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Human Resource Management

1.0 Introduction - Human Resource Management

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Training and development are a very important practice in an organisation and this serves the employees with knowledge and skills which is very important for them to develop. This also helps the company to make a proper workplace and serves the employees’ motivational and moral approach to the company. The training and development sessions have various benefits and serve both employees and the company with growth factors. According to the video “Arsenic and Old Lace”, this is a very important factor for the company. This report discusses the importance and role of training and development within a company using Kolb’s learning cycle. This report also discusses a training plan in a retail company.

2.0 Kolb’s learning cycle

“Kolb’s learning cycle” serves as a better idea about the factors of experience and knowledge gain. This theory is helpful to serve as a base for training sessions and serves a better idea about important growth factors (Chiu, 2019). This theory serves as an idea about new concepts and helps to develop experience in different situations. This theory applies to any flexible factors and this can be used in training and development sessions as well (Wallace, 2019). One of the important factors of this theory is that the theory can be applied to any situation and it serves as a better platform to gain knowledge.

According to Kolb, four stages are there in the learning cycle. These stages are described below-

2.1 Concrete Experience

In this stage, the learner gains a proper experience of any job and topic which makes the learner interested in the job. The learner can have a new experience or a new interpretation of an old experience.

2.2 Reflective observation

In this stage, the learner can reflect on the experience in existing knowledge and this helps the person to gain more knowledge. The learner can relate the situation with outer sources.

2.3 Abstract conceptualisation

The learner gets a proper idea about the topic and it helps to make new and modified ideas for the learner. This helps to improvise the topic.

2.4 Active experimentation

The learner involves in experiments with this new idea and reflects the idea on the topic. This helps the person to gain practical knowledge and works as a tool of development.

3.0 Benefits of trained workforce

This is very important for any organisation to have a proper training session for the employees to make a better workplace (Bastone, 2021) Training sessions help the workers to gain knowledge about their jobs and serves a better idea about their responsibilities in the business organisation.

Various benefits of a trained workforce are there. Some of the benefits are as follows-

3.1 High Knowledge

The employees of an organisation or the students of an institution can earn more knowledge through training sessions and this helps them to make a better ideas.

3.2 Increase job satisfaction

Training and development sessions help the employees of a company to gain knowledge and this serves proper job satisfaction (Montepare, 2019). This helps them to achieve success in their careers.

3.3 Identify and maintain skill

These sessions are helpful to make a better idea about the skills and competencies of the employees and serve them a proper understanding of their potential. The employees can make better development in a career using this.

3.4 Increased innovation

The training and development serve the company with more efficient employees and they can have a better innovative approach to the career. This helps the employees in their career and they get betterment in the company.

4.0 Role of training in an organisation

Training and development sessions are important to the employees in any company and this helps to make a better idea about the job (NF, 2019). This also serves the employees with more efficiency and helps the company to be productive.

Various roles of training and development are there in an organisation and this serves the company with utmost benefits. Some of the roles of this are as follows-

4.1 Standardisation

Training and development sessions serve the company to develop a proper idea about the production of the company. The employees follow a proper standard and this serves the company with more efficiency.

4.2 Flexibility

The training and development process serves the company trained and experienced employees which helps the company to make a flexible workplace (Roberts, 2018). The workers can function remotely by applying the knowledge that they have and the company can make a proper working conditions.

4.3 Public relation

This also helps to connect the employees and serve their chance to make teams. This helps the company to have a better ideal workplace and maintain the organisational culture.

4.4 Reduces supervision

A better training and development session helps the employees to make a better idea about their responsibilities and they can function without a trouble. This serves the company with less need for supervision.

4.5 High economic value

Training and development serve the employees’ knowledge about their responsibilities which serve them better efficiency. The employees can make a job with less effort and thus the company can have increased productivity.

5.0 Training plan

This is very important for the employees to develop their skills and knowledge within the company and the training and development process helps them to grow. However, the training and development process also must be planned so that the employees can gain proper knowledge and grow sustainably. A proper training and development plan for sales employees in a retail business organisation is shown below-




Responsible person



Communication skill

Group discussion between the employees within a given topic.

Proper trainer.

Proper space

HR manager

2,000 to 3,000 Dollar

7 Days

IT skills

Theoretical lecture on IT equipment.

Practical IT-related session

Theoretical paper on IT.

IT equipment.

IT professional

6,000 to 7,000 dollars

10 Days

Basic knowledge of the company

Video sessions on company history.

Theoretical lectures.

Important documents on the company.

Video and projector.

HR manager

3,000 to 4,000 dollars

2 Days

Table 01: Training and development plan for a retail organisation

(Source:  Created by the learner)

6.0 Conclusion

The video “Arsenic and Old Lace” serves a better idea about training and development. This is a very important approach in a company and serves proper development. This report found the importance and role of training and development within a company using Kolb’s learning cycle. This report also found a training plan in a retail company.

7.0 References

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