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Impacts Of Facilities Management

1. Introduction: Impacts Of Facilities Management

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1.1 Research background

In the project “Facility Management Coursework” a prototype is created. This facility management improves operational efficiency, improves productivity, reduces the impact on the environment, analyzes risk, and leverages security. The research aims to provide a good understanding and the relevance of facility management and show the value of this principle obtained from the TRIZ method.

1.2 Research aim and objectives


The main objective of the facility management system is to ensure that the work environment is suitable according to members and it is safe for them. 


  • To analyze the operational impact of the facility managers that varies with the functionality of the organization and totally depends on how the organization work 
  • To evaluate the  BIM based modelling for a particular infrastructure
  • To analyze Six case studies in order to justify FM principles

1.3 Research methodology

In this research, a nine-square approach is adopted for the theory of inventive problem-solving process. This method is adopted for justifying the value and relevance of the Facility management model derived from the theory of inventive problem-solving process. In the nine-square method, boxes are used to collect and assemble details systematically during the research (Atkinet al. 2021). This is known as a topic for discussion, which means the topic the researcher is going to describe in the research. 

1.4 Research findings

This paper has six principles from the three important technical domains. These domains include client and professional, service process, and service products for reflecting the six main principles of the research as the form of important facility management. In the client and professional domain, it mainly focuses on the effectiveness of project management and improving real estate performance while using and reducing the impact on the environment. This principle mainly focuses on the “priority key driver”, managing the existing problem and what is the opportunity from a facilities practitioner's point of view. From this method, it is found that the systematic issue is a big barrier rather than a technical issue for proper information management of the facility practitioners. This principle gives a practical measure of the lifecycle promoting thinking, alignment between the data management and the facilities, and the challenges (Azasuet al. 2018). 

1.5 Research implications

The facility management has the goal of operating without wasting the time, energy, and materials. The six methods that are described in the paper is are satisfy the theory. Case study regarding that proven applicable in the practice.

1.6 Research limitations

The research is limited and does not go further in the development of the theory for clarifying the connection between facility management and the implication in the related field such as building design. In further research the importance of the lifecycle-related collective facility management process. More studies in the future show the importance of the FM process that can be improved in the future.

1.7 About this essay

The TRIZ method is adopted here for conducting a holistic review. TRIZ is the theory of innovative problem solving, and in this technique surrogate invention for the team who got stuck while solving a business problem. This technique provides some related past project that helps in finding a new path for the problem. TRIZ functions on the idea that someone comes up with an idea from somewhere, without contradiction. Triz works best with the problem where the “six sigma tool” cannot be applied. This provides another way for finding a solution to a problem.

2. People management

2.1 Introduction

The main objective of facility management is to create a good working environment in the facility. This includes the management of people who work in the organization.

Facility management is a management function to the bases of ensuring purposes in terms of building the environment in an efficient manner. It is an organizational-based functionality that integrates the people-oriented process-based functionality for improving business-based productivity in business-based management. The management-based functionality can be defined in the bases of safety and sustainable properties project-based planning

2.2 Desk arrangement

Desk management is important for people management this help to solve and register query, and make the process smooth and effective. Communicating with the staff it makes a good presence in an organization (Changet al.  2018).

2.3 Managing workload

The workload is managed by breaking down the work into small steps. Then check the capacity of the team and give the task to the member who is an expert in the work.

2.4 Make a proper plan for emergency situations

By considering the need facility managers manage the work in emergency situations. Facility management also has a disaster kit that also helps to do their work in an emergency.

There are many functionality to the basis of stabling the process based integration in a technological way of methodology. To maintain the property in a secure manner, to tracking the asset based management and managing the business property to the bases of taking decisions. The management services reduce costs and implemented in the base of enhancing the business based productivity.

2.5 Summary

This is work like a bridge between the workplace and the employee. Any issue related to safety comfort and accommodation is on the professional facility manager for solving the issue.

3. Maintenance and improvement of facilities

3.1 Introduction of improvement of facilities

This is the area where the extension is done on the facility management. This facility management includes the maintenance of the asset, building, and repair.

