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Accounting & Finance For Managers

Introduction - Accounting & Finance For Managers

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Departments related to the accounting as well as the marketing are linked in that an accounting which calculates the economic and financial situations of the business which states how to conduct the budget of the business. There are several types of accounting system in the business which observes the overall financial condition of the business. These two departments of the business developed the marketing conditions and worked combined. Various types of statements on the basis of the financial aspect of the business, accounting department provides support to the business management to calculate the business’s probability. Departments related to the marketing process, this department prepare different types of sales related strategies and programs. This department promotes and advertises the product of the business to achieve the goal of the business. Accounting and the finance related department observe the business and conduct all the aspects of the business. This department gives information on the business products and services. This department budgeted the campaign related to the process of the marketing of the business for future. All businesses must need the accounting system for the better outcomes of the business. This department also observes the sales related trends and expenditure trends in the business to manage the information of the cost related budget and reduce the expenditure.


Fashion is the long human being lived in distinction between the products of a readymade wear in fashions of the retails in the business market (Thoradeniya, et al, 2020). The big fashion houses it retailed the dominated the high street in the new trend of the quickly in turnover the design for the wear in a current fashion is denominated to attract the younger population to manufacturing the power shipping in the process of the increased the purchasing to desired the latest fashion of the younger population to operate the countries is needed to encourage the instant gratification for the manufactured in labor losses of the workers industries it paid to the work unsafe condition the stock environment to exploitative and resources of the heavily in our fashion seen of the recently market in quicker manufacturing the product measurement the big fashion houses of the consumer purchasing 

The exploitation in retail, the big houses, the labor, the fashion style of the workers the less prehensile the new trend, the purchasing from the increased, the unsustainable, has recently the heavily the labor they started in population in shipping the stock environment the process method in work progress the unsafe and risky (Wang, et al 2020). The demonstrated the ethical issues in employee the unsafe operates in labor the workers of the fashion industries to stoke in exploration the resources in unsafe the fast fashion the resources in recently the unsafe and risky sweatshops the employment the work and ethical issues in unsustainable and heavily the resources of the received an unexpected to distant the inflation the investing the prices current the economic inflation the exploitative and heavily back to the pocket the money putting resources the prices of commodities the chain problem (Pratisti, and Maryati, 2019). The financial reports of the marketing business customers in the using the knowledge of the financial analyses for the business in manufacturing to prepare the business elements of the finance of the business early the elements inheritances the money the range of the new business the sources of the new business to sell the fashion shirts the finances to allow the business elements.


  • The budgeting of the planning and controlling for the individual’s organization of the resources required the planning. It control the plan to start up the tool management for the fashion required in insurances the control sources of management intended the acquired resources to organization of the budget consists are plan in future to the fashionable market help to operating the addition of equipment to design the judgment and performances based the future earning and results for the individual segment to finances the assets of the profit abilities earning the primary company to methods are deals in company objectives (Nath, S., 2021). The activity for business the management to results anticipated the comparison in standard the marketing research stated the goals.
  • Top management support- Beware of the importance of the company management to clear the long sales and earnings of the qualities expected to communicate the qualities to be checked the management supports. Goals are a long range of the budgeting mechanisms it processes should be available for communication in the market.
  • Participation in goals setting- The company achieve the resources of the organizational to long term ranges the management of the sales earning to employee the range of the preparing in the budgeting process the growth rated of the avoided to musk the budget has top management to employee the participate in sales and earnings to the except the carefully the qualities for the communicated resources the achieve in significant to information of the preparing it employee the functioning of the budget to committed the organization of the budgeting process.
  • Flexibility- The budget to change the duration of the planned reports to restarted the revenue of expenses the level operating of the reports in following data to budgeting and dealing of the management to results the financial position to level the operations of up tool the continuously check their budgets to result in the basic assumption.
  • Communication results- Communicated effectively with the managers to inform the progress to operating the level of the progress to be informed the market analyses for between the results for finances in a budgeting results.
  • The cost volume profits is breakeven analysis. The useful to manage the points is useful the short term based the several assumption of the sales prices , cost variable the plots of the profit analyzes it calculated the total fixed cost is deducted the variable costs to find out the breakeven sales.

