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Mace Group's Commitment to Codes of Practice & Professional Standards

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Introduction: Mace Group's Commitment to Codes of Practice & Professional Standards

The anticipated conduct, activities, and attitudes of professionals within a given industry or profession are outlined in codes of practice and professional standards. These rules are intended to uphold and encourage very good expectations of responsibility, morality, and professionalism. Healthcare, schooling, legal, technology, and finance are a few examples of sectors that have standards of ethics and practice behaviour. One of the main reasons behind conducting this study is to shed light on the topic of codes of practice and professional standards and how it are maintained in a company.

Professional organizations or governmental authorities frequently create codes of practise to outline a structure of acceptable conduct for their participants. Those standards frequently contain precise guidelines, beliefs, and norms that govern how experts in the field should behave themselves (Gilman, 2015). Industry ethics, on the contrary hand, are much more detailed and give a clear description of the standards of performance, conduct, and competence that apply to professionals in a given subject. These requirements frequently include topics like expertise, practical experience, and continuous professional growth (WHO, 2017).

In order to conduct the research, the company that has been selected is MACE and how codes of practice and professional standards maintained by this company will be discussed in detail.

Main body

Overview of the organisation and the type of business

A multinational building and consulting company with headquarters in the UK is called Mace Group. Since its founding in 1990, the business has grown to rank among the biggest construction companies worldwide. Project and program management, building delivery, budget consulting, and facilities management are just a few of the services provided by Mace. The Shard in London, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, as well as the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore are just a few of the prominent works that Mace Group has finished around the globe. In addition, the business offers consulting services to other sectors, such as healthcare, transport, as well as educational. MACE usually grouped under the worldwide building and consultancy organizations (Group,Mace , 2023).

The roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved

Workers, customers, shareholders, manufacturers, governmental organisations, as well as the surrounding area can all be considered as stakeholders in MACE Group UK. The following list of roles and duties for each stakeholder are discussed in the table below:

Stakeholders of Mace

Roles and Responsibilities


Workers of the MACE Group are expected to work attentively but professionally on undertakings as well as to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the business.


Customers of MACE Group must express business goals and requirements openly and supply all essential data and resources, and promptly pay for services received.


Shareholders in MACE Group are obligated to contribute money and assist the company's objectives and plans.


The MACE Group expects its vendors to deliver premium goods and services on schedule and at a reasonable price.

Regimental bodies

Governmental organisations are tasked with enforcing certain laws and collaborating with MACE Group to assure consistence (Huse, 2015).

Moral and ethical responsibility

The moral obligations of the organisations

The Mace Group UK has various social duties being a building as well as consulting firm that it must maintain. These commitments are founded on morality, civic conscience, as well as ecological sustainability.

  • Security: The Mace Group UK does have an ethical duty to protect the lives and property of all of its workers, subcontractors, and anyone else who might be impacted by its activities. In order to avoid injuries and damages, Mace should offer a secure and healthy workplace, adhere to safety guidelines, and put in place the necessary safeguards.
  • Reasonableness and variety: The Mace Group UK has an ethical constraint to treat its representatives and workers for hire decently and fairly, devoid of separation in light of race, orientation, religion, or some other component.
  • Responsibility for the environment: The Mace Group UK seems to have a legal imperative to reduce the harm that its activities do to the surroundings. The business must use recycled products, minimise trash, protect the environment, and advocate for fuel efficiency.
  • Transparency and accountability: Disclosure and accountability are virtues that The Mace Group UK must uphold in all of its business dealings. The business ought to be accountable for its activities and decisions and disclose pertinent information to stakeholders, such as employees, clients, and shareholders ( Millett,Jason, 2023).

Why are ethical behaviour important?

Maintaining ethical behaviour plays a very important role is shaping the development of both company and its employees. Whenever people or firms behave ethically, they earn the trust of others. Those whom people trust are more inclined to cooperate with or conduct business with them. In addition to this Interpersonal associations among people, companies, and societies are fostered by ethical behaviour. A more tranquil, effective, and supportive society results from this (Geeta, 2016). The Mace Group UK places a high value on ethics since, being a development and consulting group, it makes a big effect on the neighbourhood and surroundings where it works. The Mace Group UK values moral conduct for the following reasons:

  • The company's achievement is contingent on its ability to cultivate and uphold the trust of its customers within Mace.
  • Mace'sethicalcultureguaranteesthathealthregulationsareadheredtoandthatprojectsarefinishedinafairandsecureway.
  • By fostering ethical workplace conduct, Mace respects the rights that its employees have (Reynolds, 2021).

