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Professionalism In Health And Social Care

Introduction- Professionalism In Health And Social Care

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  • The main aim of “person-centered care” is completely based on the development of the particular health outcome of an individual.
  • “Patient-centered health care” helps in the improvement of the proper allocation of different resources (Catalyst.nejm.org, 2022).
  • The person-centered healthcare helps to increase the skills of the clinicians and the healthcare workers.
  • Enhancement in the reputation of the service providers is also done with the help of this type of study.
  • This particular care increased different financial margins throughout the whole care system.
  • The poster in this particular case study represents the benefits of this care in the health industry.
  • Different issues are also associated with this person-centered care; “Lack of transparency” is also a part of this care system.
  • The term is mainly used in the “self-explanatory” matter in this poster as a result it can create some confusion among the reader which is the negative impact of this poster.
  • The poster is completely based on the benefits, issues, and total concept of person-centered healthcare, and the key concept of this whole poster is based on Self-Awareness (Experience. Care, 2022).

2. Outline the concept of person-centered care

The outline of “person-centered care” is completely based on the fact that a person can improve their health with their care without the involvement of the health workers or any other professionals who are associated with the health care system. The concept of “person-centered care” affects the different ways of thought processes and also the responsibilities that are mainly performed by the different medical staff (Park and Cho, 2020). The care system is completely based on the patient who is taking the care. The concept of this particular term is completely based on the needs of the patients. The concept deals with four principles that are beneficial for the recovery of the patient.

  • According to theH.O., person-centered healthcare is “Empowering people to take charge of their health rather than being passive recipients of services (Park et al. 2018).”
  • There are four types of principles associated with this particular healthcare system.
  • “Respecting the individual” is the first principle of this care system which helps to identify the unique qualities of the patients and also the personal values of the patients get attention (Van Haitsma et al. 2020).
  • “Treatment of the people with dignity” is the second principle, which involves proper communication with the patient properly and respectfully.
  • “Proper maintaining of confidentiality” is also a principle of this study. This principle helps in the building of trust and a “productive relationship” with the patients and the health workers.
  • “Understanding of the experiences and the goals” is the last principle that is associated with this particular healthcare system.
  • There are lots of benefits of this person-centered health care system which is helping the patient in speedy recovery.
  • Except for the medical needs, the “emotional and the social needs” of the patients are fulfilled with the help of this person-centered health care (Lee et al. 2019).
  • This particular healthcare system helps in the development of a better environment for the patient as well as for the professionals who are associated with the healthcare system.

There are some different kinds of approaches are present in society that is completely associated with person-centered care. These approaches are used in different manners for example, in mental health facilities and the health care facilities associated with the nursing homes can be described with the help of these approaches. A particular amount of values and principles are in these approaches. Some approaches which are related to this healthcare system are as follows:

  • Making some proper communication with the patients rather than talking about their mental as well as physical situations.
  • Proper planning for the individuals for their mental and physical development is also a part of this approach.
  • These approaches are also associated with the focusing skills of the health care professionals on the abilities of their patients.
  • This type of healthcare system provides support to a particular individual rather than the overall benefits of the healthcare system (Corazzini et al. 2019).

“person-centered Care Planning person-centered Care Planning” represents the proper care-giving methods that require a lot of strategies and planning which is beneficial for the “risk analysis” of the patient. During the planning stages, the opinions of the patient are mainly taken into consideration. The proper application of the communication methods is mainly implemented

With the help of proper planning and strategic planning are helpful for the development of the health care system. Overall the planning strategies are properly implemented if the communication between the healthcare workers and the patient is done properly. Overall the proper planning will ultimately benefit the patients and also the health care providers.

3. Outline the role of the Organization

The assignment is wholly based on the key factor “self-awareness” and for that reason the most important organization that plays an important role in residential care and nursing homes, where residential care and nursing home care is taken as the main organization. Some of the importance of this residential care as the organization is as follows:

