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Enhancing Professional Skills through Introspection

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Introduction - Developing Essential Skills for Future Success through Reflection

Which three skills did you develop the most? In what way?

I created three primary skills essential for my future to achieve the goals: communication, self-confidence, and problem-solving capability.

Communication: I improved my communication skills in a few ways; firstly, I did practice active listing, maintaining eye contracts, paraphrasing and other methods. Self-confidence: I followed a few valuable ways to improve my self-confidence skills. For instance, positive thinking, training, knowledge, and conversation with people and others helped me boost my confidence levels. Problem-solving capability: At first, I identified and comprehended the problem, and I tried to figure out the way the resolution the trouble, choosing the best solution options and implementing the solution.

What was your strength?

I think that creative thinking and time management skills were my considerable strength. According to Kearns & Gardiner (2007), the time management skills can identify the positive aspects of time management and these time management skills can bring proactive outcomes for the student learning (Adams and Blair 2019)

Which aspects of the skill do you still need to develop?

I want to develop my leadership quality skills essential for my upcoming future. Alongside taking part in so many school and community activities for new leaders, individuals can learn to make decisions, get along with many other people, arrange themself, be aware of themselves, and collaborate with groups (Karagianni and Jude Montgomery 2018).

How do these skills relate to your Belbin role/ the big five personality traits? Do they match, or are they different?

Belbin's team roles are an excellent method to find out where to get the most from a group. Besides keeping in mind each person's advantages and disadvantages, leaders can set up their teams to make the most of everyone's skills and inspire good teamwork. To evaluate Belbin's group development concept, including a re-definition of role in the team and a personality-team role structure. The redefined idea of teamwork refers to the positions people commonly perform in groups, the freedom given by such situations, and their devotion to them. Using the " Big Five " concept, personality differences are described and linked with teamwork behaviour using the "Big Five" image. Even this theory explains the five broad personality types that are open to experience, emotional stability, flexibility, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

Meredith Belbin defined a few positions that give balance and increase the probability of victory when engaged in a team. A 'Specialist' post was a time course, making few roles total. No excellent or bad roles and all responsibilities are important ineffective teams and individuals are as they are (Rahmani et al., 2021).

Why are your skills necessary in the professional arena?

Skills are essential things in the professional, and soft skills are crucial since they determine whether or not I am a team member capable of making relationships with my team members and consumers. It also indicates my ability to change and adapt. Professional skills include career-related competencies and skills used in the workplace that are helpful for almost any employment. Professionals' abilities involve several soft and hard skills. Alongside, professionals like this are the key to improving technical knowledge, working inactive engagement phases and demanding situations, a changing corporate environment, and total professional success (Mishra and Mishra 2020).

What has remained in your thoughts since your placement?

I had thoughts before the placement on how can collaborate, and I could not cooperate easily. Besides, I have confidence, and this job has helped improve my confidence skills.

Which incidents did you need to evaluate in terms of your approach, and how this could be improved in the future?

When I joined an organization for an internship, and I understood that team working is an essential part of organization growth. I have experienced from this internship I need to handle any critical situation that the company has suffered. An adequate leadership quality can help to increase the organization's growth. Teamwork is the team collaboration of a group to reach a common objective or finish tasks effectively and effectively. This idea is used within the framework of the relevance of a group, which is a collection of connected individuals that work together for a similar objective. Effective teamwork is the foundation for effective care at many levels within the organization. This has led to a change in teams' research and training over the years (Schmutz et al., 2019).

Teamwork can help the team members feel more comfortable and secure, have much more self-confidence, and schedule and make choices with others in a good way. Also, it assists create a healthy workplace with feasible plans, creative work, and positive ideas and techniques (Sanyal and Hisam 2018).

 This internship period has determined that I need to improve my teamwork capacity, and it has described that I need to create trust among my team members. It has also stated that I need to find out the strengths and weaknesses of my team. I need to provide rewards to my team members, increasing my teamwork collaboration. I need to be a good listener, which helps understand the employee's problem and helps resolve the issue.

Belbin's role or the big five personality traits fit into this personal and professional development?

Belbin suggests that a team role is a pattern of behaviour, contributing, and interacting with people. Three different parts focus on activity: Shaper, Integrator, and Completer-Finisher. Three significant interests focus on the people: Co-ordinator, Monitor evaluator, and Team Worker. Also, three major parts concentrate on the thought: Plant, Track, and Evaluator.

 Action plan


Strategies to overcome


Technical skills

I need to encourage the team members, and there are many factors why this is crucial for a business to have technical skills. No matter what industry I have in, the duties the staff members do every day might require different types of methods. It is essential to ensure that the workers always have the technical skills people need to do their employment well.

Team management

Team management skills are essential for a business organization. I need to improve my team management skills which can involve plans for setting a goal, leading, operating a company, and running operational processes. Management strategies have been developed because, in the long term, groups can do well when they have a clear plan and make sure everybody in the company knows what that strategy is.


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