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Sales Management Assignment

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1.0 Introduction - Sale management 

As suggested by scholars, sales management can be defined as the process of coordination, strategising and managing the factors of sales (Rapp and Beelr, 2021). This can be taken as a beneficial approach for business and management processes and almost all the large and small business organisations worldwide are using these factors. The sales management process is cordially maintained and controlled by the structure of the organisation, which in terms can be referred to as the "sales structure". This is one of the most crucial factors for the business success of Argos Store and the enhancement of their profit percentage. Nevertheless, the key principles and techniques followed by Argos Store are also important to follow to achieve success in sales. This report discusses the important techniques and principles of successful selling in Argos Stores along with an overview of cold, warm and hot selling. This report is also discussed a better understanding of the CRM software in sales along with some important techniques of sales in practice nowadays.

2.0 Key Principles and Techniques for Successful Selling

Proper sales structure and management are important to achieve the desired success for a business organisation, however, this is also essential to follow its key principles of it. This is very beneficial to the business organisation to ensure the best practice to improve sales percentage and built a better reputation (Jobber et al., 2019). The principles and techniques of successful selling are always helpful to achieve these and serve the business bodies’ utmost success with their plans and strategies. This can be said that these principles and techniques can help to make a better understanding of the factors of sales and serve the business bodies a proper idea to pitch.

  • This is very important to make sales to build a better relationship with the buyers and maintain goodwill with them.
  • One of the important perspectives of sales is to manage the problems of the customers and satisfy them with proper and suitable products/services.
  • The sellers must maintain a greater value to the customers by evaluating the customers in a successful selling process.
  • This is important for the seller to listen to the customers about their problems and desires before pitching any product/ service for sale.

3.0 Contribution of Selling Techniques in Customer Relationship

The principles and techniques of selling help to make a better outcome of the selling process and all of these are very important to Argos Stores to achieve success. This is also important for the interns to know about this and make a better approach to their sales techniques (Chuang, 2020). As suggested by scholars, a good sales management factor always helps to make a better relationship with the customers which brings greater value to the organisation. In short, these factors are helpful to gain a positive reputation in the market (Cao et al., 2018). Customer relationships can be handled by these techniques and these have some greater contribution to the CRM techniques in Argos Store.

  • The principle of sales serves the customers a feeling of speciality and they consider themselves unique which serves a good relationship.
  • Honest and authentic sales make the sellers trustworthy to the customers and they share their problems with the sellers more.
  • Customers always depend on sellers who are good listeners and they are willing to share their needs with them which contributes to a trustworthy relationship.
  • Honesty and integrity attract customers better which helps to gain a greater reputation in the market.

4.0 Differences and Benefits of the Cold, Warm and Hot Calling

As suggested by Huang et al., (2019), business bodies like Argos Store make sales pitch in different ways and all these factors are helpful to them to make a better approach to their sales and customer relationships. This can be said that the important factors of calls and pitches in sales can vary under different conditions and this makes it outcomes accordingly.

4.1 Benefits of Cold, Warm and Hot Calling

  • Cold calling can be helpful to make a better approach to customer generation and practise the pitch through which the customers can be attracted.
  • This is beneficial to use warm calling when the "leads" are already in the sales funnel and are willing to make business with the company.
  • Hot calling is beneficial when the customers are very willing to make business as this serves the seller's genuine business and profit along with a greater reputation.

4.2 Differences between Cold, Warm and Hot Calling


Cold Calling

Warm Calling

Hot Calling


Does not have an interest in products or services.

Deep interest in products or services.

Interest is displayed in a product or service.


Can be generated with the help of a third party.

Can be generated by representatives and email marketing.

Can be created by emails, social media and websites.


Does not show any interest or need.

They have specific needs.

Has predefined needs and desires.

Table 01: Differences between Cold, Warm and Hot Calling

(Source: Created by the learner)

5.0 Innovative and Recent Sales Techniques

Society and cultures are changing every day and this is causing companies to make changes accordingly. Looking at the practical scenarios nowadays this can be said that the important factors of business must be handled by innovative ideas which make a better outcome (Kumar et al., 2021). This is also the same for Argos Stores and the company also need to follow some innovative and unique ideas to handle the sales. This will serve the company a better alignment with proper handling of all the factors of sales. This will also serve ease, accuracy and perfection to the business functions.

  • A proper “sales automation technology” can be helpful to make a better approach to the sales structure.
  • Social selling and customer orientation will help the company serves ease to the customers to shop, hence serving competitive advantage.
  • AI-based customer handling process will serve the company to make a better approach to the customer service factors and this will make a better business.
  • Technological factors to handle big data will be helpful to align, sort and store all the important information related to the sale.
  1. 0 Utilisation of CRM Software to Improve Sales

The phrase “CRM” is an abbreviation of “customer relationship management” which is involved in customer handling (Soltani et al., 2018). The CRM department of a company maintains a proper relationship with the customers and solves their problems related to sales. The key function of this department is to make a better reputation among the customers and ensure company ethics (Tien et al., 2021). This is a very effective and beneficial factor for Argos Store to use the CRM software to make a better and more effective approach in the company. This serves some ease to the functions of CRM and ensures proper growth for the company.

  • CRM software helps to maintain a proper relationship with the customers and to handle all the important data related to them safely and easily.
  • This can improve collaboration between stakeholders and ensure a proper and aligned technique to make a better business scenario.
  • The mCRM (mobile CRM) facility helps to connect with customers from anywhere and this makes a better outcome for the whole system.
  • CRM software like “mCRM” helps to collect authentic and more data in less time.

7.0 Example of the Application of the Key Principles and Techniques for Successful Selling

Almost all the large and small business organisation in the world is using all the important techniques and principles of successful selling and they are achieving success with it. All these companies have their unique and innovative sales strategy and they are having a greater business scenario with this. This can be said that the companies are using all these factors along with a better cognitive skill that helps to achieve success with their innovative plans and this is helping them to have greater customer service, proper alignment of functions and fruitful implementations of strategies.

  • According to Hassan et al. (2019) companies like Tesco follows the important principles and techniques of sales, hence most of the customers are satisfied with the company.
  • Tesco uses some innovative ideas for packaging and marketing which attract customers more and this helps the company to achieve its desired success.
  • According to Yerpude (2020), companies like “Morison’s” follows a proper ethical factor to maintain a better business scenario with their customers serving unique and quality products.
  • "Next PLC" also follows the proper technique for selling in their offline and online business.

8.0 Conclusion

This is very important for business bodies to make a better approach to their sales strategies to ensure a better business outcome. The key principles and factors of sales help the companies to ensure proper customer relations and a greater reputation. Proper sales management and structure are important to the business bodies like Argos Stores as this serves the company a proper alignment with sales. CRM and CRM software plays a very important role in this regard. This report found the important techniques and principles of successful selling in Argos Stores along with an overview of cold, warm and hot selling. This report is also found a better understanding of the CRM software in sales along with some important techniques of sales in practice nowadays.


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