The above formula is that the company targets the sales volume and the target profile per unit the fixed cost variable is based on the assumption of the used in save model. The total variable analyses between the total sales and total variable for exceeds the contribution margin to be calculated per unit (Nassereddine, and Ahmad, 2019). The contribution on the markets to contribution margin the breakeven the fixed cost is essential to desired the profit margin of the specialist the production level. Another is the changes in consumption to yield the sales revenue. Semi variables to be sold to expenses the split between classification on the statistical regression to determine the profit to unite the numbers of cost required the product arrived in the target sales in worth prices and changes the activity level of the statistical regression (Madsen et al, 2020). Basically the gross margin must be company business, the profitabilities of the fixed costs in preparing the business learning technology of the finances and accounting.

(c) Stakeholders of the trade creditors to business generated the revenue performances in the financial for monthly to given periods. And the investors, management and employees. The performances of stakeholders to generate the revenue to interest the company tracking the finances stock to well develop the trade creditors should be taken from the operating of the financial statement of the growth rather than from analysts or investors to financial performances of the investors (Lee, and Tajudeen, 2020). Documents to provide the overview in data performances of the fashionable designer and the wear corporation in stakeholders accurate the provided overview.

  • Balance sheet- the companies provide the monthly and yearly statement of managers in overview the finances is organized to assets and liabilities find the information of the assets in our companies to percentage the equity of the stakeholders.
  • Income statement- Operating the start of the business in operating the financial revenue for the entire year. The sales revenue with the ends to also provided the cost of sales revenue it shares outstanding the performances of the numbers of shares.
  • Cash Flow Statements- To combine to average the balance sheet to analyze the flow statement it reconciliation between the cash flow and income. The company stock purchases the operating investment, and financing the important financial statement are divided the combination of the sources incomes it analyzes the statements.

(d)While the soul and boredom of financial accounting is a key, it plays a role of allowing a business a track in financials to grow financial transactions. It is a process of companies of record in the report of pieces a financials of business in operations in both of the company it’sa management in outside investments or analysis the data which understanding a health in informed of decisions (Lebedev, P., 2019). Financials of accountings a record in summarization itsreporting a stream in transactions a economical a activity a resulting a period of time. Governmentsa recording a summarization report a stream and parties a company it’s a managements of analysis a statements a included sheet in balance. This is a financial statement a company uses to manage the stakeholders and information in decisions. There are accounting principles a companions and adhere to financial accounts. Major publicly in common practice accounts a crunch of members' surrender numbers of financial statements. The company is generally the internal standees of the region of the country (Jiang, and Zhao, 2019). The regardless in which a following a starndars a main business. Companies outside are internal to the standards in various regional countries.

Data Analyses

Production Cost

Break Even points


In the given this chart is analysis the company production of the fashion is essential it required the data management to the production market is very low it values in the company profile the 16% is high greater the raw materials it become the company composition is high increased the increases value in 80% is the completed the monthly accumulated the designed process (Holm, and Ax,2020). The calculation in over the data of the breakeven points is mentioned in the company analysis in the fixed cost to break the even sales of the market structures.

Net Present Value

Chart: 2

 In this chart the fashion market's net flows are equal. In six months the company cash flow in value is 1500000. To find the net value of the fashion in over the market rearranging the company statement for the product to clarify it every year the initially it net profit to centralization of the business progress due to unpredictable it overdraft the interest in the cash flow budgets (Grossi,  et al, 2019). Demanded the shifting of the sold market accounting to split the company customized. The Month 5 in the equation is highly increased financially every year.

IRR Value

The fashionable profitable in the equation of the market strategic in company background for internal rate of return the rate out in a company profile background to find the equation of the market strategic in company equation the total 6 months company out in cash flow the the periods of the months for accumulation the market structure the presentation to produced the amortization in the scheduled the function of the chart in month the customers risk it produced the amortize a loan to the stand decimal places of the internal rate is find the out of the fashionable market for the companies to identified the spreadsheet of the profit forecasting in 69%.

Total Sales

Chart 3

In this chart given below the finances for sales in the market analysis to the 6 months to graphically represent the market fashion situation Month1 the lowest forms in 2%. Then the high increases month2 is valued at 80%. Suddenly some month for the company background in Month3 is stable in month5 the extension in month2 are the same valuation. And last month the decrease in the market value was 50%. In the fashionable market sales values have been changed every year to circumstances the market to structural in every year to query in calculation the about market in the equation.

