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HRM Groundwork for a Post-lockdown Future Assignment

1. Introduction - HRM Groundwork for a Post-lockdown Future Assignment

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The Human resource department is a very crucial part of an organization as this department is directly involved with the activities relating to achieving the organizational objectives. The department is principally responsible for managing the workforce and making sure that the organizational resources are used in a proper way (Michael, 2019). Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has been evidence of a nightmare. The fast spread of this virus became a concern for the government and lockdown has been initiated all over the globe. Due to these lockdown rules, businesses have been majorly hampered. Around the world, many businesses were forced to shut down, cut their employees to reduce operational costs (Stanton et al., 2020). Hampton by Hilton is a chain hotel brand managed by Hilton. In the U.S, Hampton by Hilton is the largest hotel chain operating in 30 countries around the world (Martínez Gil et al., 2018).

The following report will highlight and assess various aspects of Human resource management in Hampton by Hilton hotel. Firstly, the report will discuss the main elements of HRM and the impact of Covid 19 in the selection process. The impact of Covid-19 has forced the hotel to cut several employees to maintain their presence during this challenge. In this regard, the report will also focus on the new approaches to recruiting process and highlight the strength and weaknesses of these processes. Finally, the writing will also critically evaluate the effectiveness of Human resource management and will give an effective recommendation to come back in the market in this challenging time.

2. Key Elements of Human Resource Management

2.1 Assess the function for planning and resourcing the workforce management

The HR team is responsible for creating coordination between the organization's people and organizational objectives. The HR team of Hampton by Hilton is responsible for all the activities that are related to managing the workforce in an organization, such as, motivating the employees, increase the engagement of the workforce, managing the resources, hiring the employees etc (Ahammad, Glaister and Gomes, 2020). Multiple responsibilities are assigned to the HRM team of Hampton by Hilton, such as,

Human Resource Planning: The first and foremost function of Hampton by Hilton Human Resource Managers is to supervise the human resource. This planning includes learning and development, selection, recruitment, performance management and other function concerning human resource functions (Macke and Genari, 2019).

Recruitment and Selection: The major and primary function of the HR team of Hampton by Hilton hotel is staffing. The HRM team is accountable for identifying the right aspirant and hiring the right talent for the firm through assessment and evaluation (Malik, Pereira and Budhwar, 2017).

Performance management: Performance management is essential for boosting the productivity level of the employees (Husnurofik, Mahmudah and Husaini, 2019). The HR management of Hampton by Hilton evaluates the employee’s performance with the help of various tools and provides feedback and review to the workforce. This is an excellent instrument for building the future workforce and encouraging the workforce to develop them through learning.

2.2 The main purpose of HRM

As Human resource management is responsible for various tasks that are relating to the success factor of the Hampton by Hilton hotel, these tasks are also associated with various key purposes. The onboarding and training process cost a lot to the Hampton by Hilton hotel. If the HR team fails to recognize the right talent, the employees might lack productivity or leave the job due to dissatisfaction (Abuazoom, Hanafi and Ahmad, 2017.). The main purpose of the HRM is to maximize the company's success through hiring the right employee in the hotel. After the hiring process, the management team helps the onboarded employees to train them appropriately so that they can perform their job roles successfully.

2.3 Approaches of Staff recruitment for Hampton by Hilton Hotel on the verge of Covid-19

Due to the rigid rules and regulations for the Covid -19 pandemic, hotels are striving hard to adapt to the challenges and to innovate new processes. Over 70% of hotel employees lost their jobs due to Covid-19. Presently, the vaccination process has offered hope to the industry and the hotel industry is looking for retaining top-performing employees to recover from this crisis. Meanwhile, the traditional hiring process of the hotels has shifted into digital mediums because of the travelling restrictions in the post Covid period. Some multiple techniques and methods have emerged in the Hampton by Hilton hotel, HRM processes, such as,

Virtual hiring: Virtual interviews have become a new normal in the hiring process for Hampton by Hilton. The HRM of almost all the businesses has embraced this new medium to pace up with this hard time. The traditional face-to-face interviews have been replaced by the virtual hiring process (Agarwal, 2021). These processes are time effective and save a lot of money along with retaining employee’s safety.

