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1. Introduction: Designing And Managing Research Projects Assignment

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1.1. Research background

Market research is a mysterious force that has the power to propel tendencies and enterprises ahead. It has a significant influence on our daily judgment, as well as keeping the engine of the organization turning in the direction of advancement and wealth in today's densely populated world (Dwivedi, et al.  2021). To succeed today, the communication profession has seen significant changes. Day by day various changes have been coming to bring new technology in the world of marketing. Artificial intelligence has brought new conceptions in the market of the retail industry as well as a new concept of innovation is yet to come in the future. Commercial and basic food companies are using digitization, centred on smart manufacturing. The implications are far-reaching, with a slew of potential outcomes. Technologies that were otherwise inconceivable from shipping are routinely rerouted to avoid adverse weather (Singh,  et al. 2019). The purpose of this research is to examine the advantages of using AI in the retail market by Tesco, as well as make the elaboration on improvisation on business-to-business customer’s communication.

 1.2. Research context

Many retail brands in the UK have already taken the initiative of the use of artificial intelligence as well as the usage of AI has been increasing day by day in the huge amount of ways. As per the report of the National Retail Federation in the retail industry, almost 80 percent of usage depends on artificial intelligence. Almost 40 percent of companies are committing that they already are involved in AI in their company to make their ways easy and become prosperous (Campbell,  et al. 2020). As per many companies in the UK, companies are getting more benefits from artificial intelligence as well as it is also very important for any company the usage of artificial intelligence gets more benefits. In the UK the retail industry is striving to make the customer relationship better by buying various methods as well as different analyses.

1.3. Research aim and objectives

The main aim of this research is to analyse the emergence of AI in the retail industry of the UK and how it has impacted sales generation (Saura, et al. 2021).

The research objectives are

  • To analyse the impact of AI in the field of retails marketing.
  • To recognize the implementation of AI how the business to business communication is able to increase its sales.
  • To evaluate the impact of AI in retail markets on the UK as well as the few recommendations for the better usage of Artificial Intelligence (Saura, et al. 2021).

2. Literature review

2.1. The emergence of AI in B2B Customer Communications

Artificial intelligence has created a massive impact on the business world, especially in business-to-business commerce and B2B interaction. As such, AI has a huge positive impact on B2B interaction systems, such as improving communication systems by enhancing appropriate communication systems, as well as enabling AI to play a very important role in bringing more sales and products effectively and efficiently (Bag, et al. 2021). AI is bringing the same ways of business that the previous business structure has been growing with the higher quality of productivity. Corporations use machine intelligence to predict a dealer’s demands for evaluating products online, which may enhance B2B commerce as well. This allows all buyers to easily purchase products and place orders for a variety of consumers from various segments. Currently, companies are allowing consumers to "advertise by implication." This is enhancing the B2B communication system.

2.2. Impact of AI on sales generations

The impact of AI-generated sales has been huge. Through this, it can be possible for the company to increase its sales as well as with better productivity. The main positive side of A1 is that it can be used to reduce the workload of a company while also motivating the workers through reduced work. This is very essential to generating sales in several ways, such as through this it is possible to achieve the targets of huge production with minimal time. As artificial intelligence can reduce the work pressure of the workers in a smarter way, this provides relief to the workers. However, in the future, the scope of the A.I. will increase the salesperson’s effectiveness through simplifying often repetitive or minimal jobs and by setting up alerts and notifications when specific tasks are completed or limits are exceeded (Gupta, et al. 2020).

With the help of alarms, the dealer is able to understand the requirements of the sale, and at the same time, the salesperson's ability to understand the requirements of the customers and present always do the thing that customers are instigating. With the help of AI, companies are able to cope with the needs of the customers, which enable them to help the company to generate sales. Through this, it is also possible to check the consumer's needs by checking the history so it is easily helped to assume the facts of the consumer’s needs. So as of now the result of the survey can be stated that artificial intelligence has the ability to increase sales with the help of more innovation, productivity as well as success (de Jong, et al.  2021).

2.3. Concept of B2B Customer Communications

Business-to-business communication stands for the best, especially tools as per their design to meet the needs of the consumers as well as the company itself. They are able to assist the consumer in resolving their query through these tools. A few tools for B2B communication, such as dropbox, help scout, and so forth. This work depends on the efficiency of the team. To survive, promptness is needed. Sometimes, it depends on the company’s background as well as the sales volume of business to give the appropriate and timely responses to consumers. Business-to-business communication is the most vital part of any business because ethos will ensure the reputation of the company, which is very important for any business (Battisti, et al. 2022). A few things that need to be followed, especially in business-to-business communication, such as there is a greater demand for individuals to still be amazed. The possibility has been raised that deals are frequently worth a lot of money.

