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Change Management And Organisation Development

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Introduction - Change Management And Organisation Development

The concept of the Strategic change particularly for a company in general can be defined as the shift of a firm away from its current situation in the direction of certain wished upcoming situation to augment its cutthroat benefit. Thus one of the main aims behind conducting this study is to propose a proper strategic change for LPHY with the help of a proper change management model to comply with the change. Based on the proposed change management model it how to address the prospective resistance to change both the corporal as well as individual degrees will also be discussed in detail.

Strategic Change That LPHY Can Take

As discussed earlier strategic change is that type of modification which allows the companies in restructuring and reforming a company in totally a new manner. Generally there are three types of strategic change management that usually takes place within a company which are:

  1. Reengineering
  2. Restructuring
  3. and Innovation

Considering the various other restructuring takes place in LHPY which are increasing the staff count, increasing the fund raising activities, looking after the performance management system the one thing which is missing from this ground in spending focus on technology. After the pandemic it can be seen that the working environment for both profit and non-profit organizations has changed a lot. In order to deal with these types of uncertain situation the LPHY will need to adopt technological intervention in order to get more funding and deal with the previous issues (Muravu, 2020).

Considering this new working climate after the pandemic, on-pro?t organizations have responded to various versatile systems usually utilized in the pro?t segment. One of the most visible is tactical designing. Fundamentally the presentation of new cycles and advances along with technologies might create an open door for representative investment for LPHY. With the help of introduction of new technology within the working procedure of LYPHY they will be able to grasp better promise if assisting the developed amenities, igniting social participation as well as attaining thoughtful vision. The intervention of the fresh technological tools as well as asset will be fit well inside the reach in addition to LYPH’s ubiquity might create scalability of ventures in a simple manner (Akingbola, 2020).

As from the given vase it can be identified that Head of HR left the Charity nearly 12 months before the COVID pandemic, leaving behind a bank of thorough as well as properly composed, yet to a great extent uninitiated, strategies and cycles. In this types of cases the introduction of the technology might plays a great part by helping sorting the bank details and other explicit details with an ease and that will also give the accurate result (McNutt, 2018).

Labour-intensive, paper-oriented techniques are obsolete as well as ineffective. They squander paper, printer ink and other office supplies like pens and paper cuts. Manual cycles likewise cost more in human work. Those are expenses that charitable associations like LYPHY can't bear. On the other hand Innovation depends vigorously on mechanization, which accelerate things up and opens up load up individuals' and chief chiefs' the ideal opportunity for additional significant things like raising money, consistence, local area influence, direct assistance, building volunteers and different exercises that increment the charitable efficiency for LPHY (Eisenstein, 2020).

In case of LPHY it can be seen that the charity generally endeavours to provide hospice services and in order to serve this kind of people the intervention of the technology will create it prospective to increase their reach within the entire nation which will directly augments the ability to dish up their planned targets. In addition to this it can also identified from the given case that LPHY interacts with their staffs through emails. In this case the mechanised emails prefilled the names of the clients that will help saving a lot of time and that will also help in sending regular updates to the immediate family members of the sick people (Apparo, 2017).

So, it can be understood from the above discussion that with the help of the introduction of the innovation and technology charitable trusts like LPHY will help in attaining more clients and in the long run they will also be able to raise more funds to serve its people with an ease.

Change Management Model to Outline a Planned Change Approach to This Proposed Change

Implementing any sort of change especially in case of charitable trust is not an easy task and particularly if that change is related to technology it needs proper steps to be followed by the entire of the trust. In the earlier segment of the study the strategic change needed for LPHY is identified now in this segment of the study the concept of change management will be discussed in detail and the types of change management model that will be best suited for the LPHY will also be pointed out and discussed.

In general the concept of change management can be defined as methodical move towards to cope up with the modification of a company’s objective, technique as well as technologies. In case of LPHY the main aim of implementing the change administration will be to execute the selected change that is technology for impacting the modification, commanding modification as well as assisting the people to familiarize to modifications (Aljohani, 2016).

Now considering the change that has been planned for LPHY to execute that is technology it will need proper steps to be followed who are associated with the charity in order to make the change a successful one. So, the selected change model for this will be Kotter Change Model. Kotter's 8 Step Change Management Model is a technique planned to assist pioneers with effectively executing hierarchical change. Kotter's 8 Step Change Management Model spotlights making criticalness to get a change going. It strolls you through the most common way of starting, making due and supporting change in eight stages.

  1. Creating the determination to implement the change: LPHY with an intention to attain the planned change that is intervention of technology as well as to make it last for a longer period of time the management firstly need to make the staffs feel the sense of determination for modifications as well as will need make them to have conviction that the introduction of the technology will be need for better prospects and future development of the charity.
  2. Putting a team together: Considering this step it can be said that LYPH need to concentrates on generating an influential group with the entire of the important abilities, qualification so that the charity can be run in a proper manner with the team working intact altogether.
  3. Developing vision and strategies: For any organization be it a profit or non-profit organization it is always important to crate long term objectives and proper tactics. Same thing goes for LPHY where proper vision and strategies are needed to be created in order to make the introduction of the technology can be successful.
  4. Communicating the changed long-term objective: For any kind of new changes to be done within a firm it is always important to communicate those changed item and its long term objective to the employees so that they can understand its importance. In the same manner the head of the LYPH will be needed to communicate proper the types of changes that will be introduced within the charity and also will need to make them understand its long term objectives too(Pollack, 2014).
  5. Removing the obstacles: While executing hierarchical wide transformation, impediments will come up frequently. Within this phase, the directing alliance and senior administration ought to focus on eliminating any snags that are dealing back the association's advancement toward its change objective within LPHY.
  6. Creating short term goals: Just like creating vision LPHY will also need to concentrate on creating proper missions. It is fundamental to put forth mission statement in order to accomplish and celebrate from the get-go in the change cycle to keep up with energy and rouse workers to keep supporting the work.
  7. Keeping the impetus: This phase is concerning holding the modification continue by facilitating that the employee are toiling hard to attain the changed vision although upholding the track in progress within LPHY.
  8. Making the change on-going: The change will show good result only when the head of LPHY will able to make to sustained for a longer period of times. And in order to do so it will be necessary for the management to communicate the benefits of change to the employees properly(Bucciarelli, 2015).

The Potential for Organisational and Individual Resistance of the Proposed Change Plan

It is a true fact that whenever any new changes are implemented in any firm it comes with various challenges. Particularly in case of firms which are engaged in charity work just like LPHY they need to work hard to resist the changes. In the entire study it has been discussed that the introduction of the technology within the LPHY will be a new proposed plan and with that many issues might come up which the employees need to resist. As in most of the charitable trust need funding from other sources as result their work are very restricted and when any new technological development takes place within the system the staffs many a times becomes uncomfortable to deal with those changes. Especially when any new technology being introduced firstly the most prospective challenge which arrives is coping up with it and to use that technology. In order to resist those changes the entre staffs firstly need to communicate propels the change and based on that proper training will be required to provide so that they can get familiar with those changes. In this way they can easily resist to the change.


So, it can be concluded from the entire study that strategic change comes with its own benefits and drawbacks but it entirely depends on the firm how they are implementing it. From the study it can also be identified that LPHY has planned to implement a strategic change which is related to introduction of new technology within their system to smooth the work. The study has also revealed that the entire process need to follow proper change management model in order to make it a success.


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