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Reflective Strategies for Transformative Personal Development

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Introduction: Reflective Strategies for Transformative Personal Development

This portfolio deals with the discussion that will be performed on "Personal Professional Development" supporting innovation in Social and health care. However, this portfolio of evidence will deal with the introduction of the Gibb's reflective model that will be used for the analysis of personal and professional development planning. Thus some decision-making and problem-solving techniques will be used that will allow in identifying the different aspects needed for the development. Therefore, a reflection on the development of academic skills is also provided that will allow for gaining knowledge of the different techniques and some of the encountered weaknesses in personal and professional development.

Model of reflection

I have an interest in the Social and health care field and I focused on gaining knowledge from different study books, online sources, YouTube, Study channels and different authentic websites to make innovations in Social and health care. Based on the study I can analyze that communication skill is one of the essential skills to communicate with the team members regarding making innovations in Social and health care. In this context, I have good communication skills that will help me in future to properly communicate with people and make innovations in Social and health care. Gibbs model is the best cyclical model of reflection and it leads into six stages for showing the experience that includes description, evaluation, feelings, action plan, conclusion and analysis (Sicora, 2019). Graham Gibbs develops Gibb's Reflective Cycle in 1988 for giving structure to learning from experience. I implement this model for considering the experiences that I have learned as a higher education student. This model acts in six stages:

Figure 1: Gibbs model of reflection

Step 1: Description

As a higher education student, I have learned different skills while doing higher qualifications. As a student, I regularly focused on book reading and solving assignments so that I can enhance my knowledge in the field of social and healthcare. I started learning through reading books and online courses that are related to health innovation and social care. The book reading helps me to provide awareness regarding the importance of communication skills, time management skills and teamwork skills. These skills are much important for working in both the private and public sectors. I engage in different webinars and seminars for improving my knowledge. I was perfectly able to analyze that problem-oriented skills, critical thinking skills, collaborative skills, creativity skills and leadership skills are much important for health innovation. Through book reading, I found that communication skills, active listening, critical thinking, patience, empathy, self-care, cultural competence and patience skills are much important for improving knowledge towards social care.

Step 2: Feelings

I feel happier as I am finally able to increase my knowledge towards health innovation and social care. I found that there is a major importance on health innovations. Health innovations provide different ways of preventing, monitoring and diagnosing health problems. This learning helps me to know about different drugs as well as devices for curing and managing diseases. I was much more excited while knowing these excellent innovations in the world. I feel that innovation is much important in health innovations and social care.

Step 3: Evaluation

Evaluation is the process of sharing positive as well as negative experiences (Heath et al. 2020). There are more good things happening at the time to enhance knowledge about health innovations as this benefit our life. The healthcare innovation in this world helps to aware of all those important treatments that are available for preventing, monitoring and diagnosing health problems. Through online courses, webinars and seminars on social care I properly enhanced my knowledge in this field. I was aware that social care services give support to every individual through learning disabilities, mental illness and physical illness. I found that social care support for covering personal care and practical activities. Social work is intended for helping individuals that receive social care for comfortable living.

Step 4: Analysis

The analysis section helps to develop a sense of the situation (Droit-Volet et al. 2020). This section helps to explore the things that are going well as well as not going well. Through this learning, I am perfectly able to analyze that knowledge is the most powerful aspect of living in this world. I found that every individual living in this world is hard working for developing innovations in their field. Throughout this entire journey, I continuously engage in different seminars and webinars. The organizations connected to seminars provide different assignments for analyzing the level of learning of each individual. These assessments help to grow well in a much more lucid way.

Step 5: Conclusion

The conclusion section helps to evaluate the things that are learned and are completed differently (Morina, 2019). I have learned different skills from social care. Effective communication skills are required to work and care. During webinars, I have learned effective communication skills from trainers that are relevant for increasing performance in social care.

Step 6: Action plan

Through this book reading and online courses I have identified career growth goals and personal goals that are related to social care. I have found professional boundaries that are much essential for working in the private sector as well as the public sector. I have learned different valuable lessons from great leaders mentioned in books. I was able to create clear goals for my life.

Problem-solving and decision-making techniques

During the higher education, I have learned different skills such as communication skills, flexibility skills, time management skills and leadership skills. These skills are relevant for making innovation in Social and health care. Before higher education degree, I was lacking communication skills, team leadership skills and time management skills.


The good communication skill is one of the essential skills to communicate with the people to make innovation in Social and health care. I focus on improving my communication ability that is required to make innovation in the Social and health care.

Team leadership

Team leadership skills help to increase my experience in managing an individual in a team in a much more effective way. I found that fewer individuals in this world are able to achieve this skill, as this is the toughest skill. During attaining webinars, I have learned the way to observe people living in the environment. Learning by observing is an effective way for following the behaviors of individuals. I have identified that observational learning is much more important for team leadership as this helps to control the behaviors of individuals associated with the team.