Several aspects need to be followed in B2B communications, such as the need to give an appropriate resolution rather than a quick resolution. For customers, there must be numerous steering gears, having various steps of interaction, numerous levels of expertise, and frequently varying levels of technological understanding. As per the study, customers are always eager to connect with the human touch rather than artificial intelligence. However, the study also states that almost 80% of consumers choose connectivity with the human touch. This is due to the fact that A.I. can provide faster responses than human beings. So, it is always needed to have the touch of a human in B2B communications (Mohajan, 2018).

2.4. Structure of the retail sector in the UK

In the industry of the retailer market in the UK, a few businesses have been continuously successful since the past few years, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and so on. As per the various reports, the UK retail sector has a huge consumer base with a huge volume of sales. In the retail industry, it primarily takes a company’s finances and serves the stores where consumers have to get quality products as well as appropriate services. In the year 2015, $34 billion was spent in the retail market (Zangirolami-Raimundo, et al. 2018). The majority of the money spent in this market is done so in both online and physical stores. Later, spending huge money on the retail sector, another small amount of money is generally spent in the sector of the food industry and so on. For the last few years, the UK’s retail market has faced major pressure due to the closure of individual shops for several reasons, such as the increase of online shopping, the growth of grocers, and a small economic downturn in the years of 2008. For many years, the retail industry has generated over $180 billion in production annually. According to various reports, the retail industry is the most prominent industry among others that brings a huge amount of economic growth every year in the UK (Basias and Pollalis 2018). However, because of the slower economic growth in the years that followed, it was difficult to save money in that particular year. Two aspects in the UK, such as the trend of economic output as well as the final condition of retailing markets, are connected with each other.

2.5. Research gap

All the information which is included in this paper has been collected from various journals as well as various eminent websites. To research appropriately, it is possible to take the information from various secondary sources, such as verified websites, which can provide accurate information as well as help to understand the situation through the contribution of artificial intelligence. Compared to today's situation, artificial intelligence will be the thing that brings the most significant changes. However, this research assistant has a few assumptions that could lead to changes in the retail industry in the future.

2.6. Research questions

The study aims to look into the key information related to the study gap described earlier in the whole assignment. Such questions are

  • What will be the future of the use of artificial intelligence tools in the UK and how can artificial intelligence tools perform better in the business-to-business communication system?
  • What will be the implementation plan for the B2B communication system that brings changes to increase business profits in the UK?
  • Which implementation plans can bring more human involvement and touch on artificial intelligence in the UK and what will be the limit on artificial intelligence?

3. Methodology

Research methodology represents varieties of concepts such as the practicality of any research. On the other hand, research methodology is a way to represent any research by analysing the dataset to fulfil any research aim and objectives. Such as where data needs to be collected, who will do the research, the procedure of collecting the data as well as the procedure to analyse the data (Babii, 2020).

3.1. Research philosophy

Research philosophy refers to the hypothesis, understanding, and character of something like an investigation during research periods. It is concerned with a certain method of information literacy. The factor that involved issues or concerns was since investigators found the nature of the reasons as well as the positivity about the issue. Research philosophy can play a very important role, such as defining the viewpoint of the whole scenario. In this research, as research philosophy, positivism will be used. Positivism is an ideology concept that holds that only "based on fact" information obtained from experience, including measurable, is reliable. The author’s function in positive investee litigation is to obtain the necessary information as well as dispassionate evaluation (Yolyan, 2019). On the other hand, this method helps to conduct this analysis as that of an impartial observer who spares themselves from personal convictions. The study outcomes in these kinds of projects are frequently apparent and quantitative.

3.2. Research Approach

Research approaches play an important role in fulfilling the objectives of the research. The main motto of the research approach is to analyse the data overall, information gathering as well as the distinctions across qualitative approaches in particular. There are many parts of the research approach, such as the positivist paradigm, the interpretive paradigm, and the inductive research strategy. The major difference between induction and deduction techniques is the applicability of theories to the subject (Prior and Keränen 2020). Deductive techniques promote the conduct of unique ideas as well as a generalization, whilst methodology analyses the accuracy of premises in mind. The inductive and deductive investigation, at either extreme, comes up with surprising facts or brainteasers and devotes the entire study method to explain them. A deductive approach can be done through the appropriate path, so long as you first go through with the theory for that particular study. After analysis, the theory, then it comes to a hypothesized thesis, then the procedure comes to observation, and then it comes to rejection.

