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Introduction Of Orientation for Success in Higher Education

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Right skills are very important to make sure that there is right working so that there is higher working and understanding. There is higher knowledge and improvement when there are right theories which are involved. Skills have to be developed if they are lacking and to find that out there must be good analyses of self in order to make sure that there are right measures which are being taken in the future. I have skills to improve and by having the right method I would be able to develop them effectively. Theories and analogies like Tuckman theory for team working and Vygotsky’s theory for academic reading skills are going to be discussed in the further report so that there is a better working.

Skills Analysis

The skills which I have selected are team working, academic reading skills and time management skills which are very important for all the individuals as well as for me. When the skills are right only then there are better standards (Tucker and Hemphill, 2018). The following report is going to discuss the factors which are very involved for skills and problems which can rise as well.

  • Time management skills

Time management is a skill which helps the individual be able to complete the tasks in hand by being organized. Time management is very important for the individuals to have so that there is a better result and achievement which they can have. Principles have to be present to make sure that there is higher working and there has to be good working and understanding. Scheduling has to be done of the working in order to make sure that there is higher performance that can be developed (Botha, 2021). There has to be good measurement and improvement that has to be done for being able to get time management skills. The confidence level and development of an individual is going to be higher as well when there are right skills which are involved.

  • Teamwork Skills

Team working is working together in a team which is going to make sure that there is an achievement that is present. Team working is important for an individual to have since there would be a lot of pressure on an individual when there is no working as a whole and the tasks are also not going to be completed (Douglas, Rogers and Ahuja, 2018). Tuckman has given a theory for team working which is having five stages which are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. This is why everyone is going to be involved in the decisions and planning which is taking place in the business or any element which requires a good team working. Involvement of all individuals is very important to make sure that there is a good working that is present.

  • Academic reading skills

Academic reading skills can be developed by an individual when they are aware of the importance of this factor. It is very important for the individual to make sure that there are right tackling which is going to be present in order to make sure that there is right education. Vygotsky’s theory of Learning is going to create guidance for the skills so that there is going to be an improved development that is present (Ooms, Werker and Hopp, 2019). Knowledge has to be gained effectively so that there is a better cognitive development and imagination playing also has to be there in order to make sure that there is improved working that is present. This method would make the individual be able to have a higher understanding and confidence well for themselves which is good for future goals and aims achievement.


From the above essay it can be analyzed that the skills which must be present in an individual are present in me but there has to be good brushing which is important. Skills are present in all but they have to be brushed or new learning and open mind is very essential to make sure that there are right skills and understanding that is present. Developing the right skill is going to make sure that there is good improvement and working that is going to be present and that is important for the individual to have. Skills like team working and time management is going to remove the pressure which is present on an individual to make sure that there are right actions and improvement that is present.

Word count: 750 words


Botha, J., 2021. I think I can, I know I can? Success orientation in adult learner academic self-directedness. South African Journal of Higher Education. 35(2). pp.42-55.

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Planned Action

Completion Date

Team working skills

The plan of action for team working is goal setting and good distribution of working. It is essential to have good problem solving solution as well to make sure that there would be higher performance.

3 weeks

Note taking skills

Selective keys words have to be written down in a notebook so that there is a better understanding for later. Notes have to be well elaborated later so that there is a better space which is going to be present.

5 weeks

Time management skills

Prioritizing the working and work in hand has to be present. Multi tasking must not be done and proper scheduling must be done so that there better outcome. Having a set schedule is very essential to make sure that the goals and aims are well achieved by the organization. Getting organized and unnecessary tasks to be avoided which is a very important factor.

4 weeks

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