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Understanding the Causes and Mitigation of Anxiety through Psychology

Introduction: Understanding the Causes and Mitigation of Anxiety through Psychology

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General introduction

Anxiety is the most comment aspect in the new era as due to excessive workloads and the fast competitive life, the majority of people of going through anxiety. Methods of research are considered a method for developing and assessing hypotheses planned to show connections between variables and deliver an experience of the wonder under study. As opined by howitt (2019), in psychology, this involves typically practical testing and assumes the formation of the scientific process. As opined by rodriguez et al. (2021), it examines issues and content of people suffering from mental disorders and the increasing level of stress.

Psychology is considered a key concern of the community as many people are suffering from mental diseases adequate importance is essential to assure the recovery of patients. As opined by frost  (2021)there are several types to assure the development of mental health by following perception, transmission, knowledge, memory, judgment-making, influence, feelings, and social conduct. The forms of psychology are analyzed by the observation of the patient case analysis, and experiment. As opined by scholtz et al. (2020), the compliance process in psychology occurs when a psychologist follows the conduct of individuals without communicating with the individual. To analyze the entire situation of the patient, doctor prefers diverse forms of observation and analysis of each patient.

Literature review

Causes of anxiety

Challenging experiences in youth, adolescence, or maturity are standard triggers for stress problems. Anxiety is considered the most common cause, and problems in life trigger the aspect of anxiety in human minds. In human life, there is a lot of uncertainty and the highly competitive atmosphere is also a major concern for the development of anxiety. As opined by salari et al. (2020), each individual is suffering from diverse cause’s s shower anxiety in common aspects. The increasing flow of work and the inability to manage their personal and professional life is causing an increased rate of anxiety. As opined by hilliard et al. (2020), the patient feels that the entire world is living happily and every individual on the planet are stronger. The fear increased in the patient. As opined by de et al.  (2021), the patient supposes tense, agitated, or incapable to relax, having a definition of dread, or worrying the most impaired. Sensing like the planet is quickening up or delaying down

The patient features to consult the doctor and as a result, the patient gets trapped in the circle of depression. The increasing use of social media is also a concern as it develops a negative impact on young minds. As opined by bedaso & ayalew (2019), the youth is conserved as the innocent minds and the fake lie presented in social media distracts them and causes anxiety. For fire, it is essential to consult a doctor to reduce the stress and manage the stress factor. This will help the patient to overcome and manage a healthy life.

Mitigating the risk of anxiety

Consulting an adequate psychologist is the key element to assure the recovery of disease as the disease can cause harm in living life. The individual needs to assure a positive living standing and follow a healthy social life apart from the digital world. As opined by li et al. (2021), the increasing use of social media and getting part from peer groups is causing concern about the individual need to make a positive life by assuring meditation a [part of life. Anxiety conditions are treated; le love and affection are essential elements for the patient suffering from fear. As opined by fox et al. (2021), most patients suffering from stress can decrease or eliminate signs after consulting a good psychologist and following the therapy for months of research presents that numerous patients notice progress after periodic sessions. It is essential to follow a passion and indulge in hobbies to achieve a positive atmosphere, following hobbies develops a sense of happiness in the patients, and as a result, the patient feels more healthy and encouraged.

Present study

This study is essential as it deals with the key concern of society and supports the welfare of mental health. Psychology is a key element for achieving a healthy and successful life.



To consult this research primary source of data collection is chosen to gain adequate knowledge of the reviews. The quantitative method is preferred to analyze the entire research. Google survey is taken to with 20 participants to conduct the entire data. The data was conducted with and analyzed from the reviews and option of people regarding the concerns of psychology.


The survey conducts the questions to diverse people. The reviews are father on Google and later an effective analysis is developed to understand the perspective of the individual. Each individual holds a diversity of thinking however the majority of the individual's concepts are groped and provides glimpses of the thinking objectives of the individuals. The process of the survey is primary as each data collected by the researcher itself. The aspect of psychology and the increasing rates of stress factors are the key concern. Effective steps are taken to mitigate the challenges and in the modern era, stress and anxiety are the most common psychological aspect.


In this question paper 10 questions are considered to achieve the objectives of the researcher in the Google quintile. The responses are taken in terms of agreement, and disagreement. The people focused on the aspect of psychological aspects are considered to be active in the investigation reports. The response is based on individual thinking, opinions as well as feelings, to achieve the objectives of the entire report. Google questionnaire is chosen approach for accessing the information in terms of psychology and effective analysis of the topic.


In the first step, questions are pressed then in the second strop the survey is conducted and in the final step, the opinions are analyzed using conclusions developed by the researcher.


In this report all the ethics are followed, primary the data collection process is selected. The primary collection of data assures the authenticity of the report as the opinion is gathered most effectively. Primary data collection assures the best results in producing the best results. All the acts of writing are maintained in this paper. No data is copied from any piece of string, each detail; is provided in this report is collected by their survey analysis.



Null hypothesis (H0):

Mental health is not related to anxiety, meditation, stress, psychological session

Alternative hypothesis (H1):

Mental health is related to anxiety, meditation, stress, psychological session

Descriptive analysis

descriptive statistic

Table 1: descriptive statistic

The above table presents Descriptive analytics is considered a  method of using contemporary and recorded data to recognize trends and connections in terms of std. deviation statistic is considered as good if the values are not greater than minus or plus therefore this derivation is good as each data validation is better than the  ±2SD range. The scenes and kurtosis values assist the rescuers to check the validation of these two worth’s range which lies between -1 to +1 for scenes worth’s and kurtosis worth’s vary between -3 to + 3 assisting them to analyze the data. In the above data, it presets that all the std. deviations are good and adequate. This data presents that the derivatives and kurtosis statistics are considerable.

Correlation analysis

Coefficient analysis

Table 2: Coefficient analysis

The above table states the relationship between the variables and it is identified that the standard correlation value is p>0.05. Therefore, in the above case, there is no relation between questions 3 and 4 as the range is 0.681 which is higher than normal. However, in a similar type of case between questions no 4 and 5 as the value is 0.004. Therefore, there is a positive relationship between questions 4 and 5. Furthermore, there is a positive relation between mental health and meditation as the value is 0.36. Therefore, it can be stated that in most cases, there is a positive relationship between the variable.

Regression analysis

ANOVAs analysis

ANOVA analysis

Table 3: ANOVA analysis

The above table shows that the normal range of the R square is 0.7 or above and in this case, the range is 0.405. Therefore, this indicates that there is no standard relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. Further, through the ANOVA analysis, it has been identified that a significant value is 0.82. However, in the case of the normal distribution that is valid if the p<0.05. However, in this case, the relationship is not standard and there is a low correlation among the variables.

Coefficient analysis

Table 4: Coefficient analysis

The above table states the relationship between the dependent variables and independent variables. The test has been conducted to determine whether the null hypothesis is rejected or accepted. In this case, the p-value that is significant value is <0.05. Therefore, in the case of the first variable, there is no positive relationship between the dependent variables and independent variables as the p-value is 0.470 which is greater than the normal p-value. In the case of the second independent variable, the p-value is 0.011. However, there is a positive relationship between the dependent and independent variables. However, in the case of the third independent variable, the significant value is 0.598 which signifies that there is no significant relationship between the third independent variable and the dependent variables. Therefore, after observing all the factors related to the coefficient analysis and ANOVA analysis, there is no positive relationship between the chosen variables, therefore, the null hypothesis is rejected.


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