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Public Relations

INTRODUCTION - Public Relations

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Task 3:

a. Delivery process of the press conference was delivered

In these press conferences, the local journalists, who are concerned about the health issues and cover the ordinary peoples' issues, are invited. In the year 2012, in New Zeeland there have issues arises as well as the rates of the using duplicated items have been arising by the day-to-day activities.

Therefore, the consumers have been facing lots of problems such as consumers satisfaction is one of them. In these respective press conferences, the “Food Safety and Preventions" have been broadly discussed for removing the obstacles that have been created as well as the rates of consumer dissatisfaction arisen. These press conferences aim to determine the issues as well as provide the necessary information to the customers. As per the view of Cronin et al. (2022), increasing the rates of consumer satisfaction as well as maintaining the hygiene by providing the best services among the consumers have been considered the main objectives of these respective press conferences. Focusing on the main food-related issues as well as taking the necessary actions for removing the obstacles has been considered as the main approaches of these respective studies.

For removing the disruptions the multiple kinds of approaches have been also broadly analyzed, by maintaining these orders the problems have been sustainability mitigated. Balancing the food safety the 5 key taken actions are collecting the raw material safely, and cleaning the materials for maintaining the health issues. On the other side, as opined by Lin et al. (2022), providing the training facilities among the workers as well as maintaining the hygiene by avoiding the duplicated products, implementing the planning structures, and creating changes in the inventory marketing. Developing the supply chain of management procedures the rates of consumer satisfaction have been also sustainably increased, as per the reasons the consumers will get the better services among the organizations in the United Kingdom’s.

On the other side, focusing on the diabetic patients and producing the durables kinds of products such as milk, bread, and butter, of reducing the sugar levels, varieties kinds of products have been invented, therefore the rates of the quality have also been developed sustainably. As suggested by Block, (2022), in these press conferences, the above-mentioned taken actions have been broadly analyzed for prioritizing the customer's goals and increasing the rates of customer satisfaction in a given range.

b. Describes the environment of the press conference

Professionalism has been referred to the multiples things to multiples peoples and it will be referred to as many workers for the ambiguous team. In these respective press conferences, professionalism has been thoroughly maintained.

“Being on Time”:

Punctuality and disciplined have been considered the main aspects of Professionalism. It has been properly maintained during these respective press conferences. As per the view of Sadi et al. (2022), the manager has considered the meeting deadlines of the parts of Professionalism.

“Focusing on the part”:

The proper dress-up has been referred to as another feature of Professionalism. In the business environment, the properly maintained the attires such as, marinating the dress and knotting the tires have been properly maintained during these press conferences. On the other sides, as suggested by Mahmoud et al. (2022), the hair and proper makeup have also been suited to these business environments.

“The loyalty of the team”:

The loyalty has also been properly maintained of these respective press conferences. “Loyal team members” have been improving the business growth and solving the problems accurately.


The “Supporting co-workers” have also been maintaining Professionalism; it has been properly maintained during these press conferences. As referred by Puspanathan et al. (2022), honest employees have been improving the working environments therefore; the respective organizations have been also getting success in providing the best services to the consumers.

“Telling the truth”:

The misunderstanding and the rates of mistaken have been considered the main features of every organization. As opined by Ejime et al. (2022), honest employees have revealed the situations and addressed the issues of finding the solutions.

“Working at work”:

The time management has been accurately maintained in these respective press conferences. The professionalism has been demonstrated in getting the work completed successfully and also analyzing the self-control.

Task 4:

Thames Valley Control, “Electronic and Electrical Manufacturing” company celebrates its 50th anniversary

London, United Kingdom’s, Release 27th May 2022. For Immediate Release

“Thames Valley Control” announced its 50th-anniversary on the 9th of September in the United Kingdom’s. The respective organizations will be focusing on the premiere designs and notifying the equipment of the UK.

Improving the manufacturing process and providing training facilities among the workers will be the main motives for these press conferences.

The purpose of these press conferences will be on this respective day the managers will convey the past and present experiences of the organizations. Future actions will be also taken on this respective day for achieving the ultimate growth and the survival of the organizations.

TVC has been inventing lift technology and rapidly since 1971, growing up during the 70s led “via governments initiatives” and larger premises. In these journeys, the different kinds of local charities have also supported these industries such as, “Flintshire Food Bank”, “NEWCIS”, “Celtics”, and “Crohons:”

In the year 2019, acquired with the “North American-based Vantage Elevator Solutions”, the industry will be expanding the markets and creating better images.