3.2 Improvement and routine check of the building

Facility management in maintenance and improvement facility checks and improves the quality of the building. “Maintenance and improvement of facilities” do routine checks to give better service.

3.3 Maintenance and cleaning

This includes everything from cleaning to maintenance. This manages the property and by doing daily cleaning of the area such as surfaces, furniture, wall, and many more.

3.4 Management of a property

By providing services like lease management, and administration, make a proper plan for the project facility management manages the property.

3.5 Design of BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk BIM 360

Vector works architect

Autodesk is a foundational transformation to architect the construction. The mentioned software is very efficient to centring the data and data orientation in a graphical presentation to enabling the geometric modelling on the datasets.

This is mainly performed in the bases of the clouds based configuration to managing the datasets. The modelling can be done to feature the 2D or 3d based designing to collaborate the designing based configuration in an efficient manner.

This is a versatile way of configuration to provide the 2d based drafting or the 3D based landscape design, it is reliable to managing the designing process. It is basically modelling or the drafting the BIM based modelling

Table 1: Evaluation of BIM software’s

BIM is basically the process based management to creating the 2d or the three-dimensional configuration in the bases of the database in the bases of implementing the modelling of design of a building. Revit is basically the software based applications in the BIM based functionality that reflects the purposes to the efficient design bases. The Vector based architect are reflected mainly the drafting based modelling in the various aspects of the Autodesk based functionality are representation the featuring based data collaboration in the bases of data orientation of the corresponding datasets.

The image provided above is a demonstration of various kinds of BIM dimensions that has been used by various construction managers.

3.6 Summary

Everything that includes a physical building fall under this facility management. Professional facility managers also reduce the cost related to the facility and make it competitive. The main task is to maintain that property (Kingu et al. 2022).

4. Conclusion and Recommendation

The Facility management provided a good service at the optimal cost. Facility management has a technical edge that gives an upper edge to its competitors, by providing short and long-term agreements. The main key for a business is to provide a better and smooth experience to their customer by giving some basic facilities to the consumer. Facility management includes the care and maintenance of the business and commercial buildings and it has an important role in the daily running of the business. The services provided by the facility management contain maintenance, security service, up keeping, the utilization of waste, utilized services, and so on. 

Green natural light

Figure 1: Green natural light

The facility management company offer many services to its client such as hospitality, commercial, and residential. This facility management offers businesses to perform better and gain more customers through their service. This system allows them to focus on the core business and other tasks are handled by the Facility management. Facility management services offer the client to sustain in the competitive market by explaining what is important to develop a good strategy for facility development

Facility management has grown rapidly in the past few years because this gives a competence environment in various positions of the organization for improving the quality and efficiency of the service of the client. This show the importance of facility management professionals in an organization to stay and survive in the competitive market, and target to give good facility management by the professionals from the process of construction to the process of operation.

Replacement of windows

Figure 2: Replacement of windows

An example of this is if an organization wants to replace the windows of a building with a different type of design and different glass color. This requires the cost to the building because of not only the rework for the windows but also affects the construction for the rework on the window. In this case, a facility management professional comes to play in coordinating the construction, using client benefits in the long and short term, and designing the building. It is also common to change the client's mind while completing the work the facility management helps the client for making their decision for executing the plan from a lot of options. This helps their client by giving advice to change the design problems in the early stages. It do not act freezing and accept the base design as a good option. This “lean project delivery” not only help to execute the plan but also help in deciding what they need. The jarring cold in 2017 is witness of this where the staff are kept worm by sitting beside the “infrared heater”. 

In this case, the professional provides the service without any regard for the dependability of the facility management services. This “Dependability” for creating environment and services, in facility management. It is the quality of a product to perform as expected when needed this term is used collectively to refer to the time-related quality of a product including the supportability, safety, reliability, security, reliability, recoverability, constructability, buildability, integrity, durability, and maintainability. The service product domain of client and facility management professionals mainly focuses on the development of the service and to improve the quality of the product served to the clients. It is generally used for guidance in the systematic literature review to clarify the aim and objective of the outcome of the research. The six-section, summarizes the generic “six principles” in the domain of product, process, and people with the FMBOK framework. For building the environment dependability is crucial for the business of the client in long run. 

