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Effective Communication and Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

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Developing Communication Skills and Applying Evidence in Healthcare Education By Native Assignment Help

Blog 1

Reflection on effective communication skills

Through this blog, I have mainly focused on learning what I have learned from the module. The blog has also focused on some effective communication skills, which I have developed during the time of intercommunication and group work during the time breakout of this kind of session. Those kinds of skills are some of the most important skills that can be used in the social and health care sectors that help me in becoming more professional. In that case, I have mainly used “Gibb’s reflective” cycle because it has been considered a good path to working through an experience.

Within the health and social care, the communication with each other can be apprehended as a process that is highly involved as a meaningful type of exchange between two or more people for conveying the needs, facts, thoughts, opinions, feelings, or some kind of pieces of information through non-verbal, and verbal means which have been included in face-to-face interaction. In healthcare, the core principle of communication skills is one of the important aspects that help in considering the healthcare system (Doty et al. 2019). The principle of communication skills is mainly included awareness, respect, responsibility, trust, and creativity. In that case, the communication of the massages between two people or within a group can be influenced by a number of things. All of those are included mental attitude, physical attitude, professional belief, poor feedback, and selection of some kinds of inappropriate medium, poor listening skills, use of language, behavioural attitude, geographical consideration, culture, and communication (Azer and Alexander, 2022).

During this session, my colleagues and I were working on a group presentation. In this session, we have taken good use of some of the effective communication for giving some of the good work within the end. Our lecturer also puts some of the sessions of breakout. It was bad luck that poor communication has been seen that has affected the work (Im et al. 2021). Due to that reason, our team leader has created a WhatsApp group for continuing the work through effective communication. Based on that reason, our teamwork has been done very well and we were highly able for communicating effectively and finishing the task within the deadline.

From that lesson, I can evaluate that communication is one of the important aspects of social and health care that play a vital role in some professional interaction. Communication skills have several kinds of theories that are used efficiently for the practice of making some work on knowledge and evidence (Jiang, 2019). It is most important for having good communication skills in the social and health care sectors for communicating effectively with various stakeholders.

Conclusively, I can state that the skills, which I have possessed, and the ability mainly to communicate perfectly is one of the most important for reaching my goals.

Due to that reason, I need to focus on some strategies and team working for improving my communication skills through which I can apply my learning to give the best service to the service users that make clear satisfaction.

Blog 2

Evidence-based practice

Through this entry, I am demonstrating what kind of evidence-based practice I have taught that has been reflected in my own reflection. The EBP that is evidence-based practice has mainly come from some of the major expressions in EBM, which is evidence-based medicine. Each kind of cure is mainly based on the studies that started before the subscription in the improvement of the patient in the health (Kangovi et al. 2020). In this model, I have also used the Driscoll model of reflection. Through this model, I will discuss what kind of action I have taken, the importance of the significance, and the improvement of the information for future events.

In that case, everyone has their own evidence-based practice. The concept of EBP is based on the expert knowledge, choice of the patient and mainly three kinds of aspects that help in putting the person from receiving the care between the processes (Ebbels et al. 2019). The EBP helps in enclosing more than administration for the best proof, which is available in some of the obstacles and issues. Those have been processed for using the EBP care, which is known as some of the demanding skills mainly for the workers who are related to the healthcare. Knowledge is the main part of the EBP that always will help me in obtaining some accustomed to the development of the healthcare sector.

We constantly help in accessing the proof for taking some of the good choices for the processing. Along with this, it is not always simple for doing it but it will be always uncompromising to our culture, situation, capacity, and time (Lwin and Beltrano, 2022). Our professional understanding always helps in performing some of the immense parts by approving the type of evidence, which has been put throughout the process, and rejecting it. Along with this, we also need in looking for some health clues about the issue within the department. Apart from this, it mainly focuses on the law for finding out the reviews on EBP, which are referring to the “hierarchy of evidence”. There has arisen some the EBP, which has been used in deciding the care of the patient to fulfilling the need of the service users (Frank et al. 2018). However, the EBP is cannot be implemented in some barriers which are connected to the individual aspects.

Conclusively, I can state that I will mainly put all of those aspects, which I have studied in this module mainly the pieces of knowledge, which help in giving the best result for me. Along with this, I can significantly improve my qualities (Ekpenyong et al. 2020). Along with this, I can highly improve bits of knowledge of the care mainly for the well-being and benefits aspects of the patients. However, the implementation of EBP helps in having some of the issues how the reaction of the patients to the patient cares. Due to that reason, it is very helpful for the implementation of EBP in the health care sector. 


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