Richard Young (Managing Director) has said, “We take pride in what has been achieved over the 50 years. It’s a milestone that shows the dedication and expertise of manufacturing employees and partners, past and present. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making TVC what it is today and look forward to our exciting new developments in the pipeline”.

Over the past 10 years, the respective industry has been getting successful in improving the rates of the products and qualities and providing better services among the consumers. These press conferences will aim to celebrate the 50 years celebrations and also discuss the prospects for improving the company’s images and also developing the qualities of the products. On these particular days, the 50 years of success will be also celebrated and the managers will also be given a speech to motivate the organizational employees to improve for achieving the ultimate growth and survival of the industries in the UK.

For more information on “Thames Valley Control” and it’s Electronic Manufacturing Products Please Visit: https://www.tvcl.co.uk/.

And their products, please visit https://www.tvcl.co.uk/product-category/destination-control/.

Contact info:

Name: Andrews Jonas

Organization: Thames Valley Control

Address: Manor Industrial Estate, Flint CH6 5UY, London, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-123-456-7890


a. Descriptions of the press release

b. Describe the writing style of the news release

For determining the press conferences I have firstly focused on the “Headlines of the Press Release” for providing the necessary information to the people. Then I have to focus on the city, states, and the release date. Then I have to briefly describe the announcements of the press conferences as well as telling about the 50 Years celebrations of the “Thames Valley Control”. The purpose of these respective conferences has been also broadly elaborated. The valuables quotes have also been mentioned in these respective press conferences such as, in these respective press releases the managing directors of Richard Young discussions have been broadly discussed.

After completing the above-mentioned procedures then I have to focus on the previous and past conditions of these respective industries in the United Kingdom. The future aspects have been also been broadly analyzed in these respective press releases and also the improvements process. Then I have to notify the organization's official websites for providing the valuables information about the organizations of “Thames Valley Control”, and the people have been also getting to know about the company. At last, the contact details such as name, address, phone number, and organization names have also been provided for conducting the press release successfully in the UK.

Task 5:

a. Explain the causes reported in the media

In these case reports the respective organizations of Snickers have been influencing the target marketers by taking the help of the Media. As opined by Ejimkeonye et al. (2022), the respective organizations of Snicker have been trying to expand the market structures and influence the target marketers taking the help of networking channels. In these given advertisements a scenario has been shown, that is, after eating the snickers the person has been getting backs his sense. The tag line of the Snickers is “You’re not you when you’re Hungry”.

For promoting the ice cream snickers in Spain the campaigns have been enhanced for attracting the target customers. After overseeing these advertisements, most people have been getting offended. For example, Tyoma Ani has said, “So gays don’t have a sense of humor”. Therefore, after overseeing these ads, the rates of anxiety and anger have also been rapid increases. On the other side, the Spock Saff has been telling that “This isn't homophobic at all. People are way softer these days. It's disgusting that people think it's the end of the world because of snicker ads. And I know someone's gonna come at me for being "homophobic", but I am LGBTQ. So if you find this offensive then get off the internet and stfu”. Peter Paul has also commented that “misunderstanding ? This commercial portrays an old damaging stereotype. How did a major brand like Snicker green-light this offensive ad ?”

Above these comments, it is clear that people have been getting offended by overseeing these advertisements. Therefore, it has been creating negatives impacts on the common people of Spain.

Figure 1: Public reaction to Snickers Commercial in Spain

(Source: Youtube.com, 2021)

b. Evaluate the process of Snickers handling

For handling the customers the respective organizations of Snickers have been following the different kinds of precautions. As per the view of Sulkowski et al. (2022), findings the names of the costume by taking the help of the youtube as well as trying to build up a healthy communication for removing the disruption. Trying to convince the reactors by promising that persons to resolve the issues as well as mentioning the appropriate actions. On the other side, apologizes to the consumers as well as promises the reactors to rectify the mistakes a friendly environment has also been grown up as well as the rates of anger and anxiety have also been sustainably removed.

