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Reflecting on Public Health Strategies and Materials

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Introduction - Evaluating Public Health Approaches Through a Critical Lens

This is a reflective summary that will provide the idea about the strategies and the materials which have been started in the presentation. This summary will critically evaluate the accountability of the materials and the public health strategies which are used by the individuals, professionals, and agencies for ensuring better healthcare for the local people of my locality.

Critically reflecting the strategies presented in the presentation

As is discussed in the presentation that the healthcare agencies are fragmented in various sections especially in my locality. I have also observed that in my local area several people are not well educated and require high guidelines for better healthcare practices. In my locality, the provision of the public health services is passed on to the local government or the authority as well as the Public Health England and the National Health Services. Each of the local authorities has appointed one Director of Public Health who is responsible for the delivery of all the healthcare services and awareness programs in my area (Blackie, 2019). I have observed that the National Health Services and healthcare professionals are visiting the local area every day and talking to the people individually and explaining the need for the maintenance of their weight. This is the awareness program that is developed by the national government for the welfare of the people. Their role is to spread awareness among the people and make them understand the need for health and welfare. I believe that their role and responsibility is to provide the local people with acute services and health protection incidents as well as make them understand the need to stay healthy (Thompson, 2019). The PHE and the NHS are responsible for the immunization and the screening campaigns of the local public.

The Faculty of Public Health is responsible for setting up the standards of healthcare and I have observed that it sets the standards based on the screening results which NHS and PHE have conducted in several areas (www.fph.org.uk, 2020). Cardiac issues and obesity are two of the major public health priorities in my local area and keeping this in mind the regulatory body develops standards that can help them ensure better health and fitness level of the local public. Based on the results of the surveys and screening campaigns the standards are developed and following them properly will have positive impacts on the lives of the people. I feel that the regulatory body plays a very essential role in the development of the lives of the people by developing the healthcare standards (Masters et al. 2017).

I have observed various local public health strategies which are imposed by the regulatory bodies, in my opinion, some of them are very helpful for the local people the student/parent-based learning program for healthcare awareness is one of those strategies which will help the regulatory body to ensure better healthcare achievement (Steel et al. 2018). The digital awareness program, the posters, and the dramas which the professionals are playing in my local area are creating positive impacts on the people. On the other hand, the digital assimilation program is not much effective in my local area as a larger part of the population is not educated due to which they are not well aware of the digital devices. This is one of the factors believe is not affecting the thinking of the people as they lose their interest.


This summarizes the role and responsibilities of different agencies in public health improvement and also analyzes the role of the public health regulatory body in the development of the health standards. This also concludes with a critical evaluation of the local public health strategies aimed at improving the healthcare strategies in my local area.


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