BIM at the construction site

Figure 3: BIM at the construction site

The following visual has been captured from the construction site. In addition, the construction employees are found to use BIM for the construction site.

Facility management service embeds this into the service and provides service with the quality of physical quality throughout its life cycle. The picture shows a construction of a new office. 

Thermal insulation

Figure 4: Thermal insulation

The quality of construction has a linear impact on the building's performance in a long run. Poor contraction can create many problems. Poor construction can also impact the design. The dependency-driven quality has created an impact on facility management for both the design and the construction according to the correct quality choice of facility management in long term.

In this principle, facility management is provided by the professional and the goal is to make efficient resource usage to make a sustainable environment. To achieve this type of ambitious goal in the long-term efficiency of resources in long term in a sustainable way. The resource usage plan and the implementation demonstrate the usefulness in various cases and prove the facility management applicability. Facility management is adopted all over the world for the energy efficiency of FM services. Many large buildings need to show the “Display Energy Certificate” for many years, and government also provides the regulation on the “Display Energy Certificate” in all public buildings and updates it to give better efficiency to public buildings. At the first gate of the “British Library” a “Display Energy certificate” is issued by the government and another energy level issued by the “International Association of Museum Facility Administrators” is taken together into a steel frame. This shows the result of implementation of the energy plan by the government. 

This also inspire other libraries to come along and take steps to reduce the energy consumption in all other buildings. On the basis of “two display certificates,” it is visible that it has improved a lot in the operation of the libraries, and the ratings also improved. This is possible because of the successful implementation of the new energy plan by replacing the old heater and other instruments with new efficient instruments, and by implementing power-efficient bulbs in the public areas. The implement of the energy plan on the British demonstrates “Sustainability oriented resources efficiency”.

In this principle, facility management ensures the client has a facility management professional for providing the services. In this principle the service is provided efficiently by the professionals in a systematic manner regarding the facility management function related to the service and the product. In businesses has many spaces that have no proper uses these spaces has no use in the business. Some examples of these spaces are the parking, road and square inside the organization area, and so on. 

This place uses the resources unnecessarily and this is a problem. If the “energy control” during daytime is use unnecessary power. This is considered as the environmental acquisition of facility services whether it is in house or outsourcing takes place for finding the best possible way of facility management for the contractor for the adoption and the design of the SLA and the implementation of the “portfolio-based” FM in long benefit of resource usage in the workplace. In a railway the station time is adjusted such as the use of daylight is maximum on the platform during the daytime of summer. During the circumstances of the high trend of facility management the effectiveness of the “services procurement and provision” is useful for the clients and proper service provider of facility management for fulfilling the task.

The main purpose of professional facility management services is to support their client and provide a good workplace for the employees having a variety of perceptions of their work and are required to complete the task in the given time. In working, health, welfare, and safety are also considered in this service.

The picture shows bright midday and it is an example related to the quality of the lights and quality of it and user preferences. It is not necessary to check the quality of the air and the lighting of the building. The above picture shows the various angles of lighting in all rooms and in every room, the natural and artificial lighting is different according to the room. For the fresh air to come the first window is open and the air come inside. The other five windows are closed and this room has no air intake feature. It shows that the building owner have some different preference for the office design. The workplace condition has different requirement for safety, health, and well-being. It is necessary to provide good safety, well-being, and health inside the office. 

In this paper, the findings from the research methodology into the facility management principle. It shows that TRIZ uses a generic method for deriving the six facility management principles and the literature review and the case studies show the importance of this principle in facility management practices. The nine-square process is summarized in TRIZ for conducting a literature review in a structured manner. This is used for deriving the framework of “FMBOK” with the facility management principles. This principle is taken from the” TRIZ-led” review. This section provides ideal research on facility management and is used for explaining the application of the six facility management principles. The methodology and findings described in this research are useful for the further practice of facility management.


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