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Preparing For Success At University Knowledge And Creativity - Portfolio

Introduction - Preparing For Success At University Knowledge And Creativity - Portfolio

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Document 1 critical reading

This document encompasses the vitality of critical reading and the meaning of critiquing a report. Literacy is pivotal in managing and learning creativity. This report has helped me to read between the lines and understand the context of documents or reports. While learning about creativity, one needs to have extensive knowledge and ability to observe and read the report that will drive creativity. Reading and comprehending is subject to elements such as open mindedness, focus and engagement to draw prolific understanding. I need to work on my reading skills and therefore this will be included in my personal development plan. Reading also means that one increases knowledge base and his/her ability to think creatively and out of the box increases (Ritchie et al., 2013). 

Document 2 critical thinking

Critical thinking is necessary when a person needs to know about pros and cons of a particular idea or situation. We see that technology has seen an uncanny spurt in the last decade but its ill-effects were not ascertained back then. Now that we have witnessed many issues, we are trying to restore the situation which has distorted the balance on a large scale. Critical thinking helps in knowing all the aspects and weighing them to determine the net value of a creative idea. This document helped me to achieve a sense of discrimination to weigh aspects and elements from an indidual point of view as well as from macro level also. I think this document helped me to see the problem from an opportunistic viewpoint (Ritchie et al., 2013).

Document 3 presentation skills

Presentation skills is an undeniably invincible part of acting upon the idea. People have lots of ideas, but what use these ideas are if these cannot be presented in an attractive way. Investors are always looking for ideas that work and not only those which sound nice and revolutionary. So to put the idea on the table, you need certain skills and this document helped me to gain that wisdom. The foremost thing is making it sound like a plan that yields profit rather than a mismanaged idea. And to determine the stages of presentation and how to curate the pitch, this document was an essential part of my learning. I learned how to systematically approach presenting the idea or the pitch through different tools (Pistrui, 2018).

Document 4 introduction to research

In the first introductory video of research, I learned about conducting research and what is the difference between different tools and techniques of research. Research, basically means searching the existing data and information sets. If we are researching a topic and an idea that is already published, there ought to be a reason behind it and research is focused on that reason. Now, how to approach the objective of the research is what I learned through this introductory document on research. There are different types of research and each type is for a specific reason. I gained knowledge about research conducting and how to use the information derived thereupon (Pistrui, 2018).

Document 5 Critically evaluate (FY026)

Critiquing is not negatively reviewing a report or a situation and through this document, I understood how I need to be unbiased while critiquing so that true interpretation and analysis is obtained. Both pros and cons are to be evaluated with concrete reasons to uphold the integrity of research work. To present a full-fledged argument will enable the research to be utilized in various other works as it will have elaborated discussion and will provide transparent information about the subject matter. This document has helped me to develop a practical, unbiased, and analytical approach that I will use in future to research on subjects. Evaluation enables the research work to be a reliable and credible source that will benefit the stakeholders as well as creative thinking (Pistrui, 2018).

Document 6 learning styles

In this document, I came across different learning styles and how I can instill the best suitable style in myself. This document includes all the vital information that I must know regarding learning styles and my ability. Learning styles document has been the core of the whole idea of embedding knowledge in an individual and it gave me the hope for learning things my way and getting comfortable with the idea of learning things and new concepts. It is vital to build this skill because technology is advancing at a fast pace and to keep up with the speed of transformation in the market, we ought to grab knowledge simultaneously.I am quite satisfied with my journey and learning during this course and this document has been a very integral part of my learning (Ida and Maksum, 2021).

Document 7 lecture2

 This lecture described elements such as surface reading and tools like SWOT analysis. I gained knowledge about analytical skills during this lecture and therefore I included this in my portfolio.

Without knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, it is not only challenging but also cumbersome to plan for development programs and learn skills that channelize towards the goal (Ida and Maksum, 2021). Therefore, this document was imperative for my development as a professional candidate for the employment market. Surface reading and other measures embedded in the document helped me to understand how to approach a certain research or report when time is limited or there are deadlines attached to the situation or task. This lecture has been vital for my understanding about utilization of tools and thought process in a channelized manner (Pistrui, 2018).

Document 8 lecture 7 data types

This document included data types and I think, before choosing the type of data in the research process, one must be able to compare among different data types and their effectiveness for the research purpose (Ritchie et al., 2013).

Document 9 lecture 1

During this lecture, I learned about the importance of referencing. This document is crucial as I never liked referencing and did not know how in-citations were actually done. I think I need to be more responsible and make my report more reliable as a source for academic purposes. Harvard referencing and in-citations are critical to the relevancy of the report and research (Ritchie et al., 2013). I understood where to use quotation marks and how to refer to the source from where I got the information or understanding about the subject matter. It was not enjoyable but vital for the authenticity of the report and research works and therefore, I have included it in my portfolio as it will help me to curate relevant and credible research work (Ida and Maksum, 2021).

Document 10 note taking strategies

Note taking strategies that I learned through this document helped me in my personal life as well. It just makes recording and revisiting the information easier. Writing a paragraph is not only time-consuming but quite monotonous and not everyone’s cup of tea and note making comes to the rescue for all those who are not very comfortable going through paragraphs and searching for the information they need. I prefer note-making as it is a systematic approach to recording of information that is easily accessible. This document helped me to learn how to make notes to make succeeding activities easier (Pistrui, 2018).

Document 11 reflective practice

Reflective paper is an imperative part of learning as it helps an individual to determine his innate skills, shortcomings, and abilities. If a person is oblivious of his learning progress and development during a specific period, the effectiveness of the program or the module can never be known (Lam, 2018). This document encompasses how I approached creativity and my learning in the university and how crucial this period was for me to develop into a more eligible person for the employment market. I sensed that there is a huge scope for me to learn and grab new skills and include learning as a behavior rather than a habit. Habits can be formed and dismissed but behavioral patterns and values remain intact, I want to make learning an integral part of my behavior. Reflection portfolio is a systematic approach and this practice has prepared me for the same and presenting my reflection in a structured manner.

Document 12 week-2 writing activity

Business report writing and communication is at the core of the heart of engagement. There are different ways to put forward a message and someone who misses it, misses opportunities awaiting for him. There are many examples where people have suffered only due to lack of writing skills. More than Grammar, it is about phrases that one uses. Reports must be directed to the point and not revolve around the point. This document includes my understanding about writing formal messages. Writing activity was informative and included crucial elements for my understanding and honing skill of report writing and structuring. I am greatly privileged that I got a chance to learn all these elements of creativity in one module.


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