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Effective Team Working And Communication

INTRODUCTION - Effective Team Working And Communication

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Executive Summary

The study has discussed that the collaboration assumes a significant part in the advancement and accomplishment of progress at Green Fields. Individuals feel propelled while they are working in a group that shows a part of managing the various circumstances. Notwithstanding, the utilization of Belbin Team Roles works fair and square of efficiency among the colleagues and improves the degree of inspiration of a person. The utilization of Tuckman's hypothesis and Hackman’s hypothesis helps the colleagues at various phases of the development, for example, framing, raging, and norming, performing, and concluding. It assists in offsetting what is going on with the alternate points of view of the work.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

b. 4

Overview of the team working. 4

Models of team development 6

Team Roles. 8

Discussion. 9

Conclusion and recommendations. 11

References. 13


Teamwork can be termed as the group of people who are working together to attain specific goals and objectives of the team. In this report, there is a discussion about effective teamwork along with the appropriate use of team development models like Tuckman for the growth of the team. Further, it also discusses the roles which are required for developing effective teams along with the theories related to it such as Belbin Team roles. Moreover, the discussion includes the benefits of effective team working along with some of the barriers which can affect teamwork. At last, recommendations for making improvements in the teamwork.

Overview of the team working

In general, a team has usually explained a set of individuals who act self-goal work to toil in the direction of completing a shared short-term perspective or explicit goals. Few kinds of teams have restricted life for instance a planning team creating an item or an ongoing process development team prearranged to resolve s definite problem. Different organizations have various teams keeping in mind the kind of work they need to deliver (Prabhakar, 2009). Like in the case of Green Fields Care home need to develop a team with an intention to keep the employees intact and work together devoid of any kind of misunderstandings so that they can serve the people in a better manner.

Figure 1: Layout of a team

Source: Google

Now in case of Green Fields Care it can be seen that though the members of the team are very hard working and focused but they are not contributing enough to the care home as a team. As a result it will be important to note what adds to actual teamwork which is discussed in the table below:

Honesty in between the team

Preparing to involve in discussion around notion

Learn to dedicate to decisions and course of action

Concentration on attaining shared outcome

Developing conviction among teams generally is time taking. Assuming honesty is deficient with regards to it should be the obligation of the group chief to concentrate first on developing conviction, the manager of Green Fields Care will need getting colleagues to open up and uncover their shortcomings and fears to one another.

It will be also important for the team members to make them prepare for taking part in any kind of decision making so that employees can learn the ideas shared by each other which can be used to develop a good team at Green Fields Care

Group outcome will just happen because of group obligation to group choices, this incorporates settling on the points of interest of activity plans.

The long-term objective, as well as the short-term objective of the group, should be acknowledged by all the colleagues and basic objectives saw as the aggregate liability of the group (BlueSteps, 2020).

Models of team development

Considering the issue identified in Green Fields Care where it has been identified that team members were facing issues in working in a team where many a time misunderstands are created and as a result the task is not getting completed. Thus in this situation the two important model of team development can be used which are Tuckman's FSNP Model and The Hackman Model. Both these models are applicable in the stated case of Green Fields Care because these two models are focused on managing the communicational issues which is created due to improper management of team.

Tuckman's FSNP Model: Considering the first stage of this this model the manager of Greenfield Care will need to form a team that will totally depend on his leadership and also will allow decisions from the team members too. The manager in this stage of forming need to get ready for answering the questions asked by the tams so that they can feel they are forming a group altogether that will lead to dissolve the misunderstanding between them. In the storming stage it might happens that the team members will not get agree on the notions shared by each other which might create power fight. In this situation the manager of Greenfield will need to make them understand and concentrate over the main objective to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. In addition to this the manager also need to combine the last three stages of the Tuckman's s theory to lead and create a team that will dedicate their energy towards betterment and development of the home care for the upcoming times (Hurt, 2007).

Figure 2: Tuckman's FSNP Model

Source: Google

The Hackman Model: Considering this theory the manager of Greenfield will need to create a team working environment within which they will feel motivated. In order to do so it will be important to follow the 5 job traits which is the main point if this theory. The first part that needs to get focus on is skill variety in which it will be pivotal to identify the particular skills for the designated roles. Secondly based on this the manager will need to identify the task to fit those skills based on the task segregated. Task importance, independence and feedback in this case will identify the level of the occupation significantly affects the existence of others inside the association yet in addition to society all in all (Ali, 2014).

Figure 3: The Hackman Model

Source: Google

Team Roles

In order to develop a cohesive as well as effective team it will be required for the manager of Greenfield to firstly encourage proper flow of interaction among the team members in order to avoid any sorts of misunderstanding. Secondly considering the issues identified in the case it is also important to practice team development exercises that will help in bringing the team close together. The theory that will be best fitted with this situation is the Belbin’s team roles theory.