Internal Hiring: Since the onset of the pandemic, Hampton by Hilton hotel has sped up internal hiring. This process is helping the hotel to cut their extra cost and the complex process will be shorter (Ptel, 2020). One of the biggest benefits of this hiring process is that it has improved the retention rate and increased engagement among the employees.

Employee Development: For the development of the employees, Hampton by Hilton hotel is trying to initiate various innovative measures, such as outsourcing, automation etc. For overcoming the shortage of employees, companies are trying to outsource, HR, Finance, marketing etc. This outsourcing is allowing companies to get a time advantage, cost advantage and has increased efficiency (Lovell, 2020).

Retention focused Compensation: The hotel, Hampton by Hilton, has focused more on employee satisfaction to increase their work potential. On the verge of this, compensation perks, gifts and bonuses have become a popular tool to retain employees (Elsafty and Ragheb, 2020). Retention-focused compensation is an effective strategy that will help the hotel to stand back.

3. Critical Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of recruitment and selection


Cost-effective: The virtual hiring methods have helped businesses to cut down a lot of extra costs (Coca-Stefaniak et al., 2020). Hampton by Hilton hotel has saved a lot of money due to the virtual process of HRM. In this regard, the hotel is targeting their aspirants through creating FB ads, need not travel or book the place to hold interview process that has saved a lot of penny of the brand.

 Shortened the process: The traditional hiring process is complex and time-consuming. The new process has enabled the hiring process quick and simple with the help of various trending apps like Zoom, Google meets etc.


Talent measurement: Through these virtual processes often the company fails to assess the right talent for the organization. Hampton by Hilton hotel is facing great difficulty in conducting an in-depth analysis for talent measurement of the aspirants.

Other issues: Retention focused hiring has often affected the quality of work. This process might have become popular in Hampton by Hilton hotel in the wake of Covid-19 but it is hampering the work culture (Tasnim, 2021). This strategy is also creating a bad environment and making employees underperformer.

4. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Human Resource Management

4.1 Benefits of Different Methods of HRM

Employee Personalization: HR strategies in the post-Covid era has offered multiple benefits. This has helped employees to get a wide array of options that will suit the unique needs of the workforce (Sudha and Singh, 2021).

Focused on Wellness: The new HR strategies have focused more on the employee’s mental health and wellness. These benefits will help the workforce to improve their well being and maintain a standard of health through various health coverage.

Workplace flexibility: Due to the impact of Covid-19, the usual timing of workplace 9-5 has transformed. Workplace flexibility has benefitted the employees and the HRM team to live their personal life and has removed the extra time of travelling of the employees (Joseph and Dhanabhakyam, 2021).

AI-Driven Technology: The near future will be driven by Artificial intelligence that will lead the Hampton by Hilton hotel to reduce costs in this potentially down economy and empower the hotel to help the human capital in various ways (SIVANANDAM and KUMAR R, 2020).

4.2 Critical Evaluation of Effectiveness of different HRM practices in Hampton by Hilton hotel

Human resource management is responsible for focusing on maintaining a sustained and better relationship with the workforce and the organization. The power of a good relationship is directly interconnected with the profitability and productivity of a company.

The HRM of Hampton by Hilton hotel plays a crucial part in the human habit executive and creating modern connections. The significant utilization of Human resources describes a grounded relationship with the company's profitability (Lamo, 2019). Organizing the profession standardize the techniques related to human resource and drive the employees to self-enhancement. It will further impact the cost of the organization as well. The Hampton by Hilton hotel has reduced employee turnover to enhance the profitability of the company. Due to the low revenue, employee maintenance will help the organization in various ways. The adoption of various skilful strategies will enable the employees to get a relaxed and satisfying work-life (Le, 2021). Therefore, the human resource exercises will help Hampton by Hilton to obtain growth in the coming period and will increase profitability with the help of enhanced productivity among the employees.

