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5005MKT Employability Portfolio Career Preparation Assignment

Step 1 - Identification of a graduate position

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The graduation position will be Assistant sales and marketing manager in the company Procter and gamble. According to the CV the Assistant sales and marketing manager post is the best suitable vacancy for the graduate person. While working at this position, an individual is able to learn and grow effectively

Step 2 - CV


(Assistant Sales & Marketing manager)

Email: viraj­_p@icloud.com

Phone: 07909340479

Work Experience

· Assistant sales and marketing manager, June 2019 - March 2020

(Prince Ply Agency Pvt Ltd- Mumbai, India)

- Generated unique sales plan

- Created the engaging advertisements, emails, and promotional literature

- Worked closely with the product manager and develop cost effective product marketing plans.

- Analyzed results for adjusting marketing efforts

- Conducted market research to justify categories and segment opportunities

- Coordinated with the team members and assigned them their roles and responsibilities with clarity

- Promoted from social media handler to marketing manager in the period of 30 days

- Monitored the performance of team members while supervising their activities

· Purchase manager, April 2020 - September 2021

(Kamdhenu Departmental - Mumbai, India)

- Successfully coordinated in the distribution processes

- Submitted monthly reports to the senior manager

- Maintained regional stock levels

- Coordinated with all the team members while assigning them the tasks according to their capabilities

- Generated weekly and monthly reports on purchasing operations

- Analyzed sales statistics

- Organized receipts and documentation of finished goods

· Events coordinator, March 2019 - May 2019

(EMDI - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

- Handled complete registration of this event

- Worked at the Dubai civil Defense session talk on the new fore of code of events

- Worked on two high profile destination weddings and managed guest receptions

- Organized event logistics from start to finish

- Successfully negotiated contracts with the suppliers and maintained close communicate with them

- Worked on the first Holi beach party in Dubai

- Handled backstage and supervisor for the whole party

Highest Qualification

- Bachelor's Business management and marketing

Coventry University

- Diploma of Higher education, Event management and experimental



· Strong communication skills

· Negotiation skills

· Multi-tasking

· Customer service

· Critical thinking

· Strategic planning

· Leadership skills

· Event management and planning

· Sales and marketing

· Risk mitigation control

· Advertisement and marketing

· Planning and Coordination

Step 3: Reflection on skills

The core competencies that are needed to improve for the selected role are communication skills and Sales and marketing skills.

  • Communication skills

The communication skills are the base for any job position in the corporate world. Having strong communication skills will enable the people to achieve the things on time and also give growth to them (Karasheva et al, 2021). I have identified at the time of my internships I am lacking somewhere while communicating with the clients which has decreased my confidence. So I need to improve this skill for my next job to give the good results to the company. I have identified that there are two major types of communication skills which include oral and written. Oral is the most important type of communication than written skills because it gives a clear picture to other person about the way of talking, attitude, and behavior. I have identified that for the post of assistant sales and marketing manager. Communication skills play a critical role behind the success of a marketing manager. As it keeps the sales pitch simple and precise that can be easily understood by the customers. I have to improve my communication skills so that I can make good connections with the customers while building a trust and understanding among them. A good communication skills for salesperson is when he will asking non confronting questions to the customers to show some care about their needs while talking knowledgeably about the product and services. A communication skill is a more powerful skill than anything else which also build the confidence among the people.

To improve the communication skills for the position of sales and marketing manager, I have to grab the attention of audience while establish their trust and empathy with them. The customer prefers simple language while taking with the sales and marketing manager at the time of sales pitch (Dolan 2017). It has identified that with the proper communication the sales representative would know what and when to say to the customers in order to gain the advance deal for the products and services. An effective marketing communication will develop an emotional link between the sales representative and target audience. I have identified that the communication skills are the base of an individual to get the success in the corporate world because it show his personality and the attitude.

I have decided to work upon in this skill because it will help me to get more confidence while pitching the customers for a products or service. To improve the communication skills I have done the communication course in the field of sales and marketing. I have done many projects also that include interaction with the customers as much as I can. I have identified that the communication skills will not be improved through projects only but will improve with the practice while increasing the confidence when talking to the other person. I have identified that with the help of reflective framework it will be easy for me to help an individual in their own thinking and learning process. I have analyzed that improving the communication skills will help me to get the success in my future career (Haris et al, 2019).

  • Sales and Marketing skills

According to my research, I have identified that sales and marketing skills are very important to perform the tasks as a sales and marketing manager in a company. While pitching the customers it is important that the sales person must have a string analytical skills and creative thinking skills with which the customers can easily influence to purchase the products or a service (Chowdhury and Miah, 2019). I have analyzed that for the effective sales and marketing skills, an individual must have the communication, interpersonal and customer service skills. This skill I have decided to work upon because the sales person will get only when he has a strong influencing power. I have identified through one of my internships that I have needed to improve the sales and marketing skills so that I can easily convince the people to purchase the products or a service. I have analyzed that sales and marketing skills also give the confidence to the person that enable the growth in his personal career. To be a good sales and marketing manager, I have identified that there are essential traits that a sales manager must have which include ability to motivate, build relationships, to coach, to recruit new salespeople, and so on. I have identified that these skills are to be improves which enables the manager to get the success.

The basic of sales and marketing skills include the intrapersonal, presentation, and listening skills. These skills are necessary to be improves to have the good sales and marketing skills. It has identified that for the sales manager must also have the planning skills to pitch the customers accordingly (Bancha 2019). The sales and marketing manager have to cover a particular market to pitch the customers on daily basis. I have identified that good teamwork skills are also required in the FMCG companies for the post of sales and marketing manager. I have identified that I have to improve these skills by having a strong communication skills. The interpersonal skills are also required which consist of the behavior and attitude in a particular situation.

I have identified that to improve these skills a sales and marketing manager requires lots of efforts and confidence to get the things done successfully. I have identified that to fill the gap of these skills I have done internships in some companies with which I have gained experience that how to pitch the customers and how to behave in front of them to influence them for purchasing a product or a service. I have analyzed with the help of Kolb's reflective cycle that I needed to improve the communication and sales and marketing skills so that I can perform better in the upcoming job of my career (McLeod 2017). I have identified that sales and marketing skills build the confidence in an individual while achieving the success. The gap in skills will be filled while taking the guidance from the mentor.

Step 4: Advertisement

Procter and Gamble

We are now hiring for the post of assistant sales and marketing manager who can easily handle the things while managing the team successfully. The company was founded in 1837 by William Procter.

Job Role: Assistant sales and marketing manager

Reports to: Head of the department

Salary: Will be discuss in an interview process

Qualification Required

Bachelor's Business management and marketing

Required Skills

· Communication skills

· Negotiation and presentation skills

· Interpersonal skills

· Leadership skills

· Microsoft office

· Sales and marketing skills

· Planning and Coordination skills

Roles and Responsibilities

· Responsible for generating unique sales plan

· Has a capability to handle the team members while satisfying their needs

· Will be responsible for achieving the monthly targets given by head of the department

· Should build the strong relationships with the clients

· Maintain the relations with the customers on solve their problems if any

· Conduct market research to identify and evaluate the needs of customers

· Set up weekly meetings with the clients while listening their concerns

· Maintain all the records accurately of the products and services

· Responsible for attending meeting and conferences

· Handle all the problems of the customers

· Responsible for managing promotions of the product and services


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McLeod, S., 2017. Kolb's learning styles and experiential learning cycle. Simply psychology.


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