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Operations and Information Management Assignment Sample

Introduction - Operations and Information Management Assignment Sample

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The report has been prepared to develop an understanding of the important fields of operations and information management. The roles and contribution of operations and information systems to provide the company with the vision to make more enhanced use of resources is reflected in the report. Various models, tools for planning, managing and improving information systems across business sectors is being provided by the company. The business process models are framed in the context of Jordon@dog to process various business functions. Strategic analysis has been used to recognize the analysis technique of the company. The changes that can be implemented to the business in order to effectively manage it ensures appropriate strategy.

Part A: Analysis - Business Process Models and strategy analysis

The Business Process Model and Notation provides with the ability for an understanding of the internal business procedures in a graphical notation. It will give an ability to communicate procedures in a standard manner. The performance collaborations and business transactions between organizations are facilitated through graphical notation (Olson et al, 2018).

Business Strategy is a plan that is developed to structure and clear organizational goals. The ultimate goal is the achievement of the target of the company. The market forces, patterns, and capabilities are all highlighted in order to sustain long term goals of the organization (Weiser et al., 2020).

Corporate Strategy deals in the types of markets the organization wish to operate in. The strategy is about the accomplishment of profitability, competitiveness, and the market share of the company. It also includes market forces, patterns of consumers, government legislation. It is also concerned with the organization of designs and carrying out operations in the best possible way (Hyväri, 2016).

All organizations want to maximize the capacity by maintaining levels of productivity in a company that leads to having long term goals and effects in a company. The credibility, flexibility can be linked with the resources so as to maintain long term efficiency in a company (Olson et al, 2018).

The two important business process models can be explained as below-


The step by step process of completion of a certain task in a sequential manner is referred to as flowchart. It is a tool that has been used for a variety of purposes. It is the process that follows improvements in the task that must be followed in order to ascertain the steps to be completed in a process. There can be simple and complex flow chart based on the requirements for the case and the study (Weiser et al., 2020).

In the below case the business is a dog grooming business that requires step by step implementation of change. The change must be implemented based on the strategy that the company will choose to be suited to the business. The strategy must be unique that will give benefit to the company in the long run. It is important to follow the pattern to attain a positive response in an organization (Olson et al, 2018).

Gantt chart

Gantt chart is prepared to prepare a schedule of the task for the implementation of task on the basis of time. It is important to seek recognition of benefits so that responses can be delivered and effective responses can be gathered in long run. The charts are used for planning big projects taking a large amount of time and steps in implementation. The same has start and end dated and schedule of time in which the particular activity can be completed. It is important to develop such an understanding so that projects cannot be overrun and there is the scope of positive changes in this direction (Hyväri, 2016).

In the above case since Jordon wants to develop a strategy and wants to implement the same can use the chart and decide the start of the action till the end. In this way, it is easy to calculate the time required for the implementation of change in the organization. There is a need to ascertain how effective the plans are and there need for the business. The business will only grow and flourish with an effective plan. It is easier to come up with a plan that can be easily ascertained and sustained by facts and figures (Weiser et al., 2020).

PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE analysis is the framework that is used to analyze key factors that have been influenced by outside. PESTLE analysis is used to analyze political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental issues of the company (Hyväri, 2016).

The analysis belongs to the external factors that are outside the control of the business organization and use to control the business operations. The PESTLE analysis include-

  1. Political -the environmental regulations, trade restrictions, tariffs, political stability affect the organizational values of the company.
  2. Economic -the decline in interest, inflation, exchange, minimum wage, credit availability all affect the performance of the organization (Vallati, 2019).
  • Social -the expectations and norms of culture, the growth rate of population, career attitudes, safety and health, affect the organization performance.
  1. Technological -implementation of new technologies in the business leads to growth and expansion of the organization.
  2. Legal -change in law constitution of the country impacted access to material, resources and taxation system that lead to having positive effects on the country (Vallati, 2019).
  3. Environmental -it is the duty of management of the company to seek control of environmental factors so that efficiency can be established and sustainable development can be achieved (Olson et al, 2018).

In the given case it has been seen that Jordon owning a grooming salon for dogs wants to expand its business by adding more professional services. For that Jordon wants to attain a cost-effective plan so that purpose can be solved. Business promotion is considered to be the most effective way of organizing plans and attaining maturity in an organization. Jordon is required to conduct a PESTLE analysis in order to get the promotion done for the company (Düerkop, 2017).

