protection toolkit to cover a quality data security process in the health organisation. Therefore, this entire rules and technology deliver support to Rolle’s Therapy to maintain data security and data protection in the business process.

Customer Service and Communication

Consider how you will ensure good customer service and how you will communicate professionally.

Customer Service and Communication (90 words min)

Customer profiling

It always helps the organisation to understand their customers and their requirements. Most firms utilise this process and recognize the clients based on their “behaviour, demographics, environmental and psychographics factors” (Gov.uk, 2022). Moreover, clients might be from the identical age group but they live in separate geographical areas. Customers will be attracted to the therapist because therapy makes individuals relax and reduces their stress and muscle cramps.



Assets.publishing.service.gov.uk, 2022. 2017/18 Data Security and

Protection Requirements Availbale at: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/675420/17-18_statement_of_requirements_Branded_template_final_22_11_18-1.pdf [Accessed on: 20/10/2022]

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