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Environmental Impact & Management in Construction Projects

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Introduction: Mitigating Environmental Impact Through Sustainable Construction Practices

Increasing the construction of buildings, the potentiality regarding the environmental impact is emphasized at Englemere Rehabilitation Centre. This phenomenon stands as a big reason for the deprivation of healthcare centers. These are hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centres. Different kinds of environmental pollution are increasing. Enhancing this major environmental issue affects the patients. For this reason, the deterioration of physical health is increasing rapidly. That’s why global warming is increasing. This is the also reason for the degradation of the environment. Dams, river banks, slopes, and plant avenues are demolished by those developments of building constructions. It is essential to concern project managers if there will be no impact on public health. Specification of biological substances is the most important criterion.

These factors would include the availability of organisms and food. Biological specificity, parasites, predators and competitors are encompassed in it. This is crucial to mitigate and reduce the above issues. Abiotic factors are present within it. They are the amount of sunlight, heat and temperature, pH rate of the soil, water etc. Air, climate, soil, water, landforms and natural vegetation are all included as environmental factors. Soil resources, water resources, subsoil resources, biological resources, minerals, energy, and land are also included in these resources of the environment. Humidity and nutrition are appended to it. Usually, they are renewable and non-renewable such as water, timber and minerals etc. Health officers should be very much conscious and concerned with the patients of lazaretto as well as rehabilitation centres. 

Efficiency of Energy

Energetically, the construction is exorbitant. As the materials, generators, machinery of transportation; petrol, electricity, fuel, diesel are required. These are the urgent equipment for maintaining the machines. There is a big insistence on architects and scientists to converge the validating energy importunities with the solutions of clean energy. The industrial growth of construction is presently having the extensive usage of energy. Ensuring sustainable development, design and construction should sanction energy efficiency from the preliminary phases of the project (Nasution, et al. 2021). The efficiency of energy delivers a large number of beneficiary parts of environmental surroundings. Electricity generation is a part of it. Fuel consumption is also a segment of this. It brings various types of benefits. Appliances for large-scale households, light bulbs, smart home hubs and smart thermostats are important examples of energy efficiency. They are the perfect blueprints of technology that are considered energy efficient. Improving the efficiency of energy may lower utility bills for individuals. Eco-efficiency and sustainable efficiency are determined as the result of using fewer expedients to produce more. The apex level of performing this energy efficiency achieves its accomplished point (Ho?ínková et al. 2021). By using this scheme it may possible to create a building construction easily. It reduces carbon dioxide. This can be in an affordable and reasonable range. The aim of environmental protection helps to mitigate the bad condition of the environment. To update the energy which is efficient by nature; make sure the Englemere Rehabilitation Centre can follow the above matter as their prevention of health care system. 

Management of Pollution

Waste must be generated from various types of construction projects. During this upgrading and maturing of the building construction plastic litter, wastage of foods, rubble the builders, and hazardous waste might be formed. This is very critical that the priority of the embarked construction drafts waste management proposition. To remove these continuous trips according to disposal amenities of wastage. Hence, the majority of site officers construct a thing which is called a “Waste Cage” beside the site camp(Ingle et al 2022). This is used for only storing those wastes temporarily. If they are biodegradable substances then they can be reused and recycled again and again. This is a very useful and fruitful process for preventing pollution. Noise can be also created by machinery which is not silenced properly anymore. Harsh offensive sounding must be occurred during working the grinding and drilling machines. Thus a bad disturbance must be erected. This noise pollution is very much effective on the living elements, human beings and as well as any kind of health care the hospitals, rehabilitation centres and nursing homes. This rehabilitation centre must imitate the process of pollution management schemes. 

Sustainable utilization of Resources

A lot of natural and raw materials are necessary during the building construction, whenever it is constructed of a high-rise tower or a dam. Limestone, building sand, metals, clay, plastic, glass, stones, bricks, textiles, cement and wood products (translucent woods) like structural steel and electrical wiring are included in this building construction. The usage of these materials has a large impression on bio diversities and ecosystems (Habert et al. 2020). How it can be mitigated must be observed and taken forward as soon as possible in a perfect method manner. Sustainable development is a big segment of the prevention of environmental fouling. This development has a good performance on this ground. Human activities are working as influencers of this development. This meets the needs of manpower and the generation of future accomplishments. To upgrade the sustainable development of the Englemere Rehabilitation Centre this above discussion is very much fruitful. 

The rehabilitation centre may take suggestions or help from different kinds of health sectors to protect their patients who are under treatment and any kind of therapy. The oil and gas industry mainly petrochemicals factories may be a reason for issuances. Emissions of carbon dioxide are emphasized. Everyone should oppose economic growth. The study of the determination of issues by investigation there is so many negative impacts on the environmental index of this centre. Consumption of energy has a significant and positive impact on this rehabilitation centre. It has an essence to transpose the primitive construction styles. According to the segment on water pollution in Environmental science, it is clear to all that the water sewage system must be good. Soil pollution also should be prevented because of protecting the lives of creatures who live in the soil. 

Water Waste Management

Without using water it is impossible to build a construction project. It is essential that construction water be acquired from a non-portable source. So, the planning of the location, where the construction should be built; is very urgent. Water is also essential for cleaning the floor and mixing cement and sand and any other substances. It should be constructed nearby the plant side of the water treatment or boreholes which are authorized. It helps to reduce the environmental impact (Opoku et al 2022). It can be worked through the implementation and drafting of a storm water management plan which inscribes how surface and storm water print will be channeled or maintained. This surface runoff has the potential to consist of hazardous chemicals to lessen the impact on the environment which is surrounded by heavy rainfalls. Mutagen chemical substances may be washed away through the rainwater.

Management of Construction project

Figure 1: Management of Construction project

Chemicals and toxins are mixed with it due to the heavy rainfall. This prodigy must have occurred water pollution. There is an option which can help to give the way out of this matter is to collect this in a non-permeable cavorted area. In this area, it is evaporation as a confession. Sediment and the lumbers are collected and disposed of.  The disposal facility of waste materials is licenced. Therefore the water should be restrained from being unconfined freely into the environmental surroundings. Some components such as pollutants which are melted into the water can occur as an issue (Karakurt et al. 2019). Some substances are soluble in the water and may cause water pollution. Hydrophilic components are easily mixed up with water which is a pollutant and causes also water pollution. In accordance with water pollution, the sewage stratagem must be significant and analyzed. The most used schemes of sewage systems are storm sewers, combined sewers and sanitary sewers. So sewage treatment is one of the most obligatory sections of prevention. Thus this center can be free properly from the aberrations and difficulties of the surrounding environmental issues. 


 As a remedy for all kinds of fatal and miserable diseases and physical aberration; a drainage system beside this building's construction health officer and in-charge of the Englemere Rehabilitation Centre must take a good step eagerly very soon. This project is also concluded with feasible development. Soil erosion must be diminished to deter the issues of environmental circumstances. The misbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide must be consummated. Agricultural works, mining, and commercial services are distracted by constructing of building construction.  Everybody should be aware of the critical impact of this phenomenon. To ignore all types of environmental pollution, global warming precautions must be taken and carried forward. Issues of physical health must be removed by prevention of the whole pollution. Awareness might be grown up against the pollutants. It should be mitigated.  It may also lead to sustainable development by stimulating renewable resources like water, wind and solar system 



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