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New Business Plan for Eco Bricks in India

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Introduction - Eco-friendly Building Materials from Waste: The Eco Bricks of India

The study will provide detailed information about the new business plan of the Eco Bricks in India. It would depict knowledge about concepts about it along with the marketing and competitive evaluation. On the other hand, it would enhance understanding of the different promotional and marketing strategies that would be taken for the sales of eco-bricks in India. This discussion will reflect an analysis of the operational plans related to the methods through which business would function. Moreover, information about the financial plans along with growth plans. Finally, it would give a conclusion about the entire things that had been learned from this study.

An Ecobrick is a bottle of plastic stuffed and packed tightly in the absence of any recyclable substances in order that it is able to be used as a constructing block for a shape. It quite a lot turning into a brick, manufactured from plastic. Eco bricks flip utilized plastic into “reusable” constructing blocks best for round and spiral constructing programs (Rose et al., 2021). It is able to be utilized to create modules, domestic fixtures, play parks, and meals-wooded area gardens. the usage of the trouble, an employer or country could construct the sustainable objectives. The present-day international is now coping with numerous primary atmospheric troubles that might be creating worldwide warming. The gas utilized in such furnaces is a chief supply of pollutants, and the atmosphere is left susceptible to it (Daberao et al., 2021). These days, commercial enterprise studies companies and atmospheric companies are trying to make homes more atmospherically pleasant and, no less than, carbon impartial.

Details of the product/service concept and evidence/degree of innovativeness

Eco bricks can be utilized throughout the sector to construct planters, fixtures, walls, homes, and moreover boats. Moreover, it is designed to gain the durability and sturdiness of plastic to make an indefinitely reusing, constructing block. Moreover, creating Eco bricks from family plastic is an excellent mission for households. The usage of Eco bricks generates a domestic, households could enhance such easy systems as a body for a "sandbox", increasing planting mattress for a lawn, or maybe an outside bench (Tiwari, 2022). Innovative residents international had been producing and the usage of Eco bricks as constructing substances due to the fact bottles of plastic have been brought. Vertical and horizontal methods for constructing with round, bottle-shaped Eco bricks. The horizontal technique is excellent for benches, plant packing containers, and different low-increment systems. For the vertical technique, the bottles are set among the shape of timber and a hen cord on the head of a platform for a fence or hall (Gavali and Ralegaonkar, 2020). Then, cement or adobe and water are combined and slathered over the hen cord to generate the floor, protecting the bottles. The floor could then be designed. Eco bricks have several benefits over traditional building substances. They appear at zero price, soak up abnormal surprise masses, are reutilized, clean to activities with, soft, and increase the plastic that's swiftly challenging to hijack their ecology.

Market and competitive analyses

The worldwide marketplace for waste plastic utilized in brick production is increasing rapidly and is probable to make bigger within the future periods. Plastic is one of the maximum significantly applied substances in packaging programs and product manufacture. In keeping with UNEP, the whole quantity of plastic rubbish created globally is more or less three hundred million, almost eighteen percent of overall rubbish produced every year (Gopinath, 2018). Due to the form of trash of plastic and its diverse additives, reusing and recycling plastic is a completely difficult technique. For this reason, simply nine percent of every plastic wastage produced has been reutilized, twelve percent has been burnt, and the alternative seventy-nine percent has accumulated in ordinary watercourses and landfills. So, there may be a massive marketplace possibility for Eco Brick enterprise to create big sales with the aid of the usage of this massive plastic garbage.

India is the 2nd biggest brick producer within the globe after China. Indian brick enterprise is nearly completely unorganized and articulated with the aid of the availability of a huge range of small-size producers that come into rivalry with each other at the local stage (Athiappan et al., 2021). Bricks and blocks enterprise in India has achieved a good-sized boost over previous periods, pushed with the aid of the boost in infrastructure and production works. Furthermore, India's growing masses, growth in per capita profits, stepped forward financial increase, urbanization, and speedy industrialization has generated the boom possibilities of brick and block enterprises. India abides by the conventional technique of brick creation and it seems to be stated that this country has greater than officially recorded clay brick kilns which fulfill the once-a-year call for greater than one billion bricks (Gopinath, 2018). India’s “pink clay brick enterprise” makes use of traditional firing strategies, a technique that is incredibly hard work extensive and has gasoline necessities, and is ruled with the aid of small size brick kilns.