Leadership and corporate governance

Importance of having strong leadership and corporate governance

For a company to succeed and keep a good reputation, consistent corporate governance and management is essential. It's especially true for Mace, a multinational construction and consulting firm that does business in a challenging and changing environment. In light of the high threat environment in which Mace works, company law makes ensuring that the business abides by all applicable laws and regulations crucial. This reduces the possibility of legal problems and reputational harm. Trust is developed between Mace and its constituents, including its workers, owners, and users, through powerful leadership and corporate governance. Interested parties are more willing to invest in and conduct business with a company whose leaders they trust and who they perceive to be conducting themselves with respect and honesty. Making wise and knowledgeable judgements that will advance the firm requires a strong leadership team. To make the best choices, leaders must have a thorough awareness of the market, the company's strengths and weaknesses, and the industry.

How does Mace contribute to a good corporate governance

Mace can enhance business governance in a number of ways. For example, with its expertise in the building and consulting sectors, as well as its understanding of industry norms, Mace could offer specialist guidance upon the best practises for company law. Mace might assist businesses in making sure they adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and standards of conduct, in addition to their own organizational policies and processes. By doing this, regulatory and ethical risks may be reduced. Mace can help enterprises in being open and honest about their activities and results, especially through reporting and transparency. This can increase investor confidence and improve the professional image. Last but not the least Mace can assist businesses in fostering an ethical culture, especially by educative and training initiatives. By doing this, the business can function honourably and in the greatest interests of everybody involved (Agyemang, 2018).

Professional bodies and codes of conduct

Bodies help enhance professionalism within the organisation

Professional bodies mostly dedicate themselves to the advancement of practice and knowledge of professionals through the process of regulating, supporting, developing, and promoting professional standards for ethical as well as technical competence. Some of the most proficient professional bodies in the United Kingdom include the institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Royal College of Nursing, The law society, and so on. Although these institutions belong to a wide array of different sectors, however, they prudently help in the professional development of an organization by vibrantly lubricating the aspect of Human Capital Management (Alkendi, 2017). The different professional attitudes as virtualized training that are provided in these professional bodies allow the employee to develop its support and enhance their professional portfolio, thereby increasing their weightage and performance at work employee is always an asset to an organization. These professional bodies also help in upskilling and reskilling employees to make them meet the current trends of the industry (Shaukat, 2021).

The importance of the standards set by the professional bodies

Professional bodies like the CIOB, RICS, ICE, and RIBA aim at setting ethical and technical standards in an organization. The purpose of the same subscription sure that these standards are enhanced, maintained, and met throughout the career of a professional. The holding and meeting of these standards allow the generation of public trust within an organization. Apart from that, professional bodies also help in the development of events and networking, work experience as well as job opportunities, professional advice, lobbying the specific interests of the designated sector, accessing relevant certification for professional qualifications, and finally accessing information to lubricate the avenues of sector-specific resources. Professional bodies, such as the ones that have been identified, have three primary objectives. The first is to serve public good, the second is to serve the interests of the people that have been working in the particular profession, and the third is to advance a particular profession (Green 2015).

Explain the importance of codes of conduct with organisation

Every company, along with the Mace Group UK,needs codes of conduct. Below mentioned are some of the reason through which it can be understood why codes of conduct are essential for Mace:

  • Ethics: A code of conduct aids in establishing the moral guidelines that staff are required to abide by. This could cover policies for dealing with potential conflicts, graft and corruption, and other moral dilemmas that might occur at work.
  • Conformance: A code of conduct aids in ensuring that workers abide by relevant laws, rules, and standards. These may involve rules for data protection, health and safety regulations, and other legal obligations.
  • Integrity: A code of conduct aids in establishing expectations for employees' conduct. This could involve rules on just how staff members ought to behave around one another, how they ought to appear, and how they ought to act in conferences and other official situations (Reynolds, 2020).

Discuss how code of conduct's and professional standards have been incorporated within the organisation

The Mace Group's code of conduct covers topics including ethical behaviour, health and safety, environmental stewardship, and adherence to laws and regulations. It also specifies the company's beliefs, principles, and expectations of its employees. The company's website makes the code of conduct accessible to the general public, and training and induction programmes are used to make it known to all employees and independent contractors. In addition to this, The Mace Group is dedicated to making sure that all of its subcontractors and suppliers uphold the same moral and professional standards as its own personnel. The business has created a code of conduct for suppliers that outlines what it expects from them in terms of things like labour laws, human rights, environmental protection, and moral conduct. All suppliers are informed of the supplier code of conduct, and it is mentioned in all contracts and tender documents (Reynolds, 2020).


So, from the overall study it can be concluded that it can be said that the purpose of the report has been achieved as because how code of practice and professional practice is maintained as well as selected within the company Mace. It has been well explained in the study that for different stakeholder Mace has created different code of conduct and professional practice system which they need to follow while getting associated with the company. In addition to this various concept related to both the notions has been gained well and for the future study it will going to help a lot in understanding the topic in a more better way. Overall, the entire study has helped in making understand various underlying principle related to maintain and selected codes of practice and professional standards in Mace Group UK.


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