3.3. Research method

Research methods stand for the method of collecting data that is needed in the research procedure. The research process is divided into two approaches, such as the approach for gathering secondary research and the approach for collecting primary research. Secondary data is easy to obtain with various sources of information, such as in journals, magazines, and various websites (Gustafson, and Pomirleanu, 2021). However, in this research process, there might be chances of limited information as well as appropriate information. Therefore, the adoption of such a suitable list of criteria to choose quality sources is generally used in this analysis, with the main purpose of improving academic conformability (Zaif, and Cerchia, 2019) . Through secondary data collection, it is also helpful to find as well as cost-efficient to collect. On the other hand, primary data collection requires more effort and time than secondary data collection. It takes a long time to research, and there is no summary of this data, but it is unique and appropriate for the research.

3.4. Research strategy

Research strategy stands for the unique process of research that helps the researcher follow a few directions to fulfil the aim of the research. This procedure helps in any research to follow the appropriate steps and complete the whole procedure systematically. A research strategy may include a variety of topics such as issues to consider, study objectives, or the measure of accessibility. On the other hand, the investigator has access to a variety of tools for research as well as the conceptual foundation of the research. There are several methods of the strategy that are included in the research strategy (Nenadál, et al. 2021). The research strategy for qualitative helps to find non-numerical data in the data collection procedure. The purpose of the quantitative research strategy is to identify the relevant things from the research that has taken place.

The research strategy of analytics also helps in various ways in the research procedure, such as finding out the connection between two objects. The research strategy of actions helps out with the current problem inappropriate ways. On the other hand, research strategies that are interpretive help to find actual problems that generally come from the experience of human beings (Saura, et al. 2021). Research strategy plays a vital role in conducting the whole procedure of research systematically. This will enable the facts to make the research appropriate by labouring as well as give appropriate focus on each and every matter. Research strategies will be able to help find the appropriate usage of AI in the communication of B2B procedures.

3.5. Time horizon

To do the research at this particular time of three months to research this topic appropriately, The implementation of the concepts needs to be done at the appropriate times for their outcomes. To achieve the desired outcome on this topic, it will be necessary to pay close attention to each and every detail.

3.6. Research techniques and procedures

As the time given mentioned above it are needed to conduct the whole research procedure within periods of time as well as to bring appropriate resolution. The research techniques will be conducted through an analysis of the retail industry (MAKAROVA, et al. 2021). All the questionnaires will be done as well as conducted online with the help of various social media sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on. Also, this can enable us to share more of these questionnaires with others if they are interested to share for the implementation of better results.

4. Conclusion

4.1. Ethical consideration

This procedure will be done after the end of the online survey guide with professional issues in mind. Also, to make the survey appropriate, it will be done between the ages of 25 and 35 for most retail workers who are ever related to the retail business in the UK. All the information collected will be safe and secure in an appropriate manner. In particular, in the research paper, the name of the person who has given his/her details needs to be mentioned in order to identify the facts. The people who will be interviewed will be treated with respect and dignity (Yolyan, 2019). All the information which has been collected for the survey is true, as well as the information collected from secondary sources. All the information which has been collected from various sources such as journals and magazines will not be misused in any way. All data are true as well as from verified sources that give appropriate information as well as fulfil research objectives properly.

4.2. Limitation

In spite of all the research, a few limitations are taking place, such as all the research being based on primary information that will be good for the whole research. If the service were conducted offline, it would be more beneficial as well, as in that case, it would be possible to assess the mind-set and concepts of the people (Prior and Keränen 2020). That will add more essence to the information to make the research prosperous as per its needs. One more limitation that they also have is that if the project is based on primary sources, there will not be any chances of having the information.

4.3. Implications

Communication is a very important part to improve the company’s bottom line and help in the growth of the business. B2B transactions are held between two companies. It is important because every business needs to buy products and services from different businesses for the growth, operation, and launch of their own products.

A B2B company can increase their sales with a less number of high-value deals. They offer higher switching costs and satisfy their customers with services and products. They accelerate faster delivery for buyers and they target enterprises across many industrial areas to build potential in a large market. B2B organizations give advertisements of their products online that make it easy for their clients to place orders through an effective digital transaction model.

5. Research Timetable

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Selection of research topic

Literature review


Conduction survey

Data analysis

Concluding the proposal



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