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HRM Role in Ford Motor's Success: Strategies and Challenges

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Introduction - HRM Strategies Driving Ford's Success

Being in the position of HRM can be complex and interesting as well as working in a global car manufacturer such as Ford Motor. Here is a situation that the company has been facing which is complex to maintain and provide proper recruitment, therefore, to construct the base of the report few things would be included in the report that can help strengthen the organization in the future. What would be included will be the various areas of HRM and their contribution to better performance, what strategies can be implemented by the HRM to enhance the environment of the organization, and how the role of recruitment and retaining an employee is vital for growth. The report would also include the strengths and weaknesses of HRM while making decisions and how they support the growth and betterment of the company on the global platform.

Part 1

Different HRM areas and their contribution to organizational performance

There is a diverse department of the HRM team and they do have different roles to play within an organization. The department of HRM consists of the following parts within them.

Recruitment and Hiring

This is one of the crucial parts when a company is focusing on growth in the future. For recruitment and retaining employees in an organization the HR department needs to look for a vacancy that the company needs and as per that HR do recruit eligible candidates for it by observing their skills and qualities through the medium of interview (Bongard, 2019).

Training and Development

After making recruitment there is a part of the HR department that focuses on providing adequate training to the candidates and let them aware of their job roles and duties (Armstrong and Landers, 2018). The employees managing this department are mainly responsible for organizing proper programs which ensure to enhancement of the productivity of an employee to meet the objective of the company. Even the process they go through must help the employees to attain job satisfaction.

Employer-Employee Relations

one of the essential factors that do matter in a working environment is the relationship between the owner and the workers of the company. To maintain a healthy relationship there must be a healthy environment for the employees to grow and flourish in the workplace (Sharma, 2020). In case that, it is a vital role of HR to look after factors such as proper compensation, benefits, and proper working hours, so that the bond between the organization and employees is healthy and positive (Arimie, 2019). Even the words and ideas of the employees must also be addressed and heard so that they feel valued and part of the organization.

Create a safe work environment

It is a vital role of HR to provide a safe place and environment to the employees working under their supervision both in physical and emotional factors. Factors like discrimination based on caste, color, or sex can cause emotional hamper and sexual harassment factors can easily violate the ethics of a workplace which must be observed and taken care of by the HR (Sharma and Mishra, 2020). They must provide the safety protocols and work ethics to the employees which are essential while thinking of growth.

An examination of strategic HRM about the changing effects on organizations and their business environment 

The HRM department of the company is putting much emphasis on the retention strategy of the employees and hiring many more talented and eligible candidates for the company which will help the company to grow by advancing the tech facilities induced in it (Kasych et al., 2020). The HRM department of the company is putting much more importance on the factors that will enhance the motivation level of the employees working under difficult circumstances such as in manufacturing factories, their safety in the working environment that will be related to health issues such as providing health benefits through the medium of health insurance and many more (Kumari and Hemalatha, 2018). The human resource management of the company focuses on the implementation of innovative ideas and initiatives that would help to meet the satisfaction level of the customers that the company is holding on to. Ford Motors is even putting their maximum efforts to enhance their tech services and providing their best training to the employees regarding software and hardware that are used by the company so that they can play the leading role in performing well in enhancing their productivity (Wang et al., 2021). The main focus of the HR department is to uplift the motivation and engagement of the employees for the company.

The company is trying its maximum potential to utilize the talent hunting strategy to attract and approach many more eligible candidates having various kinds of talent that will be a great factor for the company and will help to merge the employees in teamwork as this will allow the employees to collaborate in much moiré smoother way. The HR department of the company prioritizes involving the workers in a collaborative environment as this will help the employees to share and cherish their knowledge and learn something new from each other (Stewart and Brown, 2019). The company does believe in providing incentives and appraisals to their employees for their better performance. Even this method does help the employees to be more concerned regarding enhancing their performance and be more strategic which will automatically enhance their productivity and potential to meet the goals of the company.

Role of recruitment and retaining appropriate employees in available in the labor market

Both the factors of recruitment and retention of an employee play a crucial role when thinking of growth and expanding the business on a global or wider scale. To find more emerging talent in the labor market, it is essential and basic that a company must utilize their full potential to maintain their current employees which will be a great factor that needs to be taken care of by the HR department. The HR department does use various kinds of strategies to extract talented and skillful candidates for the company (Gilch and Sieweke, 2021). The HR department is responsible for managing the retention of employees and even the company must sustain itself in the market. The HR department of the organization must organize a proper amount of training programs that will help the employees to know more about work ethics and how they can grow their skills in designing car models and factors that can enhance their productivity and efficiency to meet the needs and objectives of the organization. To maximize the retention of employees, the company must introduce the proper amount of compensation to their employees and must provide some basic facilities which can be direct or in indirect manner such as providing incentives for better performance, health facilities such as insurance and sick leaves in case of emergency (Jawaad et al., 2019).