Sympathizes the consumers as well as tries to reconnect with the customers by mentioning appropriate actions for convincing the customers. Addressing the critical issues and offering gifts among the consumers for removing the negativity as well as collecting the valuables feedback among the consumers for recreating the organizational structures of Snickers. As opined by GÖRPE et al. (2022), collecting the valuable's information snickers has been also finding the appropriate actions for providing the best services among the consumers as well as increasing the rates of customer satisfaction.

Figure 2: Public reaction to Snickers Commercial in Spain

(Source: Youtube.com, 2021)

At last, finding the appropriate actions Snickers has been removing the disruptions as well as increasing the rates of consumers' satisfaction in a sustainable manner. As referred by Berry et al. (2022), the consumers' impacts have been helping the food industry of Snickers of addressing the issues as well as proving the necessary pieces of information the organizations have been also developing the planning structures. As per the view of Rommetveit et al. (2022), therefore, the rates of the quality of the products have also been developed, the food industry will be getting success in overcoming all challenges and the structures of the products have been also sustainably improved in the United Kingdom’s. To transfer the negative impacts into positives the food industry of Snickers has been also developing networking channels, such as Email, and CSAT, before using the products the organizations have been getting to know about the experiences of the consumers.

Following the above-mentioned procedures, the food industry has been getting success in achieving the ultimate levels of satisfaction as well as the rates of customer satisfaction have been increased. As opined by Badham et al. (2022), maintaining the handling pressures has not been considered the easiest approach; it has also been increasing the rates of difficulties in the food industries. Taking the following initiates as well as the actions plans have also been creating positives impacts on Snickers.

c. Importance of mitigating a negatives impacts on the organization

Snickers have been mitigating the negative impacts by increasing the rates of productivity as well as raising the rates of profit margins in a sustainable manner. As suggested by Akram et al. (2022), it has been conducted as a necessary aspect for improving the selling rates as well as removing the consumer's satisfaction in a respective manner in the United Kingdom’s. Removing the disruptions of Snickers has been also improving the organizational growth as well as the rates of anxiety and anger among the customers has also been sustainably removed. Therefore, by maintaining these approaches, Snickers has been able to get success in resolving the negative impacts and the foods industry has been sustainably achieving all its desired wants. On the other side, as opined by Edwards et al. (2021), by taking the bits of help of the networking channels the feedback has been also sustainably collected and Snickers has been also getting success in handling the pressures of a given manner.

Task 6:

Describes the voluntary and legal controls that ensure that Public Relations

Legal controls have been ensuring that public relations practitioners of conducting their professions in a sustainable manner. According to Miño et al. (2022), Public relations have been sustainably developed by ensuring the factors of Advocacy, Fairness, Honesty, Independence, Loyalty, and Expertise that have been improving public relations in conducting their respective professions. It has been also improving the "Inventions of Privacy" as well as deals with social media. The "Copyright Laws" and "Professional codes" has also been improved in a sustainable manner. The Advertising structures have also been sustainably improved and the lack of information has also not been getting hacked, therefore, it has been treated as a good side.

On the other side, voluntary controls have also been enhancing the public relations, which have been also ensuring the public relations and the rates of the communications structures have been also developed. As per the view of Cronin et al. (2022), the conflict has also been improved as well as the advertisements structures have been also sustainably improved over a given range. The professional codes have been also sustainably improved and the rates of the press releases and chances of copyrights in the Advertisements have also been improved.

Task 7:

Describes the five ethical principles

The “Five Ethical Principles” have been including the “Code of Conduct” of the “Chartered Institute of Public Relations” such as Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, “Professional Behavior” and “Professional Competence and Due Care”. As opined by Lin et al. (2022), Personal developments have been also developed by taking the help of the "Five Ethical Principles". The professional accountant aims to maintain discipline and punctuality as well as also provide the best services.

A professional Accountant will respect the confidentiality of valuables information that has been developing the business relationships. On the other side, Integrity has also been increasing the rates of honesty as well as business and professional relationships have also been developed. According to Block, (2022), the professional accountants have not been allowing bias, conflict, and solving the issues effectively, it has been treated as “Objectivity”. A professional accountant has also been maintaining regularity as well as addressing the issues of finding decisions; it has been treated as a “Professional Behaviour”. Therefore the rates of the practices, techniques, and legislations have also been sustainably developed, and it has been treated as another “Professional Competence and Due Care”. They have been also diligently performed as well as maintaining a professional standard for providing the best services in a respective manner.


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