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Reflective log and summary report Assignment 

Introduction - Reflective log and summary report

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The purpose of this reflective report is to discuss the learning that I have gained during developing the project of Millenniummills Redevelopment. I along with my team members had to develop a sustained project design for the organization. Likewise, I shall discuss the learning and mental wealth competencies that I have gained during the course. I have learned about networking, gained commercial awareness, and understood the requirement for interviews and professional etiquette. In such a procedure, i gained certain skills and competencies such as digital proficiency, Cognitive, physical, cultural, social and emotional intelligence. Moreover, I learned industry knowledge and entrepreneur skills. Likewise, the report shall describe and analyse the competencies and highlight the future actions related to my gained skills and competencies.

Reflective log

Industry connections

  • Describe- We as the professional body were responsible to give the appropriate input in the project. Through appropriate computational methods, the design, financial plan and timelines were prepared. It also enhanced my cognitive intelligence.Thus, we had to keep exact knowledge of the related disciplines and in the course we learned the requirement of the professional body inputs. We offered the best offers to the client. Likewise, through networking we developed good relations with the industry experts, honest suppliers, contractors and others. I understood that effective communication, networking and accurate professional input help to develop the project on time and on budget.

We included external industry visit. We understood various aspects including work plan. It arouses commercial awareness (Monochaet la., 2020). We understood the techniques of project selection. Commercial awareness is the in-depth understanding of the business and how it operates and how it makes money (Wang et al., 2021). I understood that how the project could bring in the maximum profit for the owner. We designed a cost effective structure thathave a low initial construction and design cost moreover, had low maintenance cost. We took information from the external industry in order to develop more accurate plan. I understood that external industry visit arouse commercial awareness.

Such immense knowledge has helped me to getmore in-sight in the architectural sectors and helped me in my job seeking preparation. The experience has preparedme for my future interviews as it has gave me huge knowledge reading various aspects of architecture.

I understood the professional etiquettes moreover; the experience shall help meto mentor a team.

  • Analysis- All such acquired skills have gave me immense knowledge regarding industry connections. I understood the methods and importance of networking in architectural sector. The skills shall help me to crack interviews also. Moreover, I gained knowledge regarding commercial awareness and professional etiquettes. Furthermore, the gained skills and knowledge base with which i could mentor the juniors. I t has also enhanced my leadership skills.
  • Action plan- The project has helped me to develop my industry connections and I can use the knowledge while seeking a job in architectural sector in future.

Digital proficiency

  • Description- During developing the project plan me along with my team mates had to use certain computational skills to develop the accurate design. For instance, we used digital architecture in the project. It is a complex calculation that helps to explore complex structures with easy computer algorithms (Ackertet al., 2020). We also used computational methods to analyse the budget and to maintain the required documents and it required to involvements of digital proficiency.
  • Analysis- In the course, I gained immense digital proficiency. I understood that having digital knowledge is extremely crucial as it helps to develop an accurate project. It makes the process more accurate, simpler and helps to get deeper insight into the minute details of every project (Gutsche, 2021).
  • Action plan- The gained knowledge shall help me in my future professional life.

Social and emotional intelligence

  • Description- Having social and emotional intelligence helps to remain emotionally stable and to connect easily with the team.During the project conduction, I had to communicate with my team mates. I used to listen to their views.Moreover, we had to communicate with other for minute details for the project. Likewise; I adopted effective “listening and communication skills”. I understood that having effective listening and communication helps to identify and mitigate the involved risks. Likewise, I strengthen my social intelligence.

Often I had witnessed that the team spirit and motivation falls apart due to heavy work pressure and stress. Members fear for project failure wherein, I understood that having “self-regulatory” measures are important for developing successful projects. I understood that I myself have to remain motivated as also it influences the members and inspires them. Having positive approaches always influence the performances and productivity positively (Liu et al., 2021). Likewise, I understood that emotional intelligence influences the project positively.

  • Analysis- I analysed that having effective listening and communication skills increase the collaborations among teams anddevelops a happy working environment.
  • Action plan- The gained knowledge shall help me in future to adopt any type of team easily. It shall help me to remain emotionally stable during stress and also to connect with the peoples in working environment easily.

Physical intelligence-

  • Description- While developing the project, we faced several stress in developing the accurate project design wherein, it was necessary to balance the mental condition. I noticed that self-managementanddiscipline enhances appropriate balance in the chemical present in brain and it enhances the physical intelligence. It ultimately helps to complete the project successfully on time and on budget (Oriti, 2021).
  • Analysis- I analysed that maintaining discipline in the workplace and in professional life influence the project positively and also helps to reduce stress. Moreover, I understood that
  • Action plan- I shall utilize my knowledge in my future professional life by maintaining a proper discipline.

Cognitive Intelligence

  • Description- During project completion, I gained immense knowledge regarding various aspects of architecture. I understood how an accurate and sustainable design could be developed on budget and on time. Likewise, it helped to develop my critical thinking ability. Moreover, we had to research and analyse various aspects including the feasibility of the designs and it helped me to strengthen my analysis skills. However, while developing the designs we had to encounter certain problems related to the diverse views of the team members and likewise, through effective communication we overcome those problems.. Thus I also acquired problem solving skills. Thus, it helped me to further strengthen my cognitive intelligence.
  • Analysis- I understood the importance of certain skills including critical thinking ability and problem solving skills in the project management.
  • Action plan- I shall include the acquired skills in my future professional life and it shall help me to increase my productivity.

Cultural Intelligence

  • Describe- Our team includes members from diverse backgrounds and culture. It included both male and female members. I understood the views and experiences of different members.I noticed that members from different background had different views regarding a situation. I understood that cross cultural team increases the creativity, innovation and productivity of the entire team. However, it becomes important to become adaptive in such team overcoming any racism or biasness (Pearce et al., 2020). Effective communication plays an important part to become adoptive in a cross cultural team.
  • Analysis- During the project development, I learned to work in a cross cultural team as well as understood that having members from diverse background helps to increase the productivity. Moreover, I learned regarding the backgrounds, experience and languageof members from different cultures.
  • Action plan- The experience has improved my cultural knowledge and it shall help me in future to adopt any type of team easily.

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

  • Description- During developing the project design, we had to explore various data sources and gained immense knowledge regarding new innovations in architecture. Such as use of recycled plastic as a raw material of construction (Wang et at., 2021). Moreover, we had to innovate certain aspects in order to develop a better sustainable and cost-effective project as compared to the competitors. That enhanced the innovative skills. Moreover, we had to mitigate the problems related to shortage of raw materials, short timeline and others likewise, I gained problem solving skills. Moreover, I communicated with every member and often eliminated internal conflicts and leaded the team likewise, gained the leadership skills
  • Analysis- I understood that having effective leadership, innovation, communication and decision making ability gives rise to an entrepreneur.
  • Action plan- The project has increased my chance to become a successful future entrepreneur.


Thus, to conclude it shall be revealed that the project has helped to identify and improve my mental wealth competencies. All such skills have increased my chances of employment as the skills shall guide me in the future professional life and expand my productivity.


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