 The business must conduct the analysis through social media marketing and keeping accounts updated. Technology plays an important part in the business as Customer Relationship management and enterprise resource planning is a core activity in an organization. Legal and political set up in a country is also important to be recognized in order to determine long term efficiency in a company. Economic confront and the conditions prevailing in the economy determine the path at which the company can make plans for growth and expansion (Weiser et al., 2020).

Part B: Open Source Software Comparison Table

For selecting software it is important to conduct research on the requirements in the business and the motive that could be served with the software. It is important to reach out to the ultimate goal of establishing long term efficiency in an organization. The required features must be possessed in the software to make it suitable for the business requirements (Rice, 2016).

Choosing the best software make the operations being performed more comfortably. It is easier to recognize loopholes in the systems and decisions are taken well planned. It is important to seek long term efficiency by developing an effective system of maintaining records (Hyväri, 2016).

In the above case, Jordon wants to choose software that will support the business of the salon. All the activities must be coordinated with the software system. Hence the system must possess certain characteristics that make it necessary for selection (Olson et al, 2018).

Following characteristics must be present in the software to implement the same in the salon-

  1. Appointment Reminders -it gives a reminder of appointments fixed with the customers. It is important to seek positive aspects in order to ascertain booking with the client (Sharon, 2017).
  2. Appointment scheduling -the scheduling of appointments on the basis of availability of plans lead to having managing whole activity in an effective way.
  3. Billing and Invoicing -the bills and invoices need to be maintained so that profitability can be calculated and costs are allocated on an appropriate basis (Ong, 2016).
  4. Client Management -the management of clients on the basis of maintaining efficiency in an organization leads to having long term view in a company.
  5. Commission management -the commission that is fixed and levied on the brokerage is also decided and calculated automatically (Sharon, 2017).
  6. Inventory Management -the inventory of stock used in the company and used to serve the customers are maintained over software.
  7. Mobile Grooming -the grooming facilities are also maintained at the client's place and the same is tracked through software (Jakobsen et al., 2017).
  8. Point of Sale -the level of sale at which there is a peak in sales and requirements are high is also estimated in software through pre-filled information (Rice, 2016).
  9. Recurring Appointments -the appointments on a frequent basis is also justified and made available on the basis of pre-planned bookings.
  10. Staff management -the management of staff and making payrolls is also done over software (Sharon, 2017).

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Alternative 3

Alternative 4

Kennel Connection: It is best to fit for pet care activities, daycare, grooming activities, sitting of pet and specialized services. The software solution contains all the features specified above. On the basis of average customer rating, It has been understood that all the features and functionalities are present in the software that will help in tracking the details effectively.

MoeGo: the software is used for mobile pet grooming, pet daycare, and veterinary facilities. The software is user friendly and is very handy to be used. As per customer reviews, the service is fantastic. All the facilities are present in the software that will yield positive responses to the company.

Pawfinity: the software is the best fit for pet sitters, boarding, daycare of dogs. It contains all the features suitable to the well being of the dogs. It is important to measure long term efficiency in an organization. As per the average rating of the customers, it is important to seek sustainable responses in order to generate positive cash flows.

Square Appointments -the features of the company are best suited for salons, barbershops, providers of wellness, online appointments and scheduling. The system does not possess all the features required by Jordon in the software but it is a cost-effective plan that can be chosen by Jordon for its dog grooming salon.

Part C: Report

Overview of the Situation

The above situation is based on the implementation of strategy in a dog grooming company for the purpose of expansion and growth of the business. The company also wants to implement changes in the system by implementing a software solution that best suited the business. The owner of the business wants to execute the same by developing an effective plan for maintaining long term efficiency in a business. Jordon wants to develop professional services for the company so that more and more customers know the business as a brand. This will enhance the reputation of the company better and Jordon will make more profits by dealing with professional services (Andrews et al., 2017).

The services of dog grooming are in trend and therefore there is a continuous increase in demand that make the prospects of expansion of the business. Jordon wants to publicize its business online by tracking the different course of activities at a time. It is important to make the best use of available resources in order to secure a position in the market and capture a bigger share of the market. For that purpose, it is important to seek long term efficiency in an organization. Also, Jordon wants to develop its business by focusing on promotions and online sales so that more customers can be attracted to discounts (Gheibi et al., 2018).

The online social media marketing is required so that business can be in touch with special events of the organization. It is important to seek positive changes in order to enhance long term efficiency and generate profits keeping costs as low as possible (Andrews et al., 2017).

