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Introduction to People Management Assignment


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In the present business world managing the peoples in an effective manner is a major issue which needs to be managed effectively by the managers of the company. The managers need to be effective at managing the firm and all the employees of the company in an effective manner. In the present report, the researcher will explain the role of leaders and managers in people management and what are the different skills and knowledge required by them to manage all the things(Kim, et. al. 2019). The different issues which are being faced by the managers and the entire management team in the context of the management of people are also discussed Along with this the report will also explain the role of the HR department in helping the management for managing the performance of the employees in an effective manner.


Leadership and Management

The leaders and the managers are the ones who are responsible for managing the peoples effectively in the organization and leadership and management are crucial for the success of the company(Michael, 2019). The role and responsibilities and their skills and knowledge are explained below in this section of the report.


Leadership is referred to as the ability of leaders to motivate others and help them in achieving their aims and objectives(Gächter, and Renner, 2018). In the context of businesses, it is important for the leaders to be effective in motivating the employees to deliver better performance in the company. For example, Tim Cook is one of the best and successful leaders, who is the CEO of Apple which is one of the successful companies having a great market presence.


Management is referred to as the way in which the managers are managing the company and all the peoples working in the organizations(Salmela, et. al. 2017). The managers are having a significant influence on the success and failure of the company as they are responsible for managing all the business operations and also the employees of the company. 

Comparison of characteristics of Manager and leaders



A leader focuses on creating the vision for the company.

Managers create the goals for the organization.

Leaders are risk-taking persons.

Managers focus on limiting the risks.

Leaders focus on developing positive relations with the employees.

Managers focus on building an entire system for managing the business operations effectively.

Leaders are having followers.

Managers are having employees to work with.

Leaders are having the ability to bring a change.

Managers are having the ability to direct the team.

Role of leaders and function of managers

The role of a manager and that of a leader is completely different and the combined efforts of leaders and managers are required for managing the firm in an effective manner and for leading it towards success.The leader of the company needs to motivate the employees and to make sure that all the employees are delivering better performance in the company. In contrast to this, the manager needs to focus on managing all the business operations in an effective manner. For performing the roles and responsibilities the managers and leaders focus on applying better strategies that can help them in being effective. The different leadership theories which are being used by leaders include situational theory, transactional theory, transformational theory, democratic and autocratic leadership, and many more. In contrast to this, the management theories which are being used by the managers include the system theory, human relations theory, and many more(Klijn, et. al. 2020).

Evaluating the leadership theories and approaches

The leader can use any of the leadership styles of his own choice. If the leader wants to be effective in all the different situations then it is important for them to focus on implementing the different leadership styles. According to situational leadership,the leader should focus on using different leadership styles and theories as per the situation and this is a better approach. Transformational leadership is also an effective one in which the leader focuses on transforming the company as per the change required in the company. For example, the CEO ofTesla Elon Musk also mentions that transformational leadership is an effective leadership style and he applies this to the company. The leaders can also make use of the Models-managerial skills and according to this model, the leaders need to focus on two behavioral dimensions which are a concern for peoples and concern for production and this can help them in leading the firm effectively.


Managing the human resource is not an easy task as the managers and the leaders face a lot of issues while managing the employees and it is important for them to work effectively on reducing the impact of these issues in the management of the firm(Delery, and Roumpi, 2017). Two important and contemporary issues that are being faced in people management are explained below in this section of the report.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are referred to as the process of selecting the appropriate candidates as the job specification and job description(Albert, 2019). This is considered to be an important issue because it is important for businesses to recruit the right employee for the position as per the skills and abilities of the individual. The management system needs to focus on all the important steps of the recruitment and selection process which can help them in selecting an appropriate candidate for the job. The human resource management needs to focus on advertising property and selecting the candidates without any favoritism and with equality which can help them in choosing the best candidate(Slavi?, et. al. 2017).

Training and Development

When the employee is working in the organization then it is important for the company to focus on offering better training to the employees which can help them in developing the skills and knowledge of the employees as per the changing business world. Regular training programs should be conducted by the organization which can help them in developing the skills of the employees and satisfying the employee with their jobs as well(Haugen, et. al. 2019). Training and development programs are having an impact on employee performance and management as well and because of this, it is important for the HR department to focus on this issue.


Performance Management and Staff Appraisals

Performance management system

The performance management system is referred to as the system which is used in organizing for measuring the performance of the employees within the organization. Businesses need to have an effective performance management system so that the performance of all the departments and employees can be monitored. If the company is having a better performance management system in the company then it would help the businesses in managing the performance of the employees within the organization and will also them in leading the company towards its goals and vision(DeNisi, and Murphy, 2017). Performance management is also used for conducting the employee engagement survey and better performance analysis which is important for managing the peoples effectively in the organization. All the businesses operating in diverse industries need to focus on developing effective performance management systems. For example, Tesco one of the leading companiesinthe UK had developed a better performance management system and for managing the performance the company had also added the performance-based rewards system in their performance management system which is helping them in managing the performance of employees within the firm.

Performance Standards

The performance standard is an expression of the which is approved by the management of the company in which the performance thresholds and the performance expectations are mentioned at the particular level.

Performance Appraisal Process

 This method is being referred to as the process of reviewing and evaluating the performance of the employees and analyzing that how the performance can be improved so that it can add more value to the company and lead the firm towards success. For example, the performance appraisal in Apple focuses on peer appraisals and 360-degree feedbacks which is helping their employees in understanding the level of their performance and also helping them in making improvements as well.

Performance Appraisals Methods

The performance appraisal process is very important for businesses for boosting employee performance and the overall productivity of the company(Saparauskas, and Banaitis, 2020). Businesses need to use effective performance appraisal methods such as management by objectives, 360-degree feedbacks, assessment center methods, psychological appraisals, human resource accounting methods, and many more.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

MBO is an effective strategic management model in which the company develops the objectives for improving the overall performance of the company in which both the employee and management agree with the objectives. In the case company, these objectives are being designed on the basis of the level of improvement required and the objectives are achievable so that both parties easily agree on this(Bheemanathini, et. al. 2019).


On the basis of the above-mentioned report, it can be recommended that businesses need to focus on managing the peoples and their performance in an effective manner as they are having a significant impact on the company. Both the leaders and the managers need to work effectively and should implement better theories while working. The management should focus on better recruitment and selection and then should offer high-quality training to the employees which can help them in developing their skills and knowledge. The report recommends that HR and the management should focus on implementing an effective performance appraisal process that can help them in managing the performance in an effective manner.


The report mentioned above had explained the different concepts associated with the management of the people. The leaders and the managers are having an important role to play in the organization and it is important for them to implement better leadership and management theories. Two contemporary issues recruitment and proper training and development are mentioned in the report and it is important for the businesses to focus on solving these issues or handling them effectively. Also, businesses need to focus on managing performance in an effective manner. The report concludes that peoples need to be managed effectively in the organization as they are having an impact on the overall productivity and performance of the organization.


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