Porter’s five forces

Level of competition

As the brick industry of India is big with lots of consumers in different sectors due to their requirements for construction of houses, production plants, offices, and government buildings. There is a huge possibility of facing competition from new eco bricks businesses from b reputation brands of brick production such as NSP bricks, GK Groups, Hem Care Corporation, AIMS Bricks, and others (Babu and Krishnaiah, 2018). Hence, it can be said that the competition level for eco bricks business in India will be high. 

Threats of new entrants

As the industry is wide with lots of construction demands in private house building and real estate business, hence, there are already established manufacturers of eco-bricks and normal bricks in India (Abraham et al., 2020). Although it is easy to get access to this industry for that there are various legal complications and the presence of huge expenditures. Thus, it can be said that the threats of new entrants for Eco Bricks will be low.

Threats of substitutes

The new Eco Bricks business would be required to be for continuous and timely supply and delivery of highly qualitative bricks and blocks to their clients. If they fail to do so, then their own customers will shift towards other brands like NSP bricks, GK Groups, Hem Care Corporation, AIMS Bricks, and others who sell the same kind of eco bricks too in India (Babu and Krishnaiah, 2018). This will reduce the number of existing permanent customers of this new Eco Bricks business. Hence, it could be stated that threats of substitution are very high.

Bargaining power of suppliers

It has been recognized that there are various famous brands of eco bricks in India that make hiring of diverse suppliers that come from different states for the delivery of bricks on time to the construction site or clients. Hence, it can be said that the suppliers do not get scopes to charge a price for the supply as per their wish as they do not enjoy any sort of monopoly. This proves that the bargaining strength of the suppliers in the brick industry is very low.

Bargaining power of buyers

As the bricks whether it is eco-friendly or normal are being sold to the clients on the basis of the required quantity, hence, the buyers get the opportunity to set the price as per the affordability. This will provide the customers the ability to bargain the overall price on which they would purchase the eco bricks from one company otherwise they will make contact with other eco-bricks brands (Abraham et al., 2020). This indicates that the bargaining strength of the purchaser would be much higher.

Marketing, promotional strategies

The marketing and promotional strategies that would be selected for this new business plan are the normal advertisements on roads, cities, and towns through putting normal hoardings and posters. On the other hand, the advertisement and promotion would further be done through the television which would create huge awareness and knowledge among the customers about the types and size of eco bricks that would be sold by them in the market along with the price at which it would be sold (Bhushaiah et al., 2019). Moreover, the marketing strategies that will be adopted are the utilization of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. This would generate huge popularity among the people of India. Marketing techniques of the brick sector of India consist of understanding the desired role, setting the desired customers, gaining information related to rivalry, growing verbal exchange, promotion, pricing of the product, enhancing income advertising, commercial, keeping an excellent connection with the clients and gaining expertise regarding the authorities' modern guidelines for the brick enterprise. Loyalty programs target ordinary buyers with the aid of supplying them incentives which inspire them to hold to store with them (Munir et al., 2021).

They perform with loyalty applications which praise everyday clients with member-most effective advantages, reductions and factors that may be redeemed in opposition to extra merchandise. due to the fact dependable clients would spend greater, it seems to be beneficial retail keep promotional approach. Proximity concentrated on shall eco-bricks agency outline a place throughout precise retail places with the support of geo-fencing. As soon as that’s carried out, they are able to advertise to human beings inside that region to persuade buying conduct (Parashar, 2021). For instance, while human beings are drawing near their shop, brick organizations can display applicable promotions to inspire them to forestall by means of. It seems to be an established manner to boom retail foot site visitors. Geo-conquesting manner triumphing commercial enterprise from the rivals with the aid of the usage of region records. It is one of the simplest "brick-and-mortar" advertising and marketing techniques for Eco brick enterprises (Thejas and Hossiney, 2021 ). Every action that needs to be carried out is launching campaigns to individuals who are close to their rivals with the purpose of having them go to their savings as a substitute. Every other correct manner to get clients into their shop is to create in-shop activities associated with the enterprise so as to enchant them. 

Operational plans

The way business will operate on a daily basis

Creation of clay for eco brick production

The creation of clay for bricks production is carried out in six stages namely cleaning the soil from clay requires natural clay for the making of bricks. The head layer of soil might also consist of dirt, hence the clay in the upper layer of soil approximately 200mm intensity is removed completely. It is further referred to as unsoiling (Athiappan et al., 2021). After the removal of the top layer, digging is done so that the clay is taken out from the ground and unfolds on the obvious floor. Cleansing in its level, the clay is wiped clean of stones, vegetable count numbers, and many others. If a huge amount of particulate is counted is available, after which the clay is screened and washed. The sum of clay is transformed into powder with rollers. “Weathering” the wiped clean clay is uncovered to the environment for losing. The duration of weathering can be three to four weeks or a complete wet season (Athiappan et al., 2021). Normally, the clay is extracted simply earlier than the wet season for bigger tasks. mixing if we need to feature any component to the clay, it is to be brought to this degree with the aid of creating the clay loose and unfolding the component over it. Then undertaking a short part of clay into the palms and converting it up and down in a vertical route. This technique is referred to as mixing of clay.