Activity One


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Activity 2

5. Factors affecting various parts of Human Resource Management

5.1 A critical analysis of the importance of the employee relation and HRM decision making

In order to obtain professional and personal development in a certain workplace, the involvement of employees in the decision-making process is extremely necessary for the general accomplishment of the organisation. As a matter of fact, the importance of employee relation in decision-making progression facilitates to enhance the productivity as employees are enthusiastically participating in a variety of aspects of the company and also they want to observe their significant labors succeeds in general (Michael, 2019). In this section, the critical evaluation of the effective involvement of employees in decision-making has been illustrated within the context of Hampton by Hilton London in Park Royal.

  • Empowerment Develops Morale: it is indeed true that an effective engagement of employees in the decision-making process has been proved to be accommodating in order to enhance the company morale. In the case of various companies, they contain dissimilar separation of power between management and power. As a matter of fact, energetic employee participation inferior the gap creates an exceptional communicational channel between employees and supervisors (Boon, Hartog, and Lepak, 2019). The hotel should consider employees as the primal aspect of obtaining organisational success according to several theories and also they need the acceptance or opportunity to involve in work-related issues. Employees recognize their thoughts are an imperative contribution to the company and can provide the company the supremacy to persuade the outcome of their work (Armstrong, 2020).
  • Balance the Internal Resources: the appropriate utilization of employees in the process of decision making has been proved to be beneficial in saving time, money and also provides the company long-term reliable support from the corporation experts. Utlisation of own employees suggestion will be extremely advantageous for decision making rather than appointing a consulting group which will require expensive resources in fees (Michael, 2019). As a matter of fact, effective employees have insightful knowledge of the company, understand the regulations of the co many and also they recognize the ultimate requirement of the company. Hence, active participation of employees as a consulting group in decision-making progress will be beneficial to balance the internal resources of the company.  
  •  Helps To Improves Workplace Relationships: energetic participation of the employees will provide opportunities to voice their individual viewpoints and also to share their information with others. as a matter of fact, Hampton by Hilton London in Park Royal needs to involve their employees more in decision-making progress to improve the relationship between employee and manager (Boon, Hartog, and Lepak, 2019). The hotel requires having the ability to increase the opportunity to express the employee's viewpoints which will be accommodating bring the individual strengths.

5.2 Key elements of employee Legislation and impact on decision making

In the case of the human resource of management, there are several external factors affecting the regular activities of HRM practices. Get used to this field is enormously imperative because at a moment’s notice latest legislation can be passed along with an instant effective date or corporate guidelines are changed. In this section, there will be an effective discussion of primal elements of employment legislation and its impact on the decision-making progress (Petticrew et al., 2019). However, it has been observed widespread, that an optimal strategy for human resource management takes into regard external factors which possibly will influence the entire department.

  • Equality Law: according to the agency workers regulation 2010, discrimination whether gender or racial based will not be permitted in any workplace. The law provides several policies including rightful acceptance in the workplace, safe working conditions, and getting the appropriate amount of outcome (Alamerew and Brissaud, 2019). However, it has been observed widely that racial discrimination has largely impacted the various organisations of the UK. as an example, racial discrimination has impacted greatly on the Jamaican hotel workers and even today white ex-pat managers still hold stereotypical viewpoints in appointing non-white staff and doubt on their managerial capabilities. As a result, the racial clash between white and black employees will create a problematic atmosphere in organisation. Thus, Hilton London in Park Royal hotel needs to focus on the discrimination law by ensuring that equality has been maintained properly which will be beneficial in the decision making process to get effective ideas from both white and black employees (Rankin, 2018).

