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Nursing Evidencing Graduate and Transferable Skills

Introduction - Transferable Skills in Nursing

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has become a domineering tool for medical decisions and for the practices of contemporary nurses. The main aim of evidence-based practice in the field of Nursing assignment is to provide for the means of effective clinical decisions and to enhance and advance clinical performance. But as a nurse, I have experienced that there is an increase in active participation in decision making in my regular practice and it is crucial that justifiable decisions lead to enhanced practice in nursing. Moreover, political, policy-making and professional necessities have made evidence-based practice a clinical requirement for my regular practice. Hence, this paper is a piece of critical reflection in which I will be outlining my graduation level skills which shall be further carried on in my postgraduate level. The paper shall further discuss the importance of evidence-based learning in the course of nursing. Further, there is a discussion of self-management and also the importance of strategy which shall be applied by me in my nursing profession. This reflection shall be a self-analysis for developing personal effectiveness in my nursing profession as personal reflection is a better way of understanding and influencing the practice and it also helps in responding to challenging situations, especially on critical incidents. Lastly, I have shared a personal development plan for assessing my development of skills during my entire course.

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What are the Top 10 Transferable Skills in Nursing

  • Communication - Nurses must be able to communicate effectively with patients, their families, and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Critical thinking - Nurses must be able to think critically and make quick decisions under pressure.
  • Organization - Nurses must be able to organize their time and workload effectively.
  • Working under pressure - Nurses often work in stressful and demanding environments.
  • Attention to detail - Nurses need to have a keen eye for detail.
  • Teamwork - Nurses often work as part of a team with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, and therapists.
  • Adaptability - Nurses need to be able to adapt to change and new challenges.
  • Multitasking - Nurses often have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Patience - Nurses need to be patient and understanding with their patients, especially those who are in pain or discomfort.
  • Leadership - Nurses often take on leadership roles within their teams.

Discussion on graduate skills and its application on post post-graduate level

Cultural awareness

This skill is essential in giving patient-centred care as different cultural beliefs and values gives influence to the perspective of the patient towards health, wellness, care and acceptance of treatment. Hence, having an understanding of the patient’s cultural beliefs and values shall be better in understanding the delivery of care needed by the patient (Esterhuizen and Howatson-Jones, 2019). Hence, on analysing this skill I have concluded that this skill as developed during my graduate level shall be an aid in my postgraduate level and also while my internship. The importance of this skill shall be seen in postgraduate level while actually practising the profession of nursing as this skill shall be used in understanding the point of view of the patient towards the care given.

Critical thinking

In the profession of nursing I am required to make my thinking critical and i have to be a problem solver for my patients. I have analysed in my graduation level that time and resources are always limited whereas the to-do list is always long. Hence, critical thinking shall make my work easier as I will be able to formulate solutions required for my patients. This skill shall also be applied in postgraduate level as will be able to discuss my opinion with my seniors which shall further enhance my skill of critical thinking (Sweet, et. al., 2019).Along with critical thinking, I have also developed the skill of communicating in English by completing an entry level course in spoken English (Refer Appendix). This skill shall be an aid to me in my post graduate level as I will be able to communicate with my patients with efficiency in future.

Sources of evidence and its importance in nursing and care

Evidence-based care and evidence-based practice in nursing because this practice aims at providing the most effective care which is available and it also aims at improving the outcomes of the patients. It is the perspective of the patient to expect the most effective care which is based on best available evidence. Hence, this practice promotes an attitude of inquiry in health professionals and makes the nurses think about it. It further enhances the thinking of the nurses to look into the actions of themselves and to better look into evidence as to why they are adopting such action. As a nurse, I try to ensure that my practice is informed by the best available evidence and thus this skill shall be further helpful for me in the postgraduate level as well as my nursing practice (Ellis,2019). To master some of the practices in nursing course and field, I have also completed the course of first aid and have been awarded a level 3 certificate and completed my training under the Health and Safety Regulation Act, 1981 (Refer Appendix).This practice also ensures me that I am using the finest health resources wisely and that I have considered relevant evidence while making decisions in my health practice.