After the molding technique, the bricks comprise a few quantities of moisture in it. Hence, drying is to be carried out in any other case they will crack at the same time as burning. The drying of raw bricks is carried out with the aid of ordinary systems. The bricks are laid in stacks. A stack is composed of eight to ten stairs. The bricks in those stacks need to be organized in this sort of manner that flow of air among the bricks is loose (Bhushaiah et al., 2019). The duration of drying can be three to ten days. It additionally relies upon the climate situation. The dried parts are additionally organized on an upper degree than the ordinary floor for the shielding of bricks from rainwater. In a few conditions, synthetic drying is followed beneath unique dryers or warm gasses.


Within the molding method, finished clay is molded into brick form. This system may be carried out in methods consistent with level of the task. If production of bricks is on a short size and labor is likewise inexpensive then the organization can move ahead for hand molding. The molds are in square form manufactured from timber or metal which might be opened on the upper layer and lower layer. The longer aspects of molds are projected out of the container to offer as handles (Munir et al., 2021). If the business enterprise takes sturdiness into attention, metal molds are more suitable than timber molds. The bricks needed are in massive amounts, after which machine molding is the least expensive and additionally saves greater time. Right here additionally there are 2 sorts of machines, "Dry clay machines” and “Plastic clay machines”.


Within the technique of burning, the "dried bricks" are burned both in clamps or kilns as much as some degree temperature. on this level, the bricks would become hard and powerful hence it seems to be a critical phase in the production of bricks. The temperature needed for burning is approximately 1100oC (Munir et al., 2021). In the event that they burnt above this restriction, they may be brittle and smooth to break. In the event that eco-bricks are burnt below this restriction, they may no longer benefit from complete energy and there may be a risk to soak up moisture from the ecosystem. As a result, burning needs to be carried out correctly to fulfill the necessities of standard quality eco brick.

The goods are to be delivered to the customers by initially taking orders, thereafter generating tender and fixing the price and date of supply. The high standards of eco-bricks can be produced and maintained through the use of modern technologies and machines for the making of eco-bricks. On the other hand, for opening this new business plan of eco-bricks in India, legal permission should be taken from the government of this nation along with filling in all-important business documents.

Gantt charts


1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week

6th week

7th week

8th week

9th week

10th week

Acquirement of premises

Gaining and installing plant and machinery

Accumulation of capital

Hiring of needed workers

Finalizing the payment

Final delivery

Financial plans

Cash flows

Beginning of year


End of Year




Cash earnings

Sales of bricks


Other functions


Cash Paid for

Buying of inventory


General and administrative operation costs






Income tax


Net Cash flow from operations


Investing Activities

Cash earnings

Property and equipment sales


Collection of loans


Sale of investment


Cash paid for

Equipment of purchases


other entities loan


Net Cash Flow from investing activities


Financing Activities

Cash earnings





Cash Paid

Stock Repurchase

Loans Repayment




Net cash Flow Financing Activities)


Net Cash Flow


Cash end of the year



Sr. No.


in Lacs








Plant & Machinery



Installation of electricity and fixtures



Other Assets



Working Capital




Break-Even analysis

Sr. No.





Sales at complete strength

In Lacs



Variable costs

In Lacs



Fixed costs incl. interest

In Lacs



BEP = FC/(SR-VC) x 100 =

% of capacity


Profit and loss forecast


Calculated expenditure


Calculated income


Estimated profit/loss


Growth plans

The growth plan that is to be adopted is the expansion of the business a few years later in other nations of Asia after gaining a bhold in the brick industry of India.


From the above study, it has been analyzed that the usage of Eco bricks generates a domestic, households could enhance such easy systems as a body for a "sandbox", increasing planting mattress for a lawn, or maybe an outside bench. Innovative residents international had been producing and the usage of Eco bricks as constructing substances due to the fact bottles of plastic have been brought. It has been analyzed that the goods are to be delivered to the customers by initially taking orders, thereafter generating tender, and fixing the price and date of supply.


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