  • Residential care” facilities are mainly used for the long-term process of the treatment and the therapy which is mainly dominated by “biomedical making (Lou et al. 2018).”
  • The concept of Person-centered care represents the main approach which involves the satisfaction of the patient’s needs and also the desires of the patients are solved with this proper planning.
  • Changes in the culture help in the proper implementation of these strategies which are mainly representing the patient-oriented health care system.
  • Some different elements associated with the cultural changes are “resident-direction, home atmosphere, the close relationship between residents, staff empowerment, quality improvement processes”. These factors represent that nursing home care and residential care deal with the mental and social health care of the patient where the implementation of the concept of “Self-awareness” plays an important role in this patient-centered care (Health management.org. org, 2022).
  • In the “Resident-centered systems” some important details like the “life story interview and the document, proper pReferences of the patients” are taken by the health care workers for the proper planning and the understanding of the mental situation of the patient. These details will ultimately help in the improvement of the “self-awareness” within the patient (Socialsci.libretexts.org, 2022).
  • “Maximizing independence” is another part of this residential care or the nursing home organization (Fazio et al. 2018). The increase in independence is the primary aim of those organizations during the implementation of patient-centered care on the patients.
  • By using the “life story”, the experience of the patient can be observed which can represent the mental situation of that particular patient (Eklund et al. 2019). However, this will ultimately help the health workers in the nursing home as well as in the residential condition to make the proper action plans to make the concept of “Self-awareness” within the patient during their treatment.
  • Long-term care communities are diverse and have their own identity. This will ultimately help in the development of resident-centered practices which is the best option for the development of the mental as well as the physical development of the patient (Carden et al. 2022).
  • This resident-centered practice also helps in the development of the “Self-awareness” within the patient.

In this discussion, the home environment and the nursing home are considered the main organizations that are dealing with resident-centered practices, and the patients are the main target of this whole assignment. The person-centered care focuses on every patient which helps the health workers in making the proper outline of the treatment which includes the “Self-awareness” process in their treatment (PARK et al.  2019). This will ultimately help in the recovery of mental as well as physical condition. Changing the culture in the long-term condition helps to make a friendly relationship with the patients which is very much beneficial for improvement. Using the “Reminiscence therapy” is also used in this health care system. It is also known as the “life review therapy” because it helps in the rebuilding of the memories in the old person. The introduction of the “Support groups” helps a patient deal with depression, anxiety, or any other kind of mental illness (Shyu et al. 2018). Overall the role of the home or the nursing home plays an important role in this particular person-centered healthcare system and it will ultimately provide some good results to the patients.

4. Promotion of person-centered care with self-awareness

  • Self-awareness” represents the process in the health worker and patient relationships.
  • It also helps in the proper development of the proper “therapeutic relationship” with the patients and is mainly used for the n” therapeutic healing.”
  • The main aim of this assignment is to understand the role of the self -awareness in the health care field which is helping in the promotion of person-centered care.
  • “Self-awareness” plays an important role in the development of the personal growth of a person as a result it helps to manage self and also to make some improvement in their mental condition.
  • “Self-awareness” helps a person in the development of realistic goals and also helps in the proper management of “personal life stressors.”
  • The concept of “Self-awareness” represents the core personality strength that helps in the proper management of health and social care.
  • It teaches the present to face any kind of different problematic situation that can arise from different health or mental conditions.
  • From choosing the proper ideas for health improvement to implementation of the proper action plans which are created based on strategic planning are mainly done with the help of this “self-awareness”
  • This “Self-awareness” also helps in the proper analysis of the differences and similarities in the person-centered healthcare system with the other healthcare systems.

It is not possible the develop the “Self-awareness” in the patients within a small period; it takes a lot of time for the development of the “Self-awareness” within the patient. The implementation of this type of activity makes the patient more realistic and independent and they can take care of their help without the help of the health workers. This shows the fact that “Self-awareness” is indirectly promoting person-centered Care”. Implementation of this type of strategy also helps the health workers who are associated with the person-centered care of a particular patient. If the “Self-awareness” concept is implemented within the impatient by the health workers it will represent the professionalism of that particular health care worker in this field. The strategies for the development of “Self-awareness” are completely dependent on the problems associated with the patient as well as with the health care. The proper identification of the problems will ultimately help in the development of “Self-awareness” within the patients which will promote the consciousness within the patient about their health.

5. Summary

The Whole assignment is subdivided into some points, which cover some different areas associated with “person-centered Care”. In the introduction part, the benefits and the issues of the poster are completely discussed which is based on person-centered care and the role of “Self Awareness” in the promotion of “person-centered care.” The outline of the person-centered care” is completely showing the different principles and the benefits of this type of health care and social care system. The Outline of the organization represents the role of the health workers and the social workers to help a patient in his/her recovery besides the treatment. The last point of this assignment discussed the role of “self-awareness” and its impact on the patients. In this way, self-awareness promotes the “person-centered care” that represents the importance of self-awareness in mental health as well as physical health recovery. Overall the sub-points of this assignment completely discuss the promotion of health care by the patient with the help of “Self-awareness” studies which will ultimately help in the development of person-centered care” in the healthcare industry because the health workers can't provide treatment to all the patients, that is the reason self-awareness will help the normal people to take care of their health.



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