All these factors can enhance the rate of retention as this help to enhance the satisfaction level of the employees and work much more efficiently utilizing their full potential to enhance productivity. Both recruitment and retention of employees do provide a company with the scope of expansion and the factors that can enhance the productivity and well-being of employees. Even the ideas of employees must be also utilized and heard so that they must feel the feeling of belongingness and value within the working setup. The steps mentioned above also help the employees to stay motivated and work more efficiently this even helps the organization to have a great brand value in the global market and the industry they belong to.

Strengths and weaknesses of HRM to contribute to business success

Holding a position in HRM is full of responsibilities and the position does have some strengths and challenging points also, so in the latter part we would be discussing that.


All the factors that are involved in the development of an employee such as mentoring, coaching, training, and many more factors are the major roles of the HR and based on these responsibilities an organization grows within a market setup as these factors help to enhance the productivity and step forward success. The HRM does have the strength to select the eligible candidates by the medium of talent hunting strategy and providing the proper amount of training and letting the employees be aware of their responsibilities (Van Woerkom, Meyers and Bakker, 2020). The HR team or department is also responsible for maintaining the relationship between the employer and employee. They work as the connecting bridge between the business holders and the employees working under them. The HR team or members do work as employees’ voices regarding the protection they must receive in the workplace. They are even having control over the role of leadership as they guide them to provide ample amount of information to the employees working under their supervision, they are the advice provider and a source of guidance. Maintaining a proper flow of communication is always taken care of by the HR department (Leroy et al., 2018). The individuals working as HR professionals are experts in almost every single department such as compensation, benefits that must be provided to the employees, and the set of the law of employment. Being knowledgeable sources, they are responsible for the internal factors of the company to grow to start from hiring, management process and providing security and compliance.


The individuals working in HR are not financially minded therefore, they need t to collaborate with the finance department. They even lack a strategic foundation although they play a vital role in recruiting employees but do lack knowledge regarding business strategy and therefore, they need to collaborate with departments that are associated with the operational sector. Even concentrating much on managing the employees the HR somewhere is less focused on the customers. They are concentrated on enhancing the productivity of the employees but do lack direct connection with the customers which is one of the biggest factors affecting their knowledge area.

Apart from the factors of weakness the strengths of the HRM department do help to grow the company on the global platform and enhance the productivity of the company to grow.

The internal and external factors that influence HRM decisions in the workplace

An external factor that influences the HRM decisions in the workplace is:

Government regulations- the laws that are followed by the company and the federal state are one of the external factors affecting human resource management as the regulations are quite complex. Factors like hiring, training, compensation, and many more factors can be easily influenced by the regulations of the laws (Rahman, Mordi, and Nwagbara, 2018). The lawsuit does have a lot of influence on the perspective of the employees, vendors, and even the customers. Mainly any misconduct can lead to damage to the reputation of the company and can hamper the level of productivity.

Internal factors that influence the company are:

The growth rate of the company is also an internal factor that affects the human resource management of a company. When the company does face and attain a massive amount of growth and enhancement in the market will surely put pressure on the HR department to conduct recruitment and find much more skilled and talented employees for the company (García-Carbonell, Martín-Alcázar and Sanchez-Gardey, 2018). The pressure of conducting recruitments also puts an impact on focusing on the retention of the existing employees which is a great factor that can emerge as a hurdle in the path of success of the company. Due to a lack of focus on retention factors, there are chances to lose candidates, and HR faculty will face problems over there due to a lack of balance.

Another factor which puts an internal influence on the human resource management is the use of advanced tech services to attract a huge number of new employees and smoothen the flow of communication in the management by providing training for the growth of the employees but somewhere this is emerging as a boon for the HR department as they can provide hassle-free guidance and training to the newcomers and the management system working under their supervision. Even making decisions has become much easier with the utilization of advanced technologies.

Discussion of the factors and how they help to enhance the growth of the organization

The ethical code of conduct followed by the companies helps to enhance the morality and professional behavior of the employees. The ethical rules that the company is following have helped the company to deduct the bias that usually occurs due to discrimination based on caste, sex, race, color, and religion. There are strict action policies taken for the part of business and any kind of sexual harassment that takes place within the workplace.

There are even fixed working hours for the employees which helps them to be more productive and rescue themselves from the hand of being exhausted due to over workload. All these factors help to enhance the work environment and help to enhance the collaboration between the employees working in the organization. Ford Motor is a global company and is growing in different demographic regions which is helping the company to provide more employment to emerging talents and be a helping part of the growing economy. As the company can grow more, and expand its hold on the varieties of emerging talent this helps to enhance the productivity of the employees. the use of advanced technologies helps the company to come up with new innovative methods to approach the maximum number of customers and the use of technology has also smoothened the task of providing adequate training to the employees and proper conduct regarding the responsibilities they need to play which would help the company to grow more in future.