Implementation of Changes

The change can be implemented through SSIP (Strategic Systems Integration Planning). It facilitates in the improvements of objectives and strategies of the organization. There are certain steps for the implementation of change in the company-

  1. Managing change and commitment -the change and commitment must be managed that will bring in a positive attitude towards the company. It will make things clear in the minds of the person attempting the above (Longani, 2017).
  2. Assessing current IS and the business environment -the business environment in which it is operating such as the competitors, resources, and market share must be assessed well. For example, Jordon must be updated with all the competitors, market share, updated technology used in the market to capture more customers (Düerkop, 2017).
  • Identifying opportunities and issues -the issues and marketing opportunities must be assessed well so that it became easy to coordinate with tasks of the company.
  1. Develop an IT strategic plan -the IT strategic plan must be developed in order to maintain the business being able to coordinate with activities related to technology (Düerkop, 2017).
  2. Develop IT tactical plan -the general goals and objectives outline the occurrence of a business team that has been created by individuals.
  3. IS Strategy Implementation -the strategy implemented must follow the guidelines of the company in order to depict long term efficiency and developing change in the organization (Longani, 2017).

The change brought in the organization lead to have a positive impact on the company and bring about positive feedback for the organization. The change brought must be in line with the positive view of the organization (Gheibi et al., 2018).

Analysis of strategy

The strategy that best suits the company is related to analyzing the present situation of the company and maintaining well develop tasks of the organization. It is important to seek efficiency in an organization for the purpose of determining and maintaining harmony in different operation of the business (Andrews et al., 2017).

Strategy implementation is considered to be an important step as it is futuristic in nature that leads to long term results of the company so it must be decided to keep in mind all the factors associated with it. The case study deals with the expansion of business through the online platform of digital marketing. Jordon must use the strategy to develop appropriate goals in an organization. It is easy to assess sustainability in an organization for the purpose of maintaining harmony in a company. The business models and appropriate strategy is chosen for determining a path for the implementation of change in the business (Olson et al, 2018).


It has been recommended that the company must choose effectiveness and efficiency in order to develop long term stability. The strategy must be chosen and implemented in the process described as above so that there is no conflict and chaos in determining controls in a company (Düerkop, 2017). The selection of software i.e." kennel connection" is better due to better customer reviews and cost-effective plan. The solution suits all the requirements of the company and must be implemented in a way it has been decided at. The business models of the Gantt chart and flowchart can be chosen for implementing the change in the company. It is also important to decide resourceful activities that lead to expansion and growth (Gheibi et al., 2018).


There are several challenges in the implementation of strategy in the business. Challenges can act as a barrier to the success and growth of the company. This is because these are associated with improvements in the organization. Challenges can be related to people resisting change or financial barriers to the company. The business must tackle it well so that long term survival is possible that will yield positive results in a company (Gheibi et al., 2018).

Following changes are required to be implemented in an organization-

  1. Organizational Resistance -the staff members of a dog grooming company may resist change due to incapability of adaptation with the changing environment.
  2. Lack of realistic goals -the goals set are not realistic and achieved effectively that will lead to having negative effects on the company.
  • Underestimating the need for implementation of change for the better functioning of business can also act as a barrier to change (Düerkop, 2017).

Part D: Reflection

From the analysis above it has been reflected that Jordon can implement the change in an organization by following business models of flow chart and Gantt chart in the company. It is also understood that it is not easy to ascertain long term efficiency in an organization without determining an effective strategy. Strategy implementation is crucial for every business that must be protected so that growth can be reached to the company and it became easy to consolidate task in long run. It is important to implement change on the basis of predetermined standards (Andrews et al., 2017).

Jordon wants to conduct its business through online mode and wants to connect through more and more customers by offering special discounts and seeking effective ways to accomplish these. The software solution suitable for the company is "Kennel Connection" as it possesses all the required features that are necessary for the company like this. Also, it has better ratings as compared to other software solutions. The coding is done in an effective manner and there are fewer chances of bugs in this case. Hence customers feel no problems while booking any appointments over these. The software solution is also cost-effective and in the budget decided by Jordon for its plan (Gheibi et al., 2018).

Hence it can be said that the company can able to enhance the targets of the company by organizing creativeness in the work. It will attract more and more customers towards the organization and lead to the path of growth.


From the above analysis, it has been understood that deciding strategy in a company is considered to be crucial as it will lead to the determination of future path and course of action that company wants to take in order to sustain in an organization. So it became easy to organize resources accordingly. In the above case also there are several suggestions and recommendations made to Jordon so that it could expand its dog grooming business through an online platform. The software consultancy is also provided so that it became easy for the company to come up with better ideas and organizational requirements in long run.


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