The equality law also includes:

  1. Marriage And Civil Partnership
  2. Religion Or Belief
  3. Sexual Orientation
  4. Pregnancy And Civil Partnership
  5. Gender Reassignment
  • Health and Safety Related Law: the dreadful impact of COVID19 has made our life miserable along with affecting different organisations. Regarding the fact of COVID19 pandemic each and every business organisations has to sustain several pandemic protocols which is indeed necessary for the good of the employees and also for customers (Alamerew and Brissaud, 2019). As a matter of fact, the primal intention of the hotel should focus on the health and hygiene of the employees including workplace safety. It will be accommodating for the employees to think of the workplace as a comfort zone for themselves and also maintains their safety. Therefore, getting the rightful benefits the employees will skillfully effort on the decision-making process thinking the organisations as their own place (Rankin, 2018). Thus, the hotel should focus on the implementation o0f health and hygiene-related policies in order to get benefits in the decision-making process.

6. Human resource practices in the organisation

6.1 A Detail illustration of HRM practices application post-pandemic.

The awful impact of COVID19 has changed the experience of work for the vast majority of employees. As a matter of fact, it forces pressure organisations to acclimatize the way or organizing work and the infrastructure of various companies (Ibrahim, 2021). However, multiple national and international retail sectors have achieved economical expansion through the utlisation of effective technological innovation, but on the other hand, hospitality and transportation sectors have to encounter numerous losses and economical downturn due to the impact of pandemic COVID19 (Ibrahim, 2021).Indeed, every business organisation has to suffer a lot during the pandemic but in the case of hospitality industries, the rate of losses is extremely elevated. Regarding the fact of COVID19, every hospitality industry has to undertake and improvise various HRM practices to maintain the economical stability of the oraganisation.

The corona virus catastrophe has accommodated to excel limelight on the importance that HR conveys in keeping employees motivated, safe, engaged, and productive (Hsieh et al., 2020). Therefore, the WFH perception and negligible staffing circumstances are to be expected to carry on for some time. The dreadful impact of the pandemic has an influence on HR practices including recruiting process, learning, and expansion. The recruitment process becomes tougher and sustains various types of COVID pandemic protocol. Hampton by Hilton London in Park Royal hotel should focus on recruiting tech-savvy talent who can perform in a superior way in a predominantly digital workplace (Brundha and Chaturvedi, 2021). The hotel industry needs to focus on the hiring process along with training and skilling through digital platforms regarding the fact of social distancing. By implementing these effective practices the hotel industry will be able to overcome the economic failure in further future and will be benefitted to maintain proper health and hygiene. As a matter of fact, it will also become accommodating in boosting the profitability of the hotel sector.

Containing larger remote workforces will move forward organisations to ramp up the technology digitalization and implementation, joint functioning, and enable discrete operations (Brundha and Chaturvedi, 2021). As a matter of fact, habituating in the organisational atmosphere will become accommodating for the employees to look forward to work distantly, and also the obligation for office space and fixed work stations may decrease radically. However, Hampton by Hilton London in Park Royal hotel should look forward to providing a comfort zone for the employees in order to obtain benefits from them. Also, organisations may be able to leverage the WFH concept to cut costs on real estate and brick and mortar infrastructure (Ibrahim, 2021).

7. Conclusion

The entire business report illustrates the various aspects of human resource management in the context of Hampton by Hilton London in Park Royal hotel in two significant parts. In the first section, there has been a particular discussion of the key elements of human resource management including planning and resourcing along with an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment process. It also demonstrates different HRM practices in the organisation. Therefore, in the second section, there has been a significant evaluation of external and internal factors affecting HR practice. Moving on, by illustrating HRM practices application regarding post-pandemic has been proved to beneficial in understanding various confronts of the organisation. Thus, according to the overall presentation, it has been observed that the purpose of the study has been fulfilled successfully, and also the organisation can increase its profitability by implementing the latest HRM practices regarding post-pandemic.


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