Time management

The time management skills that I have learned from online trainers help to increase the work performance of each individual. This is the most important skill as it provides the importance of time required for every individual. Time management helps to waste less time as well as avoid more problems and fiction (Aeon et al. 2021). Proper management of time includes the creation of a list, time allocation to every items and scheduling. Time management includes greater capability, greater confidence and greater clarity. Best time management supports for achieving goals as well as it reduces procrastination that leads to enhanced productivity.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills for having perfect decision-making and problem solving in the aspects of personal and professionaldevelopment. It allows us in taking control of the aspect and performs proper thinking on the tasks that are needed to be done. According to Sokhanvar et al. (2021), critical thinking aid to solve problems much more effectively and allows for making better decisions by recognizing the individual with manipulativethinking. In social and health care, properdecisionsare needed to be made as numerous situations are faced in the work.

Hence, this allows us in overcoming any obstacles and become more effective by developing personal relationships (Criticalthinking.org, 2019).Therefore, utilizing criticalthinking as an ability in PPD will help assess the thinking of own and others also.


Having perfect teamwork helps in keeping the members to stay actively engaged and also grows self-development in supporting teams and performing work. As per the view of Fathi et al. (2019), having perfect teamwork can help create solutions and enable in delivery of outstandingresults by having proper decision-making. However, having proper teamworkand coordinationdevelops a culture among the members and allows us in deliveringrecognitionand respect with individual contributions (Griesemer and Shavit, 2023). Therefore, in personal development planning, teamwork can be very much influential as it allows forfostering a dynamic culture within ourselves and builds communication (Ppd.admin.cam.ac.uk, 2023).This can maximize each experience and develop different kinds of skills to influence and motivate own self.

Reflection and planning

There are a total of 5 personal and professional academic development skills that are discussed in this portfolio. These skills are very much beneficial because thetechnique- ofcritical thinkingallowed me to take proper decisions and helped me in performing perfect problem solving. However, it can be said that both criticalthinking and teamwork can be interrelated because having teamwork at the workplace allows us tocreate solutions and enables in delivery of outstanding results (Prasnavidya et al. 2020). This helped me in fostering the culture of work and aided me in communicating with others. However, each work is needed to be done under proper time management that helps in gainingflexibility at work.

Nevertheless, communication can be considered the most important in self-developing and planning. As mentioned by Stehle and Peters-Burton (2019), communication allows in building relationships with each individual and shares the thoughts that can help in solving any encountered problems. I will also state that having communication as a decision-makingtechnique allowed me in shedding light on having Ppd.Thus, the skills are very much helpful as they allowed me in achieving goals and direct me in investing knowledge in proper planning.

Personal Development Plan

Goals Main Focus Resources Chances of achieving goals Time-bound
Improvement of time management I will focus on improving my working capabilities and completing work on time Conducting timely audits, making up a "daily to-do list"and implementing task breakdown (Watanabe et al. 2021) This comes with a Medium chanceof achieving goals 1 week
Improving teamwork Team purpose and rules for performing work are needed to be focused Establishing a positive mindset, bringing up team rules, and clarifying roles in the team(Schmutz et al. 2019) This comes with a High chanceof achieving goals 3 to 4 days
Establishing critical thinking The main focus will be based on making perfect decisions and problem-solving Problem-posting, having multi-perspectives, and using reflecting skepticism (El Soufi and See, 2019) This comes with a High chanceof achieving goals Nearly 1 week
Having flexibility Focusing on planning ahead and adapting to changing situations Adapting to changing situations and environments and dealing with sudden changes in circumstances This comes with a High chance of achieving goals Could take nearly 1 month
Improving communication skills The main focus will be on engaging with different meetings and collaborating with others Build a connection with others, participate in debate and communicative meetings, encourage active speaking and listening(Tavakoly et al. 2020) This comes with a very high chance of achieving the goals This might take more than 1 week or sometimes 1 month to prepare

Table 1: Personal Development planning table

The above table deals with the evaluation of the development plans that can be used for personal and professional development. Five different types of skills are included in the table where the focus of the skills and techniques are discussed followed by the required resources. These resources are needed to bring effectiveness in each of the techniques as those will allow for both decision-making and help in problem solving. However, the chances of achieving each goal and technique are provided and are evaluated within the required period.


This part of the portfolio concludes with the different types of techniques and skills that can be used for personal and professional development. In this portfolio, five different types of techniques are mentioned, lytime management, flexibility at work, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.However, the implementation of Gibb's reflective model allowed for analyzing the experiences and learning from the plans. Then the discussion on each of the techniques helps in gaining a clear idea and shedding knowledge on the areas of implementation. Nevertheless, a personal professional development plan table has been provided that discuss the way in which the different skills can be improved. Hence, the reflection aids in idealizing how the development of these skills and techniques can help and these will put an effect throughout the program.


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