Make or buy Decision

(i) Business is our sales of the heading, certainly the increasing profitability and the finances for the business investing activities (Gra?yna, M., 2020). The cash flow management of the business problems finances the running effectively. The management of the payroll it fashion and facing the questions of the implementing the following strategic it improves the cash it real states the raw materials of the expensive than buying the suppliers it equipment the real states of the paying attention the expenses and maintain the cash day to day operation of the income statement it discounts the bills a creating the cash early it conducted the client safety assumed the receiving of the payment on time. The suppliers of the company’s cash orders to haggles in low over the prices of the management analyzes the discount in large firmly the good inventory the same prices (Furnham, A., 2020). Instead the product details in cash demanded the due date of the payment slip connected to the receivable charges in instructions regarding the business assessment to make the payments (Glonti, et al, 2019). The other rate is interested in liquidity provided the high yield is saving the national averages of the money. Hence, increasing the scars of the business can be experimented (Fossung, and La Fortune, 2019). The business owned the pricing of the national averages to reduce the sales of the customers in perfect numbers of the customers.

(ii) Decision to make the business in manufacturing the external parts of the product handling the company purchasing to goods and services of the benefits associated the producing necessary the initially costs of the hiring outstanding the suppliers is about the raw materials to considered the regarding purchases the new equipment’s to well known as strangest of the storage production in wearing the raw materials of the costs and advantages can be making regarding the expenses of the production equipment’s the costs of the production the holding in our wages for labor required it items to suppliers the by product from product the process (DURA, et al, 2018). The costs of the outstand red the income production, the certain sales revenue of the company factors of the might require the company to lock the certain deals of the storage in the incoming product to receive the associated the certain prices of the goods marketing. Analyses to produces the required it business sufficient the concern the address of the company cannot to measures the multiple sources of the designed wear in the market to demand the management considered.

Investment Decisions

Everyone always thought that cotton is the best material for the textile sector and it is a good option for everyone and their family also (dos Santos, and Scharfenaker2019.). It is considered a good material for its ecological friendly and pure nature. Many people switch their choice towards bamboo fabric from other fabric. Bamboo fabric is unspun in form and bamboo fabric cotton from the pulp of bamboo trees. Bamboo cotton is very similar to regular cotton and assimilated by a puffball of fibers of bamboo tree. Since it is very similar to other cotton that is why it is convenient for use as well it is very convenient for consumption (Chouhan et al, 2021). More retailers use bamboo fabric for cheating cloths and other garments and they are using it as a regular fabric and it exactly looks like a cotton shirt as regular cotton.

Depending on the bamboo fabric there are different types of methods that produce the bamboo textile (Chari, et al, 2019). Worldwide bamboo viscose is produced by the fabric that is produced by major bamboo fabric. Viscose is a term that is used in any type of fabric that is use the method of viscose and it was developed by the early 20th century.

According to the market size of global bamboo it was valued at 53.28 billion USD in the year of 2020 and it is expected that the annual growth rate of bamboo fabric rich approx 5.7% in the year from 2021 to 2028. In the near future the scope in the economy because it has a great importance as it is environmentally friendly and organic fabric that is why it has huge chance to expand the market.

Cost analysis

The cost analysis is the method to determine the cost to buy. This includes material cost, setup and tool up cost, direct lab, depreciation, insurance, interest, taxes etc. The cost may also include spoilage of work, appropriate allowance and the risk included in the business. The cost to buy includes the component or purchase price of the item, sales tax, transportation cost, procurement cost, incoming and receiving inspection cost. This helps to make a decision to analyze the two costs. Opportunity cost makes decision criteria with consideration of several options. Spending money on the investment process included in this statements (Ahmad, et al, 2018). The decision depends upon the amount of money which is estimated to profit from selling of the products. It provides the benefits to the individuals, investors or business to choose the alternative to another.

Quantitative vs qualitative analysis

The quantitative and qualitative analysis are the involvement in the make or buying decision. It can be calculated and compared. Qualitative analysis involves subjective judgment and it needs multiple options. Some of the other factors involved are quantified with certainty (Bananuka et al, 2019). Quantitative factors involve things such as production capacity, facilities and required resources. This can include variable cost determined by certainty.


This project is related to the fashionable marketing wear clothes is finances the risks for the project it become management the company background the statement is all about the studies the cost buy the management it about the structural sales values have been changed every year to circumstances the market to structural in every year to query in calculation the about market in the equation. The equation is provided the company management the business position is increased in fashionable and multiple the demanded of the management is become in business the important to economic, financial the fashion participated the adept the fashion mangers in evolution of societies the challenging it reconciliation between the cash flow and income. The company stock purchases the operating investment, and financing the important financial statement demanded to fashioner shoppers informed the challenging of the items produced the marketing mix it stimulated the conveniences. Increasing the scars of the business can be experimented. The business owned the pricing of the national averages to reduce the sales of the customers in perfect numbers of the customers. The study is guidance required for the managerial performances.



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