Importance of self-management and strategies that can be applied in my development as a nurse

Managing illness and all forms of chronic diseases is challenging and time consuming for both the patients and the service provider. Hence, it is required for nurses to utilize self-management in giving primary care as this gives positive effect on the health care and health outcomes to the people with chronic illness (Inglis and Nelson,2020).It is also observed that self-management is consistently connected with protection, care and coordination. Self-management thus shall make me an expert professional as I will be able to guide my patients with expert care as I shall have self-control over my emotions.

Self-management is a process where nurses are taught to have control over their emotions and where self-regulation skills are utilised to achieve health related outcomes. It is also analysed that self-management is a support which is for both the patients and the care providers that is the nurses and doctors. This is a process to make patients understand about their health conditions so that active role on health care can be taken (Bullington, et. al., 2019).

To develop myself as a good nurse and to pursue my career in this field, it is important for me to treat my patients equally and fairly where I shall give good quality care and service to my patients without any discrimination. Hence, to get a certificate in this regard I completed the training of Disability Equality in London in 2019 (Refer Appendix). This course enabled and trained me to treat all my patients equally. I was taught to treat disabled patients with special care and give my best service for the betterment of my patients.


Hence, the piece of paper presented is my reflection on the skills which starts with my graduation level and it shall be carried on to my postgraduate level. These skills are a part of development in my course as these shall be utilised by me in my postgraduate as well as my practising profession. The paper outlines the analysis of the current level of my skills and how these shall be applied by me in my postgraduate level. I have discussed two of my skills that is critical thinking and cultural awareness. These skills are a must possessed in my career as it shall be used by me in my future profession as well in my internship learning program.

Further my reflection outlines the importance of evidence-based learning in my nursing practice as through evidence-based learning I will be able to convince my patients regarding the best available resources of care I am providing them. This shall also enhance my learning in future as I shall be able to analyse the best availability of caring service after discussing with my seniors (Reljic, et. al., 2019).Evidence-based learning in my paper has been identified as one of the most important applied skill and practice where I am able to learn about the best care I can provide to my customers and where I can make them aware about the quality of service, I am providing them. This shall also make me convince them with the help of evidence regarding the quality of services.

The paper further discusses how self-management and self-regulation can help my profession as well as my patients as this skill shall make me improve my existing skills and also have control over my emotions.I further recommend for all the nurses practising and willing to pursue career in this profession to apply their graduate level skills to their postgraduate level as well as their internship program so that they shall be able to have a better access and analysis of the requirements of nursing profession(Driscoll, et. al., 2019). I also recommend to the nurses practising this profession to discuss their point of view and their perspective with their seniors so that their existing skill of critical thinking is further refined. I also recommend for all the nurses in this profession to apply critical thinking in their practice as this skill shall make them adopt a good perspective of problem solving for their patients (Manetti, 2019).

I am further attaching below a personal development plan which is drafted by me to have an analysis of my skills and my plans for the coming future in my profession.

Personal development plan


What do I want to be able to do or do better?

Success criteria

How will I recognise success? How will I review and measure my improvement?


What methods will I use to achieve my learning objectives?


How will I practise and apply what I learn?


When will I achieve my goals?

Priority 1:

Critical thinking







My current proficiency in critical thinking is on a medium level and I have planned to improve this skill better for my future profession.

This skill stands important in my career as this shall make me a problem solver for my patients.

To measure my improvement, I shall take help of my seniors and higher authorities who are experienced in possessing this skill.

My proficiency in this skill is medium as I have achieved a Level 3 award in first aid at work course in 2014 (Refer Appendix).This enabled me to develop the skill of first aiding in my nursing profession. This is the time when I need to critically think regarding the application of this skill in my postgraduate level.

To achieve this objective,I shall attend seminars and conferences on developing critical thinking and implement its theories in my daily practices.

For the achievement of this objective I will take help and guidance from my seniors who are well versed with the theories as well as practical knowledge in critical thinking.

For the implementation and practice of critical thinking, I will apply this skill in solving the problems of the patients by suggesting them the best option.

I will also implement this skill by applying my practical knowledge to the problems of the patients and convince them with the solution I have suggested.

My target to achieve this goal is by the end of my postgraduate studies.

By then I will complete my nursing course and will start working with a good organisation.