Based on the case study of Green Fields, there is the use of different team theories for making improvements in effective teamwork activities (Lynch, and et.al., 2018). The use of Belbin’s theory helps to understand the role of an individual at a Care Home in a team which helps to make development in the strength of people along with handling the weakness. However, Belbin’s theory helps the team members to adapt to changes as per the requirement of work as it also highlights the collective strength which makes the team members more cohesive to work in the dynamic environment.

Figure 1: Belbin's Team Roles

Source: Google

However, Belbin’s team roles provide balanced teamwork for the teams of Care Home and increase the self-awareness regarding the responsibilities which affects positively the outcomes. It gives authority to an individual to perform in the right manner with appropriate behaviour with the team members which can make improvement in the process of teamwork.


In order to discuss the advantages of effective teamwork at Green Fields Care Home, there are certain points which are required to consider:

  • Met deadlines: when a team work together, it helps to increase in the level of productivity that leads to reduce the huge workload and it will be manageable for the people to meet the deadlines.
  • Flexibility: There is more flexibility during the team work as it divides the work as well as knowledge between many individuals. It helps in gaining more flexibility as any people are working in a team.
  • New opportunities and ideas: The effective teamwork brings out new ideas from an individual that helps to analyse the new business opportunities for Green Fields Care Home.
  • Increase in productivity: The contribution of an individual leads to enhance the productivity at Green Fields Care Home as people are more committed towards the work (Wei, and Ohland, 2021).

In addition to this, there are some of the barriers to the effective team working in the present scenario of Green Fields Care Home which are as follows:

  • Due to the communication gap between the team members as there is requirement of appropriate skills of communication for the people to connect each other at Care Home that is significant part for them.
  • In the environment of team at Green Fields Care Home there is a pressure of work on an individual as there is more responsibility along with the aspect of duties in the process of decision making. It is considered as a major barrier in the preened scenario of the Green Fields Care Home where the collaborative work is less contributed in the ideas of work.
  • There are certain issues of accountability in the case of performance of team members as some of them are not taking responsibilities which affect the progress of team of Green Fields Care Home.
  • In addition to this, the poor conflict resolution skills affect the teamwork management and the goal of work and it is quite challenging for the team members to handle the conflicts at workplace.

On the basis Coyle’s Code team composition at Green Fields includes the behaviour of people which helps to develop a safe connection with each other as it helps to make improvement in qualities of people. However, there is use of different techniques for designing the issues and provide appropriate resolution for managing the situation among team members with culture.

In order to analyse the impact of effective teamwork at Green Fields Care Home as the people are more considering the calculated risks at the workplace. Further, teamwork encourages personal development, maximization of job satisfaction along with reducing the level of stress (Rosen, and et.al., 2018). In addition to this, teamwork helps to solve the problems at Green Fields Care Home in an effective manner by getting the opinions of different people which increases the chances of solving the issues. It has been identified that the people are happier in the process of effective teamwork as they can help each other with any task that affects positively the team members. However, there is an enhancement in the personal growth of the team members at Care Home is a positive aspect of effective teamwork. It is beneficial to make decisions and provide opinions for the tasks which increase the level of self-confidence to deal with the challenges at the workplace. Thus, effective teamwork makes changes in the opportunities for growth and development which plays a significant role for the people at Green Fields Care Home. It proves to be effective for the development and growth of people.

Conclusion and recommendations

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that teamwork plays a crucial role in the progress and achievement of success at Green Fields. The people feel motivated while they are working in a team that shows an aspect of dealing with the different situations. However, the use of Belbin Team Roles improves the level of productivity among the team members and enhances the level of motivation of an individual. The use of Tuckman’s theory helps the team members at different stages of the growth such as forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. It helps in balancing the situation with the different perspectives of the work.

Recommendation: It can be recommended that the team members should make two-way communication for improving the teamwork. It must be proper communication toward the set objectives and clear goals so that it will be easier to analyse the issues within the workplace. The other recommendation includes that flexibility must be provided to the team members as it allows an individual to be productive at different stages of work. Further, it is essential to make use of various tools for collaboration which increase the level of capacity to handle tasks for the delivery of services at Green Fields Care Home.


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The study has discussed that the collaboration assumes a significant part in the advancement and accomplishment of progress at Green Fields. Individuals feel propelled while they are working in a group that shows a part of managing the various circumstances. Notwithstanding, the utilization of Belbin Team Roles works fair and square of efficiency among the colleagues and improves the degree of inspiration of a person. The utilization of Tuckman's hypothesis and Hackman’s hypothesis helps the colleagues at various phases of the development, for example, framing, raging, and norming, performing, and concluding. It assists in offsetting what is going on with the alternate points of view of the work.

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