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Exploring Cognitive and Developmental Theories: Insights into Human Behaviour

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1. Introduction: Exploring Cognitive and Developmental Theories: Insights into Human Behaviour

Psychological theories have a great effect on human lives. Many theories are overcome by several theorists in several periods. Psychological theories provide a mutual framework for understanding the behavioural aspects of humans. Here, the cognitive and developmental theories of psychology are discussed in the study. This kind of theory can help explain human behaviour. Cognitive theory indicates that the mind of humans is like a computer and that is severely processing to encode various types of data. According to this theory, human behavior is a kind of aspect that look after the mind in an internal framework to understand specific information. The developmental theory also takes an approach to recognize the adjustment of social crises throughout human life.

2. Bruner and Jerome

Various psychological theories are developed in human life. Among them, cognitive theories are developed for human behavioral aspects. The cognitive development of children is proposed by Bruner and Jerome who are well-d psychological theorists. According to Böhmet al, (2020), the cognitive theory of psychology is mainly characterized by human’s focus on their thinking and also the basic idea about their thoughts in real life. Humans believe in the lead to disturb the emotion and several behavioral aspects of their life. Many psychological researchers create several theories to make different predictions for human behavior or many events which may take place in the human life span and also which may affect the lifestyle of the human. On another hand, according to Bosom et al, (2022), various emotions of humans and also their certain thoughts about their life are explained in the cognitive theory of psychology. The healthy emotion and adaptive behavior can also explain in the cognitive theory.

The main aspect of this theory is human thoughts are primarily determined the emotion and even behavioral concepts. This theory mainly believes in the mental process of humans and also its scientific processing in their minds. There are also some cognitive theories such as “dual coding theory”, “cognitive theory by multimedia learning” and also “cognitive load theory”. Some motivational theories are developed in the cognitive theory in aspects of human behavior in society. Several psychological theories can explain various aspects of human thoughts, about their emotions, and also their behavior separately. According to Eronenet al, (2021), the cognitive theory developed by Jean Piaget who is a well-d psychologist suggests that children are developed their minds and behavior by growing up in their life. Cognitive development in children helps to require the knowledge of children's minds and also mental models separately. Similarly, according to Fletcher-Watson et al, (2019), the cognitive theory has several phases to explore children's life, they are such as exploration, elaboration, evaluation, engagement, and even explanation. These five main aspects can influence the children’s minds and also their knowledge.

3. Evidence

The cognitive theory is overcome by several aspects of developmental works in the life of children. Neisser recognized the cognitive theory in the human life aspects. In this case, the theory is very essential for children who are suffering from various psychological disorders in their life. According to Harmon-Jones et al, (2019), the cognitive developmental theory developed a clear view of human infant growth from the thought of “a blooming, buzzing confusion” which is proposed by William James who is a highly competent thinker and also a learner of cognitive theory. This kind of cognitive theory is often the initial state and the human learner in terms of capacity and perception. A better example of cognitive theory is to ask the students about their reflections on their life experiences. It must be a good side to help the students to find out their problems and also the related solutions about the topic. On another hand, according to Montag et al, (2019), in this way, they must be very helpful in this matter and also get and realize ideas about the development process of their life.

The thinking of cognitive development theory is to evaluate the perspective of the theory which includes the basic concept of the theory. There is some evidence of cognitive theory in real-life aspects. A child can build a schema of cats. In this study at first, they will see a singular cat, the word “cat” and also associate it with two. Whenever the term “cat” is eventually associated with all cats at the same time, then the concept of the schema for cats is still in their developmental stages, thus the children eventually determine the concept of cognitive developmental learning in their life. On another hand, according to Neu et al, (2022), in the study of cognitive learning, many students are effective in the developmental stages of their life. Learning cognitive theory in the everyday life of children may help in their educational life and also their behavioral aspects and the way to apply the cognitive theory in their life.

4. Jean Piaget, John Bowlby, and Erik Erikson

Developmental psychology is a kind of scientific approach to explaining the related aims and objectives of humans from their psychological perspectives. The “key theories in developmental psychology” coined by “Jean Piaget”,“John Bowlby”, and “Erik Erikson”. The growth of humans and even the change and consistency in their thoughts of lifespan can also be effective by developmental theory. It also helps to examine the thinking process of humans and also the feelings that they can express in front of society and the specific behavioral change also affected by the developmental theory of psychology. According to Oberaueret al, (2019), there are some developmental theories are present in psychology. The developmental theory can evaluate the maturation, behaviorist, constructivist, ecological, and even psychoanalytic sides of human beings in their social life span. Although the theories are conducted by the collection of several thoughts of children in schools and also evaluate their behavioral aspects in real life. Similarly, according to Scholz et al, (2019), the developmental theory is a kind of collection method among children and it also focuses on the behavioral change in the mind of the children in their normal life.

The theory usually draws a variety of social science approach to the children’s mind so that they could easily overcome several issues related to their psychology in their everyday life. There are also some theories present of developmental aspects of children’s life. They are such as the theory of modernization, The world system, and also dependency. These theories evaluate the proportion of their real aspect in the real life of the children very easily. According to van Rooij et al, (2021), children should develop their language skills and also fine motor. The social and emotional sides have to be developed in the real life of children. The related morals and the specific value is to be developed in the real life of human beings. In this way, effective children also have real success in their life. The social development theory is known as attachment theory which is developed by Bowlby. It can compose the essential development of children. The developmental theory is discussed by related scientific research about the theory.

5. Evidence

The developmental theory can evaluate the social activity of developmental children in their everyday life span and they are very effective with this kind of theory. The individuals are very affected by developmental studies. The theory is mainly discussed in different ages of children. In this case, the affected children of the country have to be very influenced by the theory. According to Xu et al, (2019), the affected children overcome the related issues of the developmental theories. In this case, they have to develop their communication skills and should interact with other people in the community. That will also help in their developmental future as well as the social activity of the people. In the related case study, the children who are affected by the developmental theory of psychology must have to overcome the related issues of the perspective. In the country, many children overcome their problems related to the developmental aspect of psychology. The perfect example of the developmental theory is “object permanency”, from that it is included that all babies have to understand the objects related to the development theory of psychology. Any kind of developmental theory is based on the continuity of development of human life and also the early experience of the human in the social life period.


The cognitive and developmental theory has shown the real aspects of improvement of the real combination of influence factors of human life. The theory has to develop the basic strategies of the human life span. The students need to develop their language and the strength of their development in their own life. They have to overcome the related issues of the development theory of psychology. The factors must be included in the concept of developmental issues. The cognitive theory is the ability to think and the related reason for the development of children in their life. Those children who are aged between 6 to 12, are effective in that ratio of development theory of their real life. They can calculate the combined and separate objects and even the actions of their life and it will help the development of the children perfectly.


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