·         I shall achieve this target after completion of my studies as by then i shall completely understand the theories of critical thinking.

Priority 2:

Team working skills

Low to Medium


My current proficiency in team working skills is on a level of low to medium.

This is because I have never been into team works and collective practices.

Till now I have completed tasks on individual basis and has not got involved in collective completion of tasks.

To measure my improvement, I will first take some tasks which shall be done by me in a team and then I shall analyse my progress and improvement as working in a team jointly.

·         To achieve this objective, I will ask my seniors to assign me some tasks and assignments along with practical work with other team members.

·         This practice shall make me aware of the practices which are adopted in team work tasks.

For this I will also take guidance from my seniors as they will help me and guide me with the principles and concepts to be followed in collective work.

For the implementation of this skill and practice, I will apply this skill when I will start working in an organisation as a nurse.

·         I will be working as a nurse and shall be completing every task in team with my team members.

This skill shall be implemented in almost every aspect of my professionbecause working as a nurse is a job of team work.

·         The targeted time for the completion of this objective shall be the completion of my graduate level studies as this task shall not require much time in possessing.

·         This skill can be achieved easily by completing some of the tasks collectively where I can take help of my seniors and advance this skill.

Priority 3:

Leadership skills



My current proficiency in leadership skill is on a medium level.

I possess considerable quality of leadership in me as I can make others work by guiding them regarding any task.

In completing my assessment individually, I have achieved 80% marks in Literacy Assessment in June 2020 created by University of London.

Moreover, I have also achieved 95% marks in my Numeracy Assessment in June 2020. Hence, I am efficient enough to lead others in their tasks and I shall be able to further advance this skill.

To measure my improvement in this skill, I will approach my senior to rate my work and also give me feedback regarding my tasks where I can know my current level.

To achieve this objective, I will be performing certain tasks which shall enhance my leadership skills.

·         I will also be attending seminars where I shall be learning leadership principles and how I can implement these principles in my nursing practices.

For the implementation of this skill, I will start working in an organisation as a senior nurse where I will be guiding my subordinates.

Before that I shall acquire experience at subordinate level for a year so that I stand qualified for the senior post.

The time required for the completion of this objective shall be a year after I join as a nurse professionally.

This is because I have to acquire considerable knowledge and experience to be leader in my profession.

Priority 4:

Communication skills

Medium to High

My current proficiency in communication skill is on a level of medium to high.

I am well versed with the theories of effective communication as I have been taught the theories and principles of communication in my course.

To further improve this skill, I shall start interacting with patients and communicate with them regarding their problems.

My proficiency in this skill is high in communicating as I have completed a certificate course in spoken English and have been awarded Grade 5 (Refer Appendix).

To further enhance this skill and achieve this objective of effective communication, I will indulge into interaction sessions with the patients being conducted in our campus.

·         By this method I will communicate better with the patients and understand their problems and recommend them effective solutions.

To effectively apply this skill and objective in my profession, I will talk to the patients first where I will listen to their problems and then recommend effective solutions.

This skill and objective shall be applied by me when I will be interacting with the patients in my career.

I will be listening to the problems of the patients and get indulged in interactive sessions with them along with my team so that we can figure out the best solution for the patient’s problems.

My target to achieve this skill is by the end of this course as I stand at a good level in my communication skills and hence, I shall be able to advance this skill in a very short span of time.

I will be achieving this objective by delivering minimum time to this as this is later on my priority list.

Priority 5:

Self-management and regulation on emotions







My current proficiency in this objective is on medium level.

This objective is important for me to achieve as this will help me in controlling my emotions and manage myself before my patients.

To achieve this objective for my future career, I will be focussing on sessions for self-management and control as this will make me better in controlling my emotions.

·         I will also measure this objective by taking my performance feedback from my patients as this will help me to assess my current position in self-management.

·         This skill shall be useful for me in my future career as a nurse as I may come in a circumstance in future where I have to face challenge in controlling my emotions.

Hence, the development of self-control and management shall be an aid for me to deal with such circumstances.

The targeted time to achieve this objective is by the end of this course.

·         By the end of my graduation level studies I shall become familiar with the self-management aspects and shall also be able to start applying it in my profession.


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