Hence, it is to be concluded from the above study that the report does consist of a lot of details which can help the company to better their performance in the market. The list does consist of the role of HRM in a company such as recruiting the eligible candidates for the company through the medium of talent hunt strategy and then providing ample amount of training and addressing their issues which are essential for the retention of the employees. the report also has information related to the strategies that the company is implying for growth and even consists of the internal and external factors that are influencing and helping in the enhancement of the company within the industry and on the global platform. The factors do have list things that are responsible for the enhancement such as the utilization of advanced technologies, ethical code of conduct, and expansion of the company in diverse demographic locations.

Part 2

Designing Job Description for the Marketing Manager

Job Description

The Marketing Managers at Ford are responsible for conceptualizing, planning, and executing the many marketing campaigns the firm undertakes to acquire new customers and keep existing ones. To be considered for employment, candidates must have a history of achievement in both business and marketing. They will have a substantial influence on the organization’s bottom line as they formulate pricing strategies for products and services, as well as budgets, goals, and objectives related to pricing those goods and services. The effectiveness of marketing managers will determine how well leaders execute both their financial and operational responsibilities (Richardson, 2018). Within the marketing department, there will be a significant amount of dependence placed on the marketing managers for the provision of guidance and advice. These individuals are often hired by a large firm, either as part of an internal marketing or creative team, or both (Xiu and Li, 2021). For a corporate component known as creative direction to be effective, it has to be connected to the strategic goals that the organization is trying to achieve.

Academic/Professional Qualifications

  1. At least five years’ worth of relevant work experience.
  2. Possess training in a broad variety of fields, such as, but not limited to, marketing, communication, and business, among others.
  3. Candidates for the position of marketing manager must have a master’s degree.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Take responsibility for the overall marketing strategy of the organization or department.
  2. Bringing attention to a business, an item, or a service
  3. Make sure that the message your firm sends out is consistent at all times to both bring in new customers and maintain the ones you already have.
  4. participating in cross-functional groups such as product management, sales, or customer service, for example. Serve as the team’s representative.
  5. Keeping the higher management of the organization up to speed on the current state of marketing activities and the results of campaigns via the provision of frequent updates.
  6. Manage the creative and marketing teams while also coordinating their efforts.
  7. Conduct market research and ensure it is coordinated to ascertain whether or not current or possible future offers are feasible.
  8. Collaborate with various news organizations and public relations companies.
  9. Develop innovative new ideas for the promotion of your product.
  10. Together with the sales team and the other divisions, develop and carry out strategies for the future.
  11. Maintain a system that monitors and verifies that their personnel are meeting deadlines and carrying out all necessary actions for ongoing campaigns.
  12. By analyzing the data that they have gathered, a firm may come up with novel marketing approaches to promote the items or services they provide.

Person Specification

  1. Marketing experience in the arts or higher education is preferred, but not necessary.
  2. Math and money management experience are essential.
  3. Digital and social media experience, especially with Hootsuite scheduling programs, is a must.
  4. Photoshop, WordPress, and MailChimp abilities are necessary.
  5. CRM database know-how, especially in terms of segmentation and targeting of recipients for a more tailored experience
  6. Manage many projects with competing deadlines and priorities in a fast-paced setting.
  7. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  8. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  9. My analytical and problem-solving skills are well developed A strong desire to study Excel, Word, Mac, and Windows operating systems is acquainted to me.
  10. The ability to work independently and as part of a team is crucial, as is a love for the arts and a commitment to the school’s objective.

Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment and selection process may be broken down into phases, in which case the start of the process will be initiated by analysing the job interest of applicants by recognising applications on job site. After this, all job applicants will be subjected to pre-employment screening before they can be hired. Job applications will be handed job forms upon receipt. After submitting the application form, applicants will be tested or interviewed. Following the interview or testing, a background check will be performed on all of the individuals who have been chosen (Tomac, Radonja, and Bonato, 2019). A second interview will be conducted once the applicants have been chosen. Upon successful completion of the interview, a conditional employment offer will be extended. Job placement will be completed after all these steps have been completed.

Performance management and reward systems

Direct and indirect benefits are both included in Ford's compensation strategy, which is built on these previously described ideas. Benefits received directly include a basic salary, incentive bonuses, and the possibility to purchase shares of company stock (Ford Motor Company). Employees are paid their base salary or rate, while incentive bonuses are given to those who do very well in the workplace (Emmanuel and Nwuzor, 2021).

Employee stock options allow them to own a piece of the firm they work for (Ford Motor Company). Ford provides indirect remuneration in the form of pensions, perquisites, and social security payments. These incentives allow the business to find, keep, and motivate the best personnel.

Employee effectiveness and relationship management approaches

Additionally, the company embraces new techniques to go ahead in the direction of the future. Keeping Ford's human capital at the core of everything the company does, Jim Hackett has chosen to utilize a people-centered design for this cause. In 2016, it launched a program dubbed HRRev, which aims to revamp its HR products and services in a way that greatly enhances the employee experience. Efforts are underway to improve the company's employee experience (Tomac, Radonja, and Bonato, 2019). As a result, the company has opted to offer additional features. Life@Ford, a new online community for Ford employees, will be unveiled in 2018. Besides that, the company plans to open three additional “People First” service centers throughout the world.


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