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Developing Yourself As An Effective HR Practitioner

1. Introduction - Developing Yourself As An Effective HR Practitioner

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Human Resource professionals can handle several kinds of difficult situations related to staff members. Sensitive data related to employees are controlled by HR managers. This report tries to focus on professional maps and specialist knowledge areas of HR practitioners. This report is effective in increasing the skills and knowledge of individuals related to HR practices. The importance of customer needs, effective communication, and successful delivery of services are illustrated through this study.

2. Methodology

The methodology is effective in identifying different methods that can be applied within a research process. To serve this research process, secondary data is being collected by study developers. This can help them to continue this study within a limited period. In this present situation, the CPID professional map is selected by study developers from a web portal that provides different kinds of information related to HR practices. This professional map is relevant for identifying the role of HR managers, values, core behavior of professionals, and so on. The hybrid optimization method related to the analysis of professional maps is also applied by individuals (Maeda et al. 2018). Secondary sources like books, journals, articles, newspaper data, and so on related to effective HR practices are also considered within this study. All these sources are effective in increasing the skill and knowledge of practitioners effectively. This can help study developers identify different processes to improve HR practices as well as company performance.

3. Discussion & Findings

Activity 1

Illustration of CPID professional map

CPID professional map is a set of international benchmarks for each individual within their professional circumstances. To serve their purposes and responsibilities within the workplace, these individuals applied several kinds of processes.

Values: The main purpose of this process is to develop better work situations and improve the working lives within the workplace (Tursunbayevaet al. 2021). The value of this professional map is to connect each member of the workplace by properly distributing their responsibilities.

Core Knowledge: Core knowledge is dealing with people's practices, cultural aspects of the organization, the behavior of employees, and many more. These things are effective in improving the performance of staff members related to project work, team collaboration, cultural diversity, and much more within any organization (Ross et al. 2021). Technological advancement is also helpful to modify company performance appropriately.

Figure 1: CPID Professional Map

(Source: peopleprofession.cipd.org, 2022)

Core behavior: It deals with ethical practices, commercial practices, valuing of co-workers, and situational decision-making processes that are being applied through this map (peopleprofession.cipd.org, 2022). The core behaviors of HR practitioners are providing opportunities for other team members to increase their level of knowledge and overall performance in a particular manner.

Specialists' Knowledge Areas: In this situation, HR managers are trying to identify employee experiences, relationships among staff members, cultural diversity, and inclusion models. A plan related to organization development and people analytic services is also being performed by professionals to modify their services correctly.

Identification of specialist knowledge area

The specialist's knowledge deals with different aspects like employee experience, relations, diversity, learning and development, and the design of company development. All these things play an important role in improving company performance as well as sustainability. As per the understanding, employee relations are the most important thing that can help HR managers develop a strong bond with their staff (Chen et al. 2021). A strong relationship between HR professionals and employees creates a huge impact on cultural development within a workplace. The specialist is required to maintain a transparent relationship with other members of the organization. It can help them to identify the opinions of their employees related to any adverse situation effectively (Williams et al. 2020). Rewards and resources within the workplace are also necessary to motivate the staff to improve their performance during the teamwork. This knowledge area is also effective in reducing the number of absences at the workplace (Tewari and Kumar, 2019). The organizational culture is also modified by developing team collaboration among team members. A healthy and safe workplace is developed by company employees that can motivate them to participate in different team projects.

Activity 2

Customer needs

A successful HR manager also needs to communicate with their customers which can help them to identify their opinions related to products and services. In this present context, as HR professionals individuals also communicate with their customers to identify their requirements related to products and services.

Customer 1: The quality of products is satisfactory but the product price required to minimize that can help to increase product budget-friendly. The reduction of the price rate is effective for the development of sales rates within the market as well as for attracting new customers.

Customer 2: Sometimes, it is identified that the company is not able to maintain product quality. In this context, the company needs to improve its product return policy. This can help us to maintain a strong bond with the firm.

Customer 3: The individual needs more information related to the product before purchasing the product. This can help me to purchase the right product as per requirement.

After identifying the needs of customers, the HR manager needs to focus on the urgent requirements of consumers. To identify the particular solution to any needs, HR is required to survey their consumers as well as employees (Timoshenko and Hauser, 2019). It is effective for them to understand which one is needed to fulfill first. In this present context, product prices are required to be reduced by company authorities to increase their sales rate. The reduction of product prices is also effective in providing competitive advantages for companies. The new target customers are attracted by using this price reduction policy.

Effective communication

Face-to-face Communication

Face-to-face communication can be performed by human resource managers by organizing meetings with their employees. This process provides opportunities to identify their reactions during the meeting. This is also effective for professionals to illustrate company goals properly. This is also helpful to develop a strong relationship within the organization. It also has some limitations that create miscommunication among team members (Giudici and Filimonau, 2019). Differences between employee opinions can develop bias during the meeting.

E-mail communications

E-mail is another important communicational process that is effective in conducting long-distance communication in a particular manner. This is helpful to identify the opinions of customers as well as staff within a short period. The authenticity and integrity between staff and HR professionals are developed through this process. The main disadvantage of this communication process is mail does not provide space to express detailed plans related to company performances. The main points of the discussion topics are illustrated through this process which can generate miscommunication. Non-verbal communication can be misinterpreted by individuals.

Figure 2: Communication system

(Source: Self-created)

All-in-one communication system

This can be performed by a company software system that can develop several features to identify the opinions of their customers. Based on this process, HR managers can collect several kinds of information related to employment history, contract data, diversity information, company assets, and much more (Giudici and Filimonau, 2019). All these are effective in improving the performance of HR professionals. This also has some issues related to the technical knowledge of employees. Staff are not able to use such systems properly.

Successful service delivery

To maintain customer satisfaction rate successful product delivery is also playing an important role. From such perspectives, delivery time, budget, resolving of customer complaints, and many more are required to fulfill by HR professionals (Patel et al. 2019). The practitioners need to maintain the product delivery time before the contract is over. This can help them to improve the product supply chain and organizational values properly. Reduction of product delivery services is also necessary to increase customer satisfaction rate appropriately. Different customers are providing several types of information related to product services (Ulrich and Grochowski, 2018). This creates difficulties for professionals to understand their basic needs. Through a successful communication process, individuals can properly improve their services effectively.

4. Conclusion and recommendation

The role of HR professionals and their strategies related to customer satisfaction, employee retention, and much more are identified in this report. The professional maps are effective in identifying knowledge areas of HR practitioners. Employee relations are the most important process that motivates employees to improve their performances. Customer needs are also identified by HR professionals as well as their effective communication system.


Sharing of responsibilities is effective in improving their performances within the workplace. The involvement of human resources is modified through the sharing of responsibilities. This can help to improve productivity within the workplace. The staff training programs are helpful for the company to increase employee performance and business potential effectively. The application of technologies can be implicated through this staff training process (Dewi and Putra, 2021). To serve this purpose, professionals require identifying willing employees who want to participate in these training programs. Changes in the HR management system are also helpful for practitioners to identify the opinions